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2018 world cup

Thu, Sep 20 2018 9:22 AM (2,306 replies)
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    Wed, Nov 29 2017 12:15 PM



    The  world cup of golf 2019


    Hello all

    Well it’s all over we have our winners


    Firstly I would like to thank every player who took part in a match either group stages of the knockout stages, I hope you at least have made a couple of new friends and have had some fun and banter along the way.

    Big shout out to my team dot who has done more this year than me which has made this more easy for me this year and not 24./7 who runs the club comps so helps out when and where he can and is always there for advice when needed and of course Nigel who makes all the tables which all are in sync with each other, the guys a genius.


    Thanks to all captains who have sorted out any problems between them and getting teams on time to me well sometimes anyway lol.

    This year it has worked like a well oiled machine andI haven’t had to get involved much just a few hiccups which we sort out for next year, one was the air shots which in my opinion worked well when all players knew what they were doing with it and I would like to put in next year.


    I would like to say congrats to my SEL Diablos for bringing home the Plate for me awesome guys from the captain pippa and his vice captain petey to all the rest thanks lads. The east coast team played hard and it was close in every match.

    There can only be one in the Cup and the paragon 1 team have set the bar for all of us to follow, they have played majestic and are worthy winners.

    I look forward to next year and maybe make it a little longer as I feel there was more golf to be played, last year was too long and this years has gone too quick so we will tweak it next year.

    Wgt has noticed and I have been approached to help out in something they are putting together so we will see where it goes.

    Lastly it is my pleasure to award the Cup to Paragon1 and the Plate to SEL diablos,

    Well done all see you next year,

    All the best






  • Lutjanid
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    Wed, Nov 29 2017 9:41 PM

    Love your work Finbah.

  • bluey403
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    Thu, Nov 30 2017 1:49 AM

    cant wait, send in THE CLOWNS

  • Borat74
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    Thu, Nov 30 2017 12:59 PM

    Cant wait meself as last year was a washout,best tourney on WGT by a country mile or KM dependin on where your from:-)

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    Thu, Nov 30 2017 2:33 PM


    The  world cup  2020


    Yo  all


    Great start to the World Cup 2020, nearly all games completed on time but it’s not done till midnight tonight so maybe we will get them done.


    Trying to think of any problems but nothing that much and the captains sorted it between themselves which is great for me.

    I will put this at the top,


    don’t forget the special ctth prizes please, a couple of them will run throughout the comp.

    Just a quick re cap on the groups


    Group 1 has the Rhinos taking full points with the Cold Cut Combos maybe getting theirs with one game to go. East Coast takes a comfortable third spot but plenty of golf to be played yet.


    Group 2 the Rhinos and the Combos share top with maximum points from their games and East Coast in third,


    Group 3 has Nova A at the top which is expected but joined by SPL Steak and Chops they are dark horses with some good players,


    Group 4 Founders and Indian Chiefs are 1 and 2 with the Chicks in third just beating the Raiders to 4th and Cosa are in 5th place which is a surprise, this is a really hard group to call at the moment, some very good teams chasing 3 spots.


    Group 5 the Bandits are in 1st place with the Diablo’s 4 points behind, SPL Boobs and Babes lie in third,

    It’s still early days so I expect some changes in positions as we go on through the rounds.

    Right second round here we come




    16th March – 30th March


    18 Holes Stroke play


     Kiawah Island

    Not my favorite course hence the reason I’ve dropped out, I just can’t get the yardages on this course and the greens are the hardest to read out of all courses to me, it could give you a very low score but start missing putts and it can soon rack up a score.

    Any player with a +_2 by their name  must  add  2 strokes to their final score,




    Each match will be played to a win, draw lose no sudden death 18 holes,

    Each match will have a 2 week timeline to complete

    Any players refusing to play will forfeit their match,

    Any matches not completed on time will be looked at by me and dotty and a decision made on the result depending on evidence supplied,




    Once a match been played the result will stand so it’s up to all players to check the opponents tier before start of play,


    I would suggest a 90sec shot clock with maximum timeouts, there’s no panic to get the game played and have a chat in-between,

    If both players agree they can have 60 or 45 that would be their choice,


    No focus boosts will be allowed during matches. Use of this tool will lead to a disqualification


    Any team members giving advice on any shots/putts to another player on any chat forum and found out, the player and the adviser will be disqualified from the rest of the comp.


    Players please when posting results, I would like group number, teams and players please and a short post of the match,

    Let’s keep the forum busy but no negative comments from anyone, if you have problem contact your captain first and they will contact the other captain, I don’t really want to be involved unless I have to.

    Closest to the pin holes and prizes



    Round 2
    16th march to 30th march
    kiawah island



    AMISZO longest hole in one over whole comp 5 sleeves
    AMISZO longest holed out shot over whole comp 5 sleeves
    AMISZO longest putt over 20 feet over whole comp 5 sleeves
    AMISZO first double eagle 5 sleeves
    VENNA68 FIRST HOLED OUT BUNKER SHOT Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge Range


    That’s about it for now be happy and enjoy all players and have some fun out there.



  • MainzMan
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    Sat, Dec 2 2017 2:08 AM

    Hi Paul,

    Bridgestone will be entering a team this year.  Probably only one though, participation is down somewhat.

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    Sat, Dec 2 2017 4:07 AM

    just a quick update


    we have 17 teams in so far,will probably stop at 32 so only 15 slots left to fill


  • kelsp
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    Sat, Dec 2 2017 6:40 AM

    Hi Finny,

    No Quitters Here Please: 2 Teams. Will give you the names for each as we get closer.

    I look forward to meeting some fine people and Clubs.

    Cheers, KP

  • liam91
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    Sat, Dec 2 2017 11:31 AM
    have sent you a PM Paul defo have 1 team from the trannies maybe 2 ,speak soon Mike
  • XMAS69
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    Sat, Dec 2 2017 3:03 PM
    Hi finn xmas69 from the boyz club and would like to add a team into the Cup. Please let me know Mike