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Has anyone compared the L44 Anser 2 to the Rossa?

Thu, Sep 23 2021 12:08 PM (11 replies)
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  • Bowl64
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    Fri, Jan 12 2018 11:44 AM



    Thanks guys.  I went back and played St. Andrews again today with the starter irons/putter and shot 66, so maybe that's about normal for me now.  I'm almost to 55, so I'll rent the Rossa then.  Still trying to figure out how to get 6000 credits worth of clubs without paying much real money, LOL.  Surveys, videos and all that like crazy!

    L59+ Ping G25s full set 4,495 credits is the best place for you to start . Then back them up with the Ping wedges as they are good wedges . Then finish with the putter of your choice . Unlike the other clubs , putters are only as good as your ability to read and play the greens .

    You can become great at putting only if you learn how to do it well . Its not a magic wand so dont think that the skill comes with a price tag .


    Correct, putting is about learning speed and break combined. A "better" putter doesn`t make a worldchampion but, there are putters that "holds the line" better than others.

    Trial and error  is the way to find out, since i`ve had all putters mentioned by Andrew my opinion is that the versa L70 is the better of the three. But three wedges are still gold :))




  • W1zardoh
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    Thu, Sep 23 2021 12:08 PM

    Without knowing more, I’m less impressed with the total putts unless I know where you started to putt. Two puts from 12 feet versus three putts from 50 might say more about where your approaches are going. 

    Best way to lower your putts/score is to play a course until you know the greens before you get there; know where to put your drive to have a better approach to the green; know how the green slopes. These all keep your score down … just like GOLF.

    Distance off the tee that puts you behind a tree on the wrong side of the fairway is a no-brainer. I’m with the theory that a good approach shot that doesn’t run off the green is the most important part of scoring. 

    bottom line:

    You have a good putter. Get some wedges to give it a fair chance. I may be all wet; but it’s my feeling.  

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