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"The Old Duffers Retreat CC"

Tue, Oct 20 2020 2:09 PM (247 replies)
  • cedriver
    1,012 Posts
    Sun, Mar 10 2019 2:57 PM

    If you look for us, be sure to put the "The" in front of "Old Duffers Retreat". I've been here for years. Salty is a fair guy. We have lots of turnies. Helpful forum. Discord chat. Once you hook up with a few friends you are all set. Many of us have been here for years. Active club. Always bracket turnies, ctth, 18 or so ranked turnies. A few custom courses are popular. The ODR forum is helpful in keeping in touch with what's going on in WGT. No pressure club except to play daily and use your pass to help the club. Not unreasonable. Especially for all the benefits. 

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Tue, Mar 12 2019 4:49 AM

      Just another day?   Not at The Old Duffers Retreat.   Activity is on an upswing with 20 tournaments running and the forum buzzing.   Come on in where duffers are having a good ole time.

        Joe - dir @ todr

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Fri, Mar 15 2019 9:41 AM

      Question:        What horn should I blow to get attention?

      Answer:           The biggest ships horn..    FRIENDSHIP

      Cruise the friendship line   Keep on course  at The Old Duffers Retreat.   

               Joe - dir @ TODR


  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sat, Mar 16 2019 2:41 PM

    Something special here.    Extra lucky shots for Paddys day.



    ps...  byob

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sat, Mar 16 2019 3:50 PM

    A match play @ the 19th hole.    Both leprechauns put the p pong ball in the cup.

                  bottoms up boys

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2019 4:59 AM




                                  Join today and receive a country club pass.

      Have you  been thinking about a move to a new country club?   Do it today!   The Old Duffers Retreat wants more members.   Greetings at the door.

          Joe  -  dir @ todr

  • saltyoldtar
    3,725 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2019 5:50 AM

    What a great day to enjoy playing in The Old duffers Retreat.



  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2019 5:52 AM


      Special reminder....

  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Tue, Mar 19 2019 2:11 PM

      Free country club pass today.

      Get off on the right foot at The Old Duffers Retreat.

      Our only rule is to use your free pass.


  • dandycap
    1,668 Posts
    Sat, Mar 23 2019 3:26 PM

      Imagine what's it's like when 12 duffers get into the same room for 5 minutes.  (Discord)     It would make social media look like old school.

      Then, before you know what's happening, your teeing off with a team, in another room.   

      Plenty of activity and entertainment for the whole family.   (is it over 18?)

                Joe             --        Come join us @ todr