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Fairway Fanatic's wants you!

Mon, Oct 14 2019 6:06 AM (262 replies)
  • Williams01210021
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    Thu, Oct 26 2017 1:41 AM

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  • Williams01210021
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    Mon, Oct 30 2017 3:21 AM

    Captains Day has come to Fairway Fanatic's and will begin on the 10th of November. Come join us for loads of fun.

    Captain's day cup for everyone.

    Lady captain's cup for tour masters and below.

    Closest to the pin event.

    Hole in one prizes.

    Captains pick prize.

    Shotgun Shootout. Quickfire bracket for the day. 

    loads of credits up for grabs and other prizes!

  • EagleEmiIy
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    Thu, Nov 2 2017 2:33 AM

    For a level 10 club we get in the top 50 for xp each week which shows we have active members, we get top 50 in the clashes as well. We always have loads of tournaments going on. 90% of the time we are at our max limited and they are all worthwhile tournaments, not just some random back 9 of red tee's for no credits.... 

    Big recruitment push at the moment, 175 players, that will be cut down end of the month to get rid of the dead wood as we only have people who contribute to the club stay. 

    Our forums are getting busy now as well, Plenty of matches going on. 

    Winter league is going well, championship division is great, alot of the lower tiers having a real good match, only a few points separating 6 places!

    Winter tour is up and running and we have people from all tiers on the leaderboard hunting them prizes at the end!

    My pairs cup has just started and the teams will be going at it very soon.

    New tour trophies made by Will for next year look great! Hopefully he will post them up here and show them off : ).

    Come join the fun at FF and you wont regret it!

    Thanks for reading, Emily x

  • CSBarbarian
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    Wed, Nov 8 2017 8:13 PM


    Come join the fun at FF and you wont regret it!

    I'll second that.


  • Williams01210021
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    Fri, Nov 10 2017 1:06 AM

    Captains Cup Major. 8am start. Our major for the month, 4 rounds at Kiawah, 3 days each round. Open to all and 1000 credits up for grabs. Top 10 payout. Sleeve of balls for best master and below finisher (must be a forum member) 

    Lady's Cup Major. 10 am start. A mini major for all levels upto Tour master. 500 credit prize fund thanks to Emily. Top 10 payout. 

    Nearest the Pin Challenge 8 am start. A 9 hole CTTH single round. 500 credit prize fund top 10 payout. If you land within 10 ft on any hole then get a screenshot and then post your scorecard on the forum for a chance to be the closest to the pin. Winner will receive a sleeve of balls or item from pro shop upto 500 credits sponsored by our very own Sas

    Shotgun Shootout. Registration opens at 12 noon. Once filled this will be a 9 hole 30 min round bracket so will be over in 2 hours but you will need to play each round 30 mins after the other one if you get through. Should hopefully get filled quickly so therefor should start around 2 but might be earlier or later, hard to say really.

    Captains Day Shield Start 9 am. This will be a 1 single round 72 hour tournament with a prize of 500 credits worth in the pro shop to the winner thanks to our own Colin. This will be a handicap event to give everyone a chance. I shall do a list of handicaps for all the members on here who are active. This will be my judgement and hopefully created a fair shield for everyone to play for.

    Both Majors will have tour points up for grabs. 

    If you get within 10 ft on any hole during the Nearest the pin challenge then take a screenshot of your scorecard at the end of the round for proof. Come on and post your best score. If you can put your scorecard on as well, Dont worry to much at the start or if someone has beaten your best, keep the screenshot just incase though. 

    Good luck to everyone, if you can try stay on the forums throughout the day as we can try beat our record for most people on at one time. Lets have a great captains day!!


    this is from our forums about the captains day which has started today! Ta Emily and Craig for the above post's!

  • DaveBillings400
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    Fri, Nov 10 2017 11:21 PM

    Hello, I'd like to join the Country Club. I only started a couple of weeks ago and decided that it looks like a great way to spend my spare time. I'm keen to learn.



  • Williams01210021
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    Sat, Nov 11 2017 12:21 PM

    Thanks for getting in touch Dave, Good to have you on board, Still places left to join the club!

  • Williams01210021
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    Wed, Nov 15 2017 11:33 PM


  • CSBarbarian
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    Sun, Nov 19 2017 4:23 PM

    Bump it up.


  • Williams01210021
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    Wed, Nov 22 2017 11:57 PM

    level 11 now and over 200 members, New Last member standing starting december the 1st, Spring tour starts jan 1st along with the league with 3 divisions. 

    Come join the fun at Fairway Fanatic's!!