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"The Old Duffers Retreat CC"

Tue, Oct 20 2020 2:09 PM (247 replies)
  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sun, Jun 16 2019 4:27 AM


                                               Our only rule is common sense.

        No pressure here at The Old Duffers Retreat to play in the clash but we do manage to get you 4 free passes to help level up the totem pole.    Play your golf game here today.

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Tue, Jun 18 2019 5:52 AM


       Honorary member of The Old Duffers Retreat, Woody, lead the celebration of the winner at Pebble Beach.   He presented a solid gold trophy to DrSnook   Amongst the characters attending the festivities were VIP's from TODR.

               Be one.   Join today.

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2019 3:56 AM



  • AcidRain888
    2 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2019 9:31 AM

    I would like to join up. Got tired of my old club. Can someone send me an invitation please? Thanks!

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Thu, Jun 27 2019 4:49 PM

       Here we go.   Starting national vacation week.   The 4th of July is upon us.   Many of us are going to play, play, play.   We have 25 tournaments running.   Come on up to a top club.

          Members at The Old Duffers Retreat wish you a happy 4th of July.

  • KDulin0
    3 Posts
    Thu, Jun 27 2019 6:45 PM

    KDulin0 would like an invite to your CC. Level 97 tour master. Decent player burnt out on a bad CC.

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Fri, Jun 28 2019 11:28 AM

    KDulin0       Message received.   It's in the process.

  • Braphox
    18 Posts
    Sun, Jun 30 2019 4:39 AM

    Are you still accepting members? If so, is there a minimum level requirement?


    Thank you

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sun, Jun 30 2019 11:12 AM


                                                    How to join a country club

      A   -   If you are in a country club, you must quit first.

      1  -    A player goes to the home page of the desired country club and clicks on "request                   membership".


      2  -    Friend the owner of the country club of choice or post on their profile page.

      Please be patient....  the party might be playing or napping.   Certainly not working.

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sun, Jun 30 2019 3:10 PM

    We've welcomed Braphox to TODR.   Enjoy!