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SEL vs The Outkasts

Wed, Nov 29 2017 9:22 AM (88 replies)
  • amateur4sure
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 9:16 AM

    Way to go Gang, 2 super games there, So long as it is fun and played in the right spirit then what could be better.... Spirit oh yeah

  • Senators730
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 9:41 AM

    It was pleasure meeting you Bill and it was a fun game for sure. Well played buddy and the vodka didn't do it lol.


    Joe (Senators 730)


    Played my match with Senators730, (Joe) this evening and had a very good time with him...Joe is a real class act and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and playing with him.
    We both started strong with a bird on 1 and then I took a 2 up lead through 3. Didn't last as I gave em right back on 4 and 5 so AS...I took a 2 up lead back going into the turn and then won 10 for 3 up...thought that would be good but Joe put the hammer down and worked me over on the back so the lead was down to 1 up on 18....Joe hit a splendid shot to within 12 feet on18 and my approach bounced in front of the flag and rolled all the way back, 40 feet away from pin. Gave it a ride toward the pin, but ended up sneaking by the hole and 3 ft beyond...Joe rolled his 12 footer and it looked great right till the end where it snuck by the hole.
    Billd1994 wins 1up/18 but it coulda very easily gone the other way. Great match with a great player....wish they could all be this good


  • FCKikao
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 5:07 PM

    Played my match against Kat (Justripit1) and lost 4&3.

    Kat played really well and made three or four fantastic shots including a 30 yds (I think)  birdie off the 8th green, than I had a 7ft to tie lol

    The B9 start with 3 birdies in a row 10-11-12 killed my "recovery mode" and Merion don´t allow to many mistakes ;-)

    Nice to meet you Kat, would like to play with you again in the future.

  • Justripit1
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 6:20 PM

    Just played my match with FCKikao

    On 1 we both hit it close for birds. On 2 we both rolled past the pin with a tailwind but i got lucky and got fringe and he had a 52' putt. he came up 10' short and my pitch to 2', he missed his putt and I make bird 1 up 
    3 we both had 15'ers and both burn the edge for half. On 4 he hit his approach to 1y and I was 10 past and a nasty downhill bender but i got lucky to make it for bird and a half. 
    5 he was long in 40/50 rough mine rolled past pin but on fringe, I'm thinking easy hole because he can't stop that and he hit's the pin and stops 5' away, i hit my pitch for a gimme and he misses a nasty 5'er 2up
    6 we half with pars after i left a 15'er .2 short for bird, was hoping that wouldn't come back to haunt me.
    7 his approach in tight and I miss a 10'er for bird back to 1 up
    on 8 we had a big tailwind and after watching him roll through fairway I tried to lay off drive and didn't clear rough 40/50 lie. my second shot over green 16y to pin but 30/40 lie. He hits a great second out of rough to 2'. i got lucky and holed my flop for bird and a half, whew. Both pars on 9, turn at 1up
    10 i drove the green 20'er for eagle while he tried to lay up into a headwind and it cost him 2up
    11 both hit very nice approaches but he missed a 6'er 3up
    12 both had 15'ers on 12 i made mine he misses 4up
    13 was 7' long and it didn't come back down and I missed it, he made a very nice birdie 3 up
    14 half with pars
    15 I hit my second to 1' probably the best shot i ever hit on that hole and he was long and in 40/50. his pitch rolled down the hill and he cc'd

    Was a very good game and the score doesn't do it justice, he makes those couple short putts and it's a lot closer

    Justripit1 wins 4&3

  • soliderock1
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 6:45 PM

    Posting for Marvelous523 wins 1 up over Ian1311 on the 18th hole, another very close match...........

    Lot's of great matches going on guys, great stuff.   Very well put together tourney.   Big thanks to director's on both sides, great job guys!    Let's keep it rolling.


  • marvelous523
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 10:14 PM

    marvelous won 1 up on 18 very good match against a very good player and person ian will be on my friend list til i croak nice young man 33 yr old fun match good luck to all my outkast brothers and sisters go get em gang

    love marv lol

    see im an ok guy

  • cousinzeke1
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    Wed, Nov 15 2017 7:30 AM

    Just finished my match with LindsayGirl (Lindz)and have to say this girl is not only a good player, but is so much fun to play a game with. She kept me laughing so hard the entire game just flew by. It started with me birdieing #1 and she just missed her bird putt which made it Cuz 1 up, but she got it back on #2 where my approach shot found the sand and she made an easy bird that brought us back to AS. From there on the front 9 was pretty well mine and at the turn I was 5up. The back nine we both pared 10 then I birdied 11 to go 6 up. Lindz got one back  on 13 and at the end it was Cuz 5up. What a totally fun match with as much laughter as there was golf. Now I need to go rub my sides they hurt so bad from laughing. Great round Lindz I look forward to another soon.


    Cuz 5up….. Lindz 4down   I think that is the way you say it J

  • TdotDoba
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    Wed, Nov 15 2017 7:49 AM

    Great games all, played in true spirit...... golf clap

  • Nicozandberg
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    Wed, Nov 15 2017 11:54 AM

    Had a lovely game with Erik (Soliderock1). Had to be at my very best to narrowly win 2&1. 

    Thank you for the game mate.

  • Borat74
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    Wed, Nov 15 2017 11:59 AM


    Great games all, played in true spirit...... golf clap

    Great Stuff