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Platinum Apparel Pack - what a joke

Thu, Mar 18 2021 1:53 AM (30 replies)
  • FriedrichDollman
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    Tue, Nov 7 2017 4:45 AM
    It's just another con by wg t to steal your monny
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    Wed, Nov 8 2017 3:18 PM

    Does the platinum pack include dry cleaning or does WGT charge extra for that?

  • K7JBQ
    1,456 Posts
    Wed, Nov 8 2017 3:26 PM

    Rumor has it the with the next update WGT will offer to regrip your clubs for just 500 credits each, so you can hit 'em higher and straighter and lower your scores.

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    Wed, Nov 8 2017 5:15 PM

    Are the people still spend money in this ''game''?  oh boy :)

  • drmoose
    3,470 Posts
    Thu, Nov 9 2017 1:30 PM
    I went for the " tinfoil " ensemble myself ( hat included ) which is not available on mobile ( heh, at least we got somethin' on PC they don't ). Not quite as flashy as "platinum" but. still quite stylish, and, IMO better at deflecting alien mind control rays. All in all, a good investment @ zero credits. About like most of WGT's idiotic promos. Doc :)
  • phred952
    2,711 Posts
    Thu, Nov 9 2017 2:44 PM

    ROFL Doc. 

    Thanks for that one.  At times like this I really miss Andyson, as we would see the whole outfit shown in the Pro Shop. 

  • alanti
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    Thu, Nov 9 2017 3:48 PM

    It's just another con by wg t to steal your monny

    To be honest....I will show my ignorance and say I don't even know what the Platinum Apparel Pack is.

    I suppose it is the freedom of someone spending their money as they wish, if someone thinks it is worth it for them, well I have no issues with that. Just because I think something is a waste of money may be different in another persons eyes.

    But for someone to be conned, that person must be vulnerable to being scammed....possibly a lot of WGT users are.......


    To all of those out I have an offer for you today.....never to be repeated.

    A one off offer (well maybe for as many suckers users that take up this offer........

    I have a house (or houses) in the outback of Australia, where the weather is warm. and each property has an ocean view....going cheap, $5,000 bucks - buy 3 and I will throw in a 4th house for nothing,

    But don't delay, pick up the phone before they are all gone (and me as well) 

    Call 1800 722 6633 (or 1800 SCAMMED)

    Like Doc...I like my free tin foil apparel.....


  • txzdave
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    Fri, Nov 10 2017 10:24 PM

                  naked dave!

  • alanti
    10,563 Posts
    Sat, Nov 11 2017 12:44 AM
    blind partner!
  • quatum123
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    Sun, Nov 12 2017 1:00 AM

    Why doesn't WGT make so we could give away are Old Clubs ????????