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sponrship forum ctth prizes

Wed, Sep 12 2018 6:44 AM (246 replies)
  • ttuna1234
    521 Posts
    Fri, May 4 2018 3:28 PM

    Round 5 at RSG #7 to 14'. Doubt that will hold either, but something to shoot at.

  • ahades
    773 Posts
    Fri, May 4 2018 10:37 PM

    Group 4, Round 5, Match 3

    Player #506, ahades

    16th Hole, CTTH to 5.0 feet

    If this shot wins a prize, please have the sponsor contact Player #400, TheAceFactor, and gift the sleeve of TheAceFactor's choice.

    Saved replay


  • fmagnets
    3,628 Posts
    Sat, May 5 2018 7:40 AM

    Fmagnets 5.6ft on the 11th at 49m10s in the match Vs millatrotta. Nothing of interest on the other holes.

  • kavvz
    2,195 Posts
    Sat, May 5 2018 8:37 AM


    kavvz 2.9 ft on #3 at RSG.

  • JohnHancock
    1,902 Posts
    Sat, May 5 2018 1:01 PM


    Group 2-Round 5- East Coast v Fairway Fanatics


    Cuser44 v colinjones0

    Closest to the Hole #11


    Cuser44 -- 3.8 inches.


    I can have colin verify this and will ask if he could post a message here in the forum as well.




    Cuser44        Dom



    Do they give inches to decimal places?

    Anyway, just in case this doesn't stand, here's my effort on Hole 11 to 1.9 feet.  I saved the replay, my partner MLevin can verify this was with him.


  • Mlevin
    775 Posts
    Sun, May 6 2018 8:29 AM

    I can confirm that John hit the 1.9 foot to the pin beauty on Hole 11. Very impressive shot!

  • rosscowboysfan
    323 Posts
    Sun, May 6 2018 5:08 PM

    rosscowboysfan here I had a 5ft 6inch birdie on hole 18, didn't remember to save it but TARHEELFAN83 also seen but understand if it even ends up closest and don't get prize being no screen shot I understand, will try to remember from here out.  On a side note that man can play I had one of my best games ever and got lucky to pull out a close win.



  • Cuser44
    984 Posts
    Sun, May 6 2018 6:04 PM

    I did correct this.  Entered incorrectly.  Should have stated 3.8 ft.


    My apologies

  • ttuna1234
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    Mon, May 14 2018 8:00 AM


    Round 5 at RSG #7 to 14'. Doubt that will hold either, but something to shoot at.

    Looks like maybe it did hold up. Spot prize table shows a blank on #7 2nd shot. Cheers!

  • 19cltc67
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    Tue, May 15 2018 6:16 PM

    group4 match1         round6

    braveheart patriots        v     kona all stars

    331   19cltc67                           zerixx  78

    mine was hole6       1.7ft, also tried a massive 10credit challenge lol


    klye's was hole 9        1.3ft