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Rental credits????

Fri, Aug 18 2023 11:49 AM (20 replies)
  • BlackBogey
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    Fri, Aug 11 2023 11:56 AM


    Sorry but to my mind $5.20 for one day's rent is daylight robbery. If you are level 94 and there is only one driver on that level it doesn't take a genius to work out it's best you can get.

    It's not necessarily about the "best you can get", but about what works for you and your budget/needs.  If you already have a L85/90 driver, and are considering upgrading to L94 driver, you may rent it (for a price) and find there is not that much of performance improvement. 

    The rental program allows you to pay a "service fee" of pennies on the dollar to test/decide that for yourself, before dropping the full 3550 on it. 

    Let's just say you buy without renting and then decide it's not that much of an "upgrade" over what you currently have?  I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut you would be on here complaining about how "WGT is scamming us" by offering "higher level clubs that don't perform as well as advertised!  We should have an opportunity to test before spending this much $$$" ?

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Fri, Aug 11 2023 5:16 PM

    If you're on a budget, just wait a few more months and get L102 driver and L97 or L100 irons (very similar, depends on what meter speed you prefer). No point in buying anything else before that, if you don't have the credits to spare. 

  • SamSpayed
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    Fri, Aug 11 2023 9:48 PM


    Sorry but to my mind $5.20 for one day's rent is daylight robbery. If you are level 94 and there is only one driver on that level it doesn't take a genius to work out it's best you can get.

    True, 520 credits is a lot to rent a driver... especially one you don't really need.

    You should probably be looking at buying a set of 3 wedges before you look at replacing your driver.  These would make a nice set, and would improve your game a lot more than the L94 driver.

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sun, Aug 13 2023 1:24 PM

    Right now I have 138,000 tp find until i reach level 95. Re Drivers there is no driver for reaching level 95 and that will take me approximately 3 months is I gain 1400 points per day. The to get to level 96 it wqill take another 4 months so I am probably 2 years away from being allowed to buy a level l102. You have 9 million points I have 1 million

    Stop playing regular rounds and start playing tourneys. You'll get twice the points for the same number of holes. You can join a CC and play theirs (along with free putter and shot pal). You might even find a CC that takes care of their active members and they will generously help you with your clubs. Or, stay "single" and play unlimited WGT tourneys.



    As for the rest, it's not just the clubs. You could (and should) be scoring much better with the set you have by now, if you ever wish to become "competitive". 

  • oohaahh
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    Mon, Aug 14 2023 9:25 AM

    Many clubs don't expect you to do much more than use your free daily pass to help the club accumulate additional XP. Some run lots of free internal club matches....some with credits as prizes.....and in a good club you can always ask for advice from people you get to know about club selection and other issues. The ones that require you to play lots of Clashes (buying club passes) can be avoided (or left if you don't find out too soon). Finding a good club adds a lot of value to your WGT experience....beyond the free shot and putter pals.


    If you're looking to upgrade clubs and don't have a big budget then try the free credit routes (the daily videos etc) and see if they work for you. It can depend on the country you're in but seems to work well in the US and in European countries (I first played in India where there were no free credit options....apart from winning them which is tough when you're starting out!).

    Irrespective of the free credits you clearly need to look out for the free rental weekends where you can, as it says, rent for free, but still get the 10% discount or for the occasional flash sale on clubs where you can sometime get a 20% discount.

    It's also well worth looking at what other players have in their bag as that's a pretty good guide to what works. The top level players all have a very similar mix and it's usually the three wedges that have the most variation. If it's good enough for them you'll probably do ok with them too.....(my only personal piece of advice is don't have too much variation in your meter get used to a certain rhythm when they're all very similar).

    If you want some instant improvement don't play the free rock ball. The 75 credit WGT Spin Slow meter will get you started and shouldn't break the bank. The Srixon Zstar (L11) at 180 should do even more for your game.