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chat whist playing a game

Wed, Mar 20 2019 5:07 PM (21 replies)
  • lonniescott711
    4,139 Posts
    Wed, Mar 20 2019 8:22 AM


           Four pars and shaven ears aglow. 

                  We knew and know The best here.

                            Never forsake the Cornerstones or the Crambones or the Yeti eatin' leftover who knows whatnots. I still believe in fun here. 

                        Hear Us?

                                    I'm strollin' happily spreadin' hopefully a new apostrophe laden Catostrophe.

                        Whate'r.    I really dig most of you all.

                  ~  ~

    Sometime I wonder and then other times wander . Looking neither left or right but just enjoying the view . Life is worth living and fun worth having people worth meeting . Making friends is a very beautiful thing being able to endear ones self into another`s heart Yeah we dig you too as well as your wonderful revelations . :-).


  • txzdave
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    Wed, Mar 20 2019 5:07 PM