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"The Old Duffers Retreat CC"

Sun, Dec 20 2020 9:25 AM (251 replies)
  • dandycap
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    Sun, Dec 3 2017 4:44 AM



        The Old Duffers Retreat CC Is celebrating 9 years in WGT.    We were established December 5, 2011 by Saltyoldtar founder and still owner.    Our members are proud to be part of a club that serves them well.

        Us old duffers and younger ones too are a level 20 club with 235 members.

        We range from 16 - 19 tournaments running at all times.    Most always there is a spot open where you can set up a tournament to your conditions.    Custom courses are popular which are exciting.    Only the person who set up the tournament knows which hole comes next.

        The excitement of the game is here.   Hitting the flag stick, hitting the ding, hitting that hole in one.    You can even hit your caddy when he gives you the wrong club.

        We are a relaxed club with no high maintenance or pressure.    We aim to play.    Come join us!

              Joe   director @ odr


  • cedriver
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    Sun, Dec 3 2017 10:16 AM

    As a member of The Old Duffers Retreat, I find the owner to be a wise person who is fair to all. The members are helpful and pleasant. The club forum is a source of information that would be hard to do without. And not to mention the benefits of being in a Level 19 (soon to be Level 20) Club. When you look for us, don't forget to put the "The" in front of Old Duffers Retreat.

  • nolongerlonger
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    Sun, Dec 3 2017 10:39 AM

    Looking for active players who desire to be a part of a great Country Club.  Lower tiered players who play often will be  considered.  We have an active "Skype" type conversation style play available for member enjoyment.  We appreciate our members playing their daily free pass as it benefits the club.  

    Consideration will be given to small country clubs who wish to be adopted into a larger country club.  Come join us.

    David / ODR Director

  • Nightwalker1363
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    Sun, Dec 3 2017 2:48 PM

    All I can say is this is the best club around. I started in  Mar of this year and have just moved to tour master. I can honestly say that i would not be at this level without all the OLD DUFFERS help and encouragment. There are always members willing and very able to help with anything. This club is more like a family than just a place to play. Come join the family and have fun. 

  • saltyoldtar
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    Sun, Dec 3 2017 4:55 PM

    We are always glad to see players become members.  You need a home away from home so give us a try.

    Let us be your new home.

  • dandycap
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    Mon, Dec 4 2017 2:29 AM

    Come on in.    Make yourself at home.

    Enjoy today's games.                                        Joe    


        PS:  Already played in two tournaments today and one game with the guys.

  • CRTowr
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    Mon, Dec 4 2017 8:41 AM

    Looking for that great holiday gift?  Give yourself the gift of a country club membership.  Improve your skills and enjoy the social life.  BTW, check us out: The Old Duffers Retreat.  An active club with all skills players who enjoy each other and the game.  I stumbled into this club about 2 yrs ago not knowing what to expect.  Boy! Am I glad I did.  Awesome group of people who are willing to take the time to friend you and help you.

    Not much is asked of you.  Just enjoy the club benefits, try to play regularly and use your country club pass to help improve club benefit level.

    C'mon in.  Look me up and send me a friend request!


  • dandycap
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    Tue, Dec 5 2017 5:02 AM


          Many people are divided when the Clash comes around.    Another benefit to joining The Old Duffers Retreat CC, a large club, is we have all the new tee markers.    They are a popular personal touch to your tournament.    Our policy in the Clash is play if you want.    The only requirement we suggest is to use your country club pass.


                                      A little common sense goes a long way

                Joe  -  director @ odr

  • dandycap
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    Wed, Dec 6 2017 1:37 PM



          Why?   Because folks who play golf are courteous, respectful and friendly.    We'll be there to welcome you.    Make your move now.

          Joe  -  director @ odr

  • RICK1947
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    Wed, Dec 6 2017 4:05 PM

    All I can say is AMEN to all above me, I'm not a person of

    many words, but this is a great club.