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Southern England Links v Georgian

Tue, Nov 7 2017 2:57 PM (40 replies)
  • pipala
    887 Posts
    Mon, Oct 23 2017 1:44 AM
    Thank you Scott, I remember you helping me before with this. The correct match ups are below to avoid any further confusion. I will be playing Frank and Paulfinn will now play BNSinram

    Bubbs, if you want to line up your text nicely using spaces, use a monospace font. Each character is then the same width, making spacing easier.

    SEL 39         v    The Georgian 9
    Grace07        v    Kittycat247
    Mkrizan86      v    Rossembo
    Doubleeaglerob v    gregcuk
    SteveReilly    v    etienne5361
    Fonde          v    Nancy1959
    TdotDoba       v    stefke1969
    Lutjanid       v    adamnot
    Binkybaxter1   v    stefke1969
    Amateur4sure   v    shanks181
    Penglish3      v    kunomayaleonardo
    Graemelee99    v    ThomasLongshot
    Nicozandberg   v    Ahfc
    Ptrenter       v    jobey29
    Bluey403       v    Immortalyoda
    PaulFinn52     v    BNSinram
    Debrug         v    Undertaker3663
    Cousinzeke     v    Skankyhooker69
    Terwyl         v    Beejay74
    Bencat         v    HooksMcGilligan
    Jacko1972      v    iamvapour
    Spino1         v    Mhaggstrom
    Shing1         v    Hifiken
    KenBTexas      v    Mistress Cosette
    Ttuna1234      v    Sirbugger
    Pipala         v    Frankp1157
    Subsignal      v    FCKikao
    BCGreer        v    HooksMcGilligan
    Vamborools     v    IKenmare
    Billd1993      v    extremepro
    Bubbsboy       v    CombativeJack
    Ranger1988     v    realungoliant
    Keasden        v    Simonanna
    Shedlite       v    seanab1234
    Pgoldfinch     v    accuate
    Jgr            v    Marksherry0
    Justripit      v    2043dennis
    xxDannyxxo     v    KingsShark7
    Permaslice     v    CSheperd5
    Phippo20040    v    dabomb07
    parkfart       v    joesadicker
    Fonde          v    Oldmxr

  • Justripit1
    18 Posts
    Mon, Oct 23 2017 3:44 PM

    Played my match against 2043Dennis, Super nice guy and played very well. was mostly a dead even match but he missed a couple of short ones he probably normally makes. Was very nice to meet you Denny, send me a invite any time.

    Justripit1 3up over 2043Dennis

    Go SEL

  • AHFC
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    Tue, Oct 24 2017 1:25 AM
    I played Nicozandberg yesterday and was beaten 4 down at the 15th. I couldn't get any puts in at all. Managed to miss 5 or 6 by 1-2 inches on the front 9 and then managed to drop a 44 footer on the 13th to keep the game going a little longer. Nico was a great guy and I am sure when we play again I will keep him more honest AHFC lost by 4 at the 15th to NIcozanderberg.
  • Nancy1959
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    Tue, Oct 24 2017 2:42 PM

    I (Nancy1959) managed to hang on for a win against Fonde (John) 2 up.  Neither of us had our "A" game during our match and we both agreed that Merion won today!  :)

    John is a great guy and I enjoyed the opportunity to play the round of golf with him.


  • SPINO1
    5,394 Posts
    Tue, Oct 24 2017 3:03 PM
    Many thanks to Mark, youcaught me on a decent day and unfamiliar greens for you, enjoyed your company bud, thanks SPINO1 WINS 6UP
  • TdotDoba
    2,049 Posts
    Tue, Oct 24 2017 9:54 PM
    Played stefke1969 and won 5&4, Thanks for the game and good luck in your next one.
  • bubbsboy
    6,876 Posts
    Wed, Oct 25 2017 12:48 AM
    Well done all who have played up to now...........SEL lead present
  • ttuna1234
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    Wed, Oct 25 2017 4:19 AM
    ttuna1234 over Sirbugger 3 & 2 Jim is fine guy and a good player, but he could not get a putt to fall. Could have easily been a different outcome if not for his putter. Enjoyed it, Jim. Look forward to playing again.
  • Kittycat247
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    Thu, Oct 26 2017 4:50 AM
    I went in thinking champ greens at Merion against Grace 07 this Kat could get slaughtered then along comes my playing partner and he says Kat try these leopard balls Calloway Tru-vis you have twice the time to hit them as I always use kitten balls for these games and you know what I turned into the tenth TWO UP and he had to birdie a 21 ft pt as I had a CC for my bird you know what just like champions do he did birdie that putt to deny me going 3 up. Gradually I was overhauled Grace07 won with a birdie on the 17th. I was ruing two holes where my putts flirted 2" from the cup denying me valuable birdies. Truly a classic game that I enjoyed so much.Thank you Mark well played....kittycat247
  • BNSinram
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    Thu, Oct 26 2017 5:01 AM
    Lost to PaulFinn52 in a very good match, Paul is a very good player and an excellent putter. Was down 4 after five holes, rallied to get to 1 down but missed a putt to tie on the final hole. Thanks Paul for a very enjoyable game. Brian