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hey are there any recognizable pga players that play wgt?

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Mon, Sep 28 2009 7:18 PM (1 replies)
  • coolhotfun
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    Sun, Sep 27 2009 12:48 PM

    that'd be cool if they could get those guys you see on tv on here. Come on ya guys who are in charge.. get in the zone. lol :-D Do you need me to go get them on here? haha.. no i cant do that now but yeah.. get 'em on here.. u know.. like the official real them on here. Hows that for some free advertising. Wow this site really needs to get their potential in gear ;-) It would really be a buzz for the site kinda like a twitter of them, eh.. And its gotta be official so u know it's the real them. jeezz.. u guys gotta get ur act together. Missing out on so much. Need to get the pga stuff on board. Then all their current tournaments.. like what i see on tv now, we could go play it.. like every course and stuff.. wow.. missing out on the big bucks ya guys in charge. I remember watching one pga major.. yeah the one where tiger had a thorn in his paw and was limping, and barely won.. lol.. was on the google earth checking out the course and stuff during.. that'd be neat if there'd be some wgt stuff with whats currently going on. Wanna be playing on wgt the hole the top guys on the leaderboard that day are on. Yep.. the final 2 pairing. There seems to be some pga connection happening with you guys but ya need to turn up the heat a notch like hundred fold and so will the cash flow for ya. Gotta spend money to make money, so whoever's in charge, get your act together. lol ;-)

  • DuffyWaldorf
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    Mon, Sep 28 2009 7:18 PM

    I enjoy it quite a bit...nope sorry ...cant do this with a straight face...Duff is a good man for the game of golf and to honor him Mr Waldorf I became

    happy golfing all