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2018 world cup

Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM (2,306 replies)
  • binkybaxter1
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    Mon, Sep 10 2018 8:56 AM

    Well Done Winners and organizers :)

  • mikki13
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 5:58 AM

    Plate Final 

    Mikki13 (408) def Pmm711 (492)

    Enjoyable match with Paul really nice bloke got up early so we can finish off even though was a dead rubber . Congratulations for to your club Paul for winning both Cup and Plate but look out for us Aussies next time . Thanks to all the organisers and club captains for the running of the event .

    Cheers Mick

  • pmm711
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 6:14 AM

    World Cup 2018 is officially O-V-E-R

    Last Plate match just finished and Mikki13 won 4&3 vs. me...I was never in it...Mick kicked my azz as his putter was on fire.  Thank God Pablo (Keplere) already sealed the Plate deal for us on Sunday.  Here's how things went...

    We both birdie #1 and then it started with Mick making a tough birdie on #2 that put him 1UP.  We halved everything up to #6 where he sank another great birdie to go 2UP.  I lipped out my birdie attempt on #7 and Mick went 3up.  He could have easily gone 4UP after the 9th as he hit his approach within 3 feet but I sank a very nice 13 foot bird to halve the hole.

    B9 started as we both birdied #10.  Mick hit approach on the 11th to within 2 .9 feet (def a CTTH winner) but missed his birdie as I sank a very nice 11 foot bird to get the match back to 2UP.  The 12th offered us the wrong winds for a CTTH opportunity...20mph in our faces.  I missed my birdie attempt on the 12th and he knocked his in to go 3UP again. We halved the 13th and 14th and I had to make a 14 foot bender for saver on the 14th.  He won it on #15 with a birdie putt I didn't see as I had to load something into my wife's SUV.  I missed my birdie attempt on the 15th and the 4&3 result was finalized.

    Mick is a great guy and we had an enjoyable time.  I hope to tee it up with him again one day.

    Here's his approach on the 11th...which I'll also post on the CTTH thread...

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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 8:54 AM

    thx both for getting your match,will post later tonight

    a very sad moment

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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 11:14 AM

    The  world cup of golf 2018


    Hello all and goodbye all


    This is a very sad moment for me because this year’s World cup is officially over,


    The last two players have come into the clubhouse and one of them with a ctth prize well done,


    This one started back in November last year with me just fishing for teams, little did I expect the response from the clubs and players wanting to take part,


    We ended up with 35 teams of 12 players in each squad,

    9 rounds of competitive play to get four from each group to play in the last 16 of the cup,


    This year Nico came up with the idea of instead of sending the remaining teams home, let’s have a smaller trophy and call it the plate with the next four teams taking part and as it turned out with a couple of teams dropping out no one went home,


    I made a panel up with four other esteemed  players to make decisions on any games or matters that i needed advice on; this year has been that easy that we haven’t really had to make any calls,


    I have to thank all club owners, captains and players for making this a pleasure to run I have had hardly any messages and most of the time the captains sorted it with no fuss or hassle,

    Thanks to all the captains/players for all the posts well over 2,000 in total,


    Closer to home is my team who have been there with me every step of the way sometimes fighting over putting results in and doing the matchups but Paul/dotty got the most in the man never sleeps lol,


    NICO and DOTTY thanks both.


    thanks to Stu for helping me on the ctth forum and prizes,


    Lastly the one man who has made our jobs easier with the spreadsheets and results even the teams in the knockout stages, NIGEL (wupta) you are genius mate we couldn’t have got these results and updating the leagues without you, it would have taken us ages and probably got most of it wrong lol,


    Well that’s about it for this year, I will have a couple of months off then start recruiting for next year 2019

    Next year I may try something different maybe more groups and fewer rounds which would make more knockout stages we will see.


    I guess it’s time to announce the winners


    Firstly the Cup


    This team has done it again, two time winners and well deserved, they have set the bar to which we all want to achieve and are very humble with it, led by a what I will say is a very good friend and a first class captain, lead by example and he has, thanks Simon.


    The winners of the World Cup 2018


    The Wooden Tees




    Now to the plate


    This team really should have made it to the cup but they were in possibly  the hardest  group but instead of crying about it they just got on with the job of doing what they do best and  taking the plate back home to wooden tee and thank you Alan for making it so easy  for me with up to date messsages regarding matches and getting your matches even at some really silly times for your players played,


    The winners of the World Cup plate


    The Wooden Bees





    Again thanks to all who have taken part this year and look forward to an even greater World Cup 2019



    ps sorry your right bubba,johhny you took over from paulton hope the guys alright and made these trophies worthy of champions thanks buddy



  • DodgyPutter
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 12:16 PM

    Thanks again Finny.  All through the tournament we met nice people who just wanted to play the game,  we all have some new friends..

    We didn't set out to be in the plate but once we were there we did the best we could.  Nice trophy that it is, it isn't one we'd hope to retain :-)

    I can't imagine trying to organise one team again so I find the amount of work your team must have put in, sorting the pairings, results, problems etc etc of 35, amazing.

    Very well done guys :-))

  • bubbsboy
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 12:20 PM

    Well done Finny and well done all your helpers. The spreadsheet was that good that i put Nigel forward for a Casey`s "gift of golf" nomination.

    Also a big shout out to Johnny for his fantastic cup work. They look fantastic

    Well done to Tees and Bees, top performances from both teams.

    Lastly well done to many of the players who took part.

  • birchi
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 1:04 PM

    A big thank you for a fantastic tournament to Finny and the rest of the crew! The minor problems we had during the last six month were all self-inflicted, so having everything run smoothly on your end was super helpful. We are grateful for all the hours of work you guys put in to make this event a success. 

    Congrats to Gordon and his team on a great tournament and a hard-fought final. It may have been over quickly, but four matches we won went down the wire, so it could have easily turned out differently. It was definitely the finals matchup we were hoping for at the start of the tourney and we had a lot of fun battling it out with some of the best players in the game. Same goes for all the other teams and matches we played on the way to the final, all matches were played in good spirit and made the journey worthwhile. 

    Hopefully we all see each other again in this tournament next year. I was extremely honored to be the team captain of the best club on WGT, but am looking forward to taking the back seat again in the future. Thanks to all my teammates who stuck with us throughout the whole span and made this year a huge success, but also to Jay, Jason, Jon and Vicky who left our team early, but all helped us along the way.


  • kersh1976
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    Tue, Sep 11 2018 2:46 PM

    Thank you Paul, you and your team have done an amazing job making sure everything has run so smoothly.

    It's been another fantastic tournament with some new faces that have definitely shown that they are more than capable of going all the way in the future.

    Congratulations to The Tee's for regaining the trophy, we've had quite a bit of drama along the way but thankfully they never let it get the better of them.

    And very well done to my Bee's, Alan has done a great job with the small group of players he had to chose from and it's great to have something in our trophy cabinet that hasn't been won by Joe.

    Thanks for everyone who participated I've met some great new friends along the way.

    All the best.

  • bluey403
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    Wed, Sep 12 2018 12:52 AM

    A big congrats to the Tee's & Bee's. A great effort to take down both tropheys and especially going back to back in the CUP.

    Also a big shout out to my clubmates Finny, Dotty & Nico

    Finny mate, I have enjoyed every minute of 3 World Cups now, the last 2 as your teammate and I must reaffirm that you have created and continue to administer the BEST event we have here. 

    Well done again big fella.