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Fairway Fanatic's wants you!

Mon, Oct 14 2019 6:06 AM (262 replies)
  • Williams01210021
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    Fri, Sep 7 2018 3:00 AM


    Our Major for this month is our Millionaires Major, open to our members who have contributed a million and more xp while they have been with us. 17 lucky members will be going all out to win this event. Its also one of the few majors that we have a handicap in play so everyone will have a real chance of winning. Plenty of prizes up for grabs, 500 credits, top 3 after handicaps will get sleeves of balls and Team event to. Plus Hole in one and Jackpot hole in one in play and many more. 

    Its to late to play this but this is just a example of some of the great unique events we have going on here and how we reward our loyal members. 

    Dont delay and come join us now!

  • BillHawk55
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    Sun, Sep 9 2018 5:46 AM

    Hi Emily

    Is there a link to your pro forum ?

  • Williams01210021
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    Thu, Sep 13 2018 7:44 AM


    Next month Marks my two years in the game and thats what our major is going to be celebrating. To get and many people involved in winning credits this major will be split into 3 tier groups. Tour master and Below, Legend and Tour legend+. So we will be paying out to 30 lucky members. 

    As well as the credits, there will be Nearest the pin for each groups, plus our normal Hole in one bonus, Jackpot hole in one and Team event. Last major we got 70 members playing and hope this month to get 80 as we continue to expand.

    Also starting october 1st is our Winter Stroke play league with 5 divisions. Last Fanatic Standing and our Winter Grand Prix Tour!

    A great time to join and be part of one of the best clubs in game!

  • Williams01210021
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    Sun, Sep 16 2018 8:01 AM

    Massive month in October for the club!

    New league and tour season starts. Our Captains Day with loads of fun events going on and tons of prizes being handed out!

    New Fanatic Fight Club is up and running, A on going Match play event, Pc and Mobile divisions.

    Last Fanatic Standing is back, 4 Groups of 10 so plenty of prizes for this and everyone will have a chance of winning the Group.

    Much much more going on at the club. If your looking for stuff to do, help with your game or just a great bunch of members then come join us at Fairway Fanatic's!

  • Williams01210021
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    Tue, Sep 18 2018 1:20 PM

    Still room to join us, come join the club with the best events/tournaments going on!

  • Vrcic1x
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    Wed, Sep 19 2018 7:23 AM

    Hey, I applied to join. Sounds like a fun cc any chance i can get in on the fun?

  • EagleEmiIy
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    Wed, Sep 19 2018 11:58 PM

    Welcome to the club Vrcic. Plenty of fun here. Unlike alot of the post's on here we actually have all that we say going on. So settle in and be part of the Fanatic's!

    Em x

  • Williams01210021
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    Sat, Sep 22 2018 3:01 AM

    Thats true Emily, we dont just do what some others do and bump up the threads, we update them with new stuff going on, all our information is up to date and shows how active the club is. 

    We have a great social side to the club as well. We have a english premiership fantasy football set up and also a NFL fantasy football going to. Both with some prizes donated by kind members. 

    Our pro board gets around 40-50 people on a day with the record being 56. 35 members on our telegram which we use to chat and arrange matches to. 

    Top 20 in the xp weekly leaderboard and top 50 in the clashes. 

    October see's the start of our new Winter league and tour plus Last Fanatic Standing is back. 

    Already going on at the moment is our Fanatic Ashes series. A fun cricket based event with two teams going at for 20 overs.  A Fanatic Grand Prix to get us warmed up for the Winter Grand Prix Tour! and Emily's Pairs cup has just finished. Along with the monthly major, brackets, set of the month, un even, Emily's Everest and plenty of tournaments just for the lower tiers oo and the 2 handicap events each month what more could you want? 

    A academy where new members can learn the skills needed, gain help from a personal mentor? receive gifts as rewards for hard work. Special events just for academy members with new clubs up for prizes? 

    well there is still more!!

    Our captains day comes 6th of October! A time we celebrate at the club. Look out for plenty of bonus events, lots of fun and over 5000 credits worth of prizes will be given away in just 1 week!

    Plus theres our new Fanatic Fight club, but we dont talk about that......

    Dont miss out and join up now! 

  • Williams01210021
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    Mon, Sep 24 2018 4:44 AM


    Just one of the many trophy's we have available to win. This is one of our monthly handicap ones so everyone has a chance to win it and a sleeve of balls to!


  • Williams01210021
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    Thu, Sep 27 2018 12:19 PM

    This year our captains day will be on the 6th of October. Events will run from the 1st and will finish on the 8th. Last year we had many great events and this year will be no different. This event is in a way a celebration of my anniversary to the game. Here is a list of some of the events you will expect to see.

    Captains Cup: (Williams 2 year anniversary). This will be our Major for October and will start on the 6th.I have merged the two together as Captains day will now always be in October. Russell won the Cup last year, can he retain it?
    This Major is split into 3 tier groups. Tour master and below, Legend and Tour legend and above. Each part will have a prize fund of 1000 credits, A CTTH, and along with our other normal prizes like Hole in one Bonus and Jackpot Hole in one.

    Captains Shield: The Shield is a 1 single round event with handicaps in play. Chris (Neet) won the shield last time, can he do it again? Trophy and sleeve of balls up for grabs.

    Lady Captains Cup: This is a mini major for tour masters and below. Credits up for grabs

    Captains Putt: Beat the Score set by the captain on best of putting to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Depending on what you need.

    Captains Shotgun Start: This will be a first and not sure how it will go but we can try. The plan is to have as many of us as we can to play at the same time. There will be a set start time and we will need the groups to be sorted before so abit of planning will be needed. We will all set off on the same course in the same conditions and have a live cup event. People from each group can update the scores on the forums as we go round, try have a live leaderboard going on. Be great if we can get 4/5 4 balls going round at the same time. Will be the 6th at 6pm gmt

    Academy Captain: A event for our academy members. A tournament with handicaps to make it fair. Winner will receive a new club and also a private round with myself to help zone in on any part of their game.

    Will also be a few other random events like some brackets etc and might come up with some more. As like the other fun days this will be funded by the club pool and we will be using around 5k credits. I will put up the prize fund for the Captains cup so we will have prizes for the shield which will be a new club for the winner. Some credits for the Lady's cup, sleeve of balls for the Captains putt and also for the shotgun start there will be a sleeve or somthing else depending on how much we have left.
    Come join us for one hell of a busy week with plenty of stuff going on!