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Sat, May 7 2022 5:53 PM (542 replies)
  • txzdave
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    Tue, Apr 3 2018 7:36 PM

                    I'm strrollin'


  • drmoose
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    Wed, Apr 4 2018 4:35 AM

    I'm strrollin'

    Welcome aboard, Soldier. I'd also like to welcome Soldier - Diplomat Yobooya who's just rotated in an' will be joining the advanced recon wing of our operations.

    Doc :)

  • TopShelf2010
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    Wed, Apr 4 2018 4:47 AM


  • drmoose
    3,535 Posts
    Wed, Apr 4 2018 5:50 PM

    Keep the faith men, we have assembled the finest search squad in the history of all of WGT'dom. We shall leave no turn unstoned, er, no stone unturned an' whatnots. I have complete confidence in each an' every one of you to see this mission through to it's completion. Additional supplies have been sent. A word of caution, you may want to avoid the brown acid, as it just might interact with the 'shroom spores.


    Doc :)

  • YancyCan
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    Fri, Apr 6 2018 1:49 AM

    The "Ad Ridiculum" continues as you fine people all know too well. Theres them 7 degrees of Turkey Bacon, Right now - you & I are both 7 steps away from Turkey Bacon and if you can smell what I am cooking off here - lets not go there until our WGTmole opens the chambers door and such.

    Sending out he Team Yancy Robot Spider to deliver a confidential (that means dont talk about this to them WGT mods and such) dossiere with where we are, what weve become, where we are headed and of course the whatnots.

    This is where progress can be made -on the wee late nights where if you read the forum postable on this enough, and if you just start airing it out on the keys - the answer here is LIKELY not the simple one that you may be percolating after this postables. My downlows communiques with our man inside have been of only a handfull of "bumps" on this and all have knowledge has been shared here. 

    Was there an 8th Wonder of The World?
    Certain there wasn't a 9th

    Regards, I am Yancy

  • YancyCan
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    Fri, Apr 6 2018 2:02 AM

    P.S. -- 
    Take a moment and read the text page in the video thumbnail above, I recovered 3 of these while time-traveling thru this whole event and whatnots,  and will be bringing them all to the table with "Robot Spider"

    Think that new loaf of bread has been broken here tonight with my lack of Folgers, eating the store-brand gummis instead of the Haribo's & reading about all the everyone's found, last night I found what appeared to be Frankenstein's "head" upside down in the clouds reflection in the water that drains off the hill to make that marshy area they tried to hide from the cameras at the US Open --- or stay with me now people

    THX to all who have looked around -- every hole "looked" helps - If you have been out there and havent found one of the "signs" -- chime up in here, you and them and us we are the same and such.

    Anyone feeling this heres and such? I truly want to present this to the WGTmole for he WILL give us a "bump" at this juncture -- while "this" was meant to be founded out all on our owns and the like, rational clarification of confusable direction (and this is about signs with miles on em even) is fully expected inresponse to the dossiere sent in the am...24/36 hours maximum and there will be a "mission statement" I am certain based on my past cryptic conversations with our mole. However, I shouldnt take liberties with people's right to speak or not (sorry really really tired right now) and what me sayin is that our current cryptic crux will allow for a mission direction bump...Not that we arenbt do one bang-up job here. Like I said on day one.......

    I spent a long time at Mitchell Cabin waiting for this mission. I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. It was a real choice mission, & when it was over, I would never want another. (Allegedly)

    -- Yancy

  • YancyCan
    3,027 Posts
    Fri, Apr 6 2018 10:02 AM

    Would anyone care for a game of Chess?

  • WigerToods2010
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    Fri, Apr 6 2018 10:32 AM


    Would anyone care for a game of Chess?

    Them there words doth striketh up memories of a time long ago in the distant past of wgt land... does one have to be on the square to play?

    M.I.T. or M.I.B. ??


  • drmoose
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    Fri, Apr 6 2018 12:44 PM

      Hmmm, chess, could that thing I found maybe be a chess piece ? Kinda looks like maybe a pawn, or a bishop. Back fer another look see.

    Doc :)

  • filmslayer
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    Fri, Apr 6 2018 3:18 PM

    i checked in and seen i had a Moose call .... Rocked and loaded ! long thread where we at looking over 9 ?