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SEL vs The Outkasts

Wed, Nov 29 2017 9:22 AM (88 replies)
  • pipala
    887 Posts
    Sun, Nov 12 2017 2:35 AM

    SEL 52 vs The Outkasts 44


    Welcome to the official thread for the friendly encounter between Southern England Links and The Outkasts. Both teams look pretty evenly matched and this should prove to be a keenly fought contest. Please feel free to post match reports and links to any matches that will be screened.

    I would like to say a big thank you to Josh from The Outkasts for his help and co-operation in getting this organised, it's been a pleasure. Best of luck to both teams and enjoy your games

    The rules for this match are as follows;

    1. 18 Hole matchplay - Merion
    2. Due date is midnight 26th November GMT
    3. No handicap system will be used
    4. Please friend request your opponent as soon as possible
    5. Please arrange matches between the pairings for a set time and date
    6. Please communicate any match problems to myself or Josh as soon as possible
    7. Please post your match results in here so I can keep everything updated
    8. The use of focus boosts are prohibited and will lead to disqualification
    9. Points will be scored as follows;

    Win - 3 pts
    Win after extra holes - 2pts
    Loss after extra holes - 1pt
    Loss - 0pts

    The matches are as follows;

    SEL        52 v      Outkasts        44 Result

    Grace07 v     JSmithers ex holes
    Forrrrrrrr v     Jorukusbad ex holes
    Mkrizan86 v     Robvandecasteele 5and3
    Doubleeaglerob v     Borat 3 and1
    SteveReilly v     Jmay2131 3up
    Fonde v     Plumbology 4and3
    TdotDoba v     Willieret 4and3
        TigerLuvsBush 3and1
    Binkybaxter1 v     Acthbaan 4and3
    Benjawood v     Moner 4up
    Pipala v     Killemallharvey ex holes
    Penglish3 v     Swordgolfer 2up
    Graemelee99 v
        ScottyMojo 7up
    Nicozandberg v     Soliderock1 2and1
    Ostfriedel v     Mikeyb6 4up
    Bluey403 v     Bawbag1874 ex holes
    PaulFinn52 v     OzChamp ex holes
    Cousinzeke v     LindsayGirl 5up
    KenBTexas v     Wolverine35 ex holes
        Elvisgibby40 4and3
    BCGreer v
    Billd1994 v
        Bigbatgolf ex holes
    ex holes
        Marvelous523 1up
        Flydrr 3and2
    Justripit v
    ex holes
    ex holes
        AmirInTexas 2and1
    Parkfart v
    Paulburtner v
        Mpr2929 3and2
  • bluey403
    1,480 Posts
    Sun, Nov 12 2017 2:48 AM

    Looks like being a great contest

    Good luck guys

  • stizzle1988
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    Sun, Nov 12 2017 10:20 AM

    Good luck everyone :)

  • shovlovin
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    Sun, Nov 12 2017 1:06 PM

    I shall be keeping an eye on this match, looking forward to reading match reports, good luck to both teams.

  • JSmithers
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    Mon, Nov 13 2017 10:14 AM

    I posted the link to this page in our forum so everyone should be rockin and rollin!  good luck to everyone!

  • Billd1994
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    Mon, Nov 13 2017 2:33 PM

    Played my match with Senators730, (Joe) this evening and had a very good time with him...Joe is a real class act and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and playing with him.
    We both started strong with a bird on 1 and then I took a 2 up lead through 3. Didn't last as I gave em right back on 4 and 5 so AS...I took a 2 up lead back going into the turn and then won 10 for 3 up...thought that would be good but Joe put the hammer down and worked me over on the back so the lead was down to 1 up on 18....Joe hit a splendid shot to within 12 feet on18 and my approach bounced in front of the flag and rolled all the way back, 40 feet away from pin. Gave it a ride toward the pin, but ended up sneaking by the hole and 3 ft beyond...Joe rolled his 12 footer and it looked great right till the end where it snuck by the hole.
    Billd1994 wins 1up/18 but it coulda very easily gone the other way. Great match with a great player....wish they could all be this good

  • JSmithers
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    Mon, Nov 13 2017 2:43 PM

    BillD over Senators 1up.  Joe said it was a great game that was AS going into 18 and BillD pulled out the victory!   Good way to kick us off guys! 

  • PEnglish3
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    Mon, Nov 13 2017 4:30 PM

    Paul English Beats Swordgolfer 2 up

    myself and fred started well, both birdied the first two and i could tell straight away fred could play, so this was going to be a good battle.
    hole 3, 235 yards 13 headwind, i dinged the old 3w and got to 9ft, fred came up a bit short. his pitch back was close but just missed. my first chance and i blew it. just curled away at the last minute.
    Hole 4 and finally a break through. fred had a nasty swinging short putt and just missed. i was close and tapped in for birdie.
    hole 5 and WOWZER moment of the game. it was back pin. i was just of green but only 5 yards away. freds ball just didnt stop and rolled 52ft away. i was thinking he would be lucky to get close here, Freds golden putter worked well and no messing as he rocketed the ball straight in the cehtre of the cup. incredible on that green. A/S.
    i managed to win holes 6 and 8 and ended up two up on the turn.
    hole 10 and i drove the green, fred over shot the green and went out of bounds. 3 up.
    Fred then started throwing darts as he took hole 11 and twelve with some great golf, i was starting to feel the strain.
    Hole 13, par 3 back pin. both hit two nice approaches, mine was slightly closer. fred went first and just missed. i went for power and found the centre of the cup. 2 up.
    hole 14 and a big mistake from me as i found heavy rough on the right side of green. fred went a little long but still a nice shot. my pitch back was still 9ft away. fred narrowly missed his birdie putt. i had a horrible putt which was moving right to left. Again went for power and found the centre of the cup. my most important shot of the match.
    Hole 15 and once again fred just never gave in as he got another nice birdie. back to one up.
    hole 16. both hit nice approches to 8ft, i was above pin and fred just below. i went first and hit this one dead weight downhill. at the last minute it curled in. phew. freds putt just missed. 2 up.
    hole 17. wind blowing to bunker. boy i needed a ding and found it. 3 yards to pin. fred went way long . we halved the hole and finished a 2 up win for SEL.

    pleasure to have met fred, nice guy and played in good spirit. i think we both will agree we can play better, but its merion and matchplay and anything can happen.
    good luck to the rest of Sel. bring it home

  • pipala
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 2:24 AM

    2 great matches there to start us off, well played everyone and a couple of nice reports about the Outkasts players in our forum

  • mpr2929
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    Tue, Nov 14 2017 5:50 AM

    More bad news for Outkasts I'm afraid. I had a very enjoyable match with Paul and neither of us ever had more than a one hole lead until Paul made an eagle 2 on 15 and then rolled in a long birdie putt on 16 to close it out.  PaulBurtner wins 3 and 2