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2018 world cup

Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM (2,306 replies)
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    Wed, Dec 6 2017 6:23 AM


    The  world cup of golf 2019



    Hello all

    Well this is it; let’s get this show on the road

    We have our 32 teams in from all over the world and I can say we have WGTS finest out with us again this year

    This year we decided  to scale the timeline down a bit as it just went on a bit too long and felt as we got into the holiday periods captains were struggling to make teams so this year we increased the groups but with less teams in,

    This year it should finish mid June which is perfect.

    Wooden Tees are back to try to retain the Cup but have a mountain of talent ready to pounce and rip the Cup from their grasp including Paragon/Beat Ranch and the Bandits,

    SEL chickens are hungry for that top spot and playing very well just peaking nice, Aphrodite, Carolina Sandhills and the Outkasts are all in with a shout, looking at all the squads any matches could go either way so don’t rule out any team, its all about the day and 1 missed putt.


    Black Diamond and Brookline have joined this year good luck to both of you, just enjoy

    The top two from each group will advance to the Cup and the bottom two will go into the Plate,

    Both are worthy trophies Johhny has excelled himself in designing the Cup/Plate,

    As ever I have Nico and Dotty helping me and Nigel is on hand to do any work needed in the spreadsheets.

    I have set up another 2 forums

    World Cup ctth prizes

    This has all holes/prizes and sponsors for all the holes played during the comp, any claims must be put on there with a screenshot or back up from your opponent please.

    World Cup live streaming links

    This is for any wishing to play their games live so we all enjoy and have the crack on there, no negative comments on these please.

    Right let’s get on with golf

    Round  1


    1st March to 14th March


    Wolf Creek Golf Club

    18 holes  matchplay

    What a cracking course to open up with,matchplay at its finest, plenty of risk and reward holes but you have be careful when the wind picks up and the greens are some of the hardest I’ve played on, almost as bad as Merion, If  you land in the wrong spot even a few away from the hole it can roll off the green, great course though and stunning views from the tees I would love to play it for real.




    Each match will be played to a win or draw lose no sudden death,you can play on for the win but it will only be for bragging rights lol

    Each match will have a 2 week timeline to complete,this comp will not stop


    Any matches not completed on time will be looked at by the me,nico and dotty and a decision made on the result depending on evidence supplied,


    Any players refusing to play will forfeit their match,


    Any gimmies must be agreed by both players before start




    Any player with a -2 by their name must take an air shot on holes 10 and 14

    Any player with a -3 by their name must take air shots on holes 6,10 and 14


    Once a match been played the result will stand so it’s up to all players to check the opponents tier before start of play,


    i would suggest  a 90sec shot clock with maximum timeouts,theres no panic to get the game played and have a chat in-between,

    if both players agree they can have 60 or 45 that would be their choice,


    No focus boosts will be allowed during matches. Use of this tool will lead to a disqualification

    Players please when posting results, I would like group number, teams and players please and a short post of the match,


    Let’s keep the forum busy but no negative comments from anyone, if you have problem contact your captain first,


    Closest  to the pin for round 1 and sponsors


    We have loads of prizes up for offer this year as players have been very generous











  • DodgyPutter
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    Sat, Dec 9 2017 3:03 AM
    It felt last time when I among others were talking about the rules after joining this was seen as being negative. Any chance we could know them before deciding if we want to join a team this time.

    For instance:

    Is the handicap system still the same, do TL still give 2 strokes to L etc etc?

    Are the groups still seeded and set by you, with no random draw?

    Are squad sizes staying the same?

    Is there anything being done about when matches are not played and there's a dispute about who's fault it was?

    There's probably many more questions but basically are there any rule changes? If you can't tell us yet, when will you?
  • YankeeJim
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    Sat, Dec 9 2017 7:28 AM

    Is there anything being done about when matches are not played and there's a dispute about who's fault it was?

    ^^This. The most frustrating part of it all, especially when it's discovered team captains don't pay attention to the no mobile part and the scrambling begins or when PMs go unanswered.

    Maybe you could think about something like 3 solid attempts to schedule the match by the inviter, backed up with PM proof, causes a default win. Might sound a little harsh but how long does it take to at least check your PMs and respond?

    Captains should impress their team that this is a commitment and if you aren't ready to commit, don't step up.

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    Mon, Dec 11 2017 9:43 AM

    hey friend

    just back from disneyland paris and catching up with things

    yes there will still be handicaps between tiers.

    i have thought about seeding the groups and want to speak to a few trusted captains who i have known for a few years their thoughts,

    i have spoke to jason(young46) about doing a live draw on his twitch and he has assured me that can happen,

    the squads will be the same size up to 12 in each squad with 8 players taking part in every round,

    the issue of  matches not being played is a hard one,i want the comp to keep moving but it would be good to penalise players who basically cant be bothered to return messages and are awkward about finding time to play,

    two weeks should be plenty of time to play any match wherever you are in the world.

    jims idea is not a bad one and could possibly work but it would have to be decided by the end of the two week,i don't want this comp to stop to argue about a few matches not being played,

    we have a few months to talk and format the rules so everyone is happy  and knows what is expected of them,

    its not rocket science to know that you have to friend an opponent and arrange a date and time  play 18 holes with them in two weeks,

    i will be posting all rules on this forum over the next few months so that the captains can post on your forum for all to see,

    feel free any players to post comments on here or suggestions as advice would be welcome if it will improve the comp and make it the best team game on wgt.

    thx finny 


  • alanti
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    Mon, Dec 11 2017 3:52 PM

    Captains should impress their team that this is a commitment and if you aren't ready to commit, don't step up.


    I like the 3 strikes rule......2 weeks is enough for anyone to communicate, and if you were going on vacation...tell your Captain beforehand......there are no excuses for not responding to PM's - but like Jim said, if you cannot commit, then do NOT throw your name in the hat.

    And Finny....without a doubt - this is the best team comp.

  • lonnieskinner
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    Tue, Dec 12 2017 6:59 AM

    I might help with getting games played if there were more members allowed on each team. Maybe 15 players each. This would make subbing easier.

  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, Dec 12 2017 7:31 AM

    This would make subbing easier.

    Subbing should be an absolute last resort with all parties in agreeance. With the handicap as it is, this leaves too much room for monkey business. If a CC can't find 8 committed players then they shouldn't bother signing up, IMO.

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    Tue, Dec 12 2017 7:32 AM

    15 players with only 8 playing means nearly half of the squad will not play each match.

    12 should be more than enough to cover any holidays or illness really.

    i could say up to 13 or 14 but its a choice then,

    thx for the input though 


  • Tiewaz
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    Wed, Dec 13 2017 12:40 AM


    yes no problem waz

    just dont destroy us like your bowlers are lol


    lol Finny - No worries mate!  

    We might just put a new spin on our game play for this comp!

    All the best @ the WACA mate.....just got the scoop that we may be dropping one of our batsman for another bowler....lets hope so..... lol




  • alanti
    10,563 Posts
    Wed, Dec 13 2017 12:43 AM

    We might just put a new spin on our game play for this comp!

    Sounds like a Lyons den.....and the English will be Moeening.