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Lag Issues

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Fri, Sep 18 2009 6:10 AM (5 replies)
  • rjjr51
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    Thu, Sep 17 2009 4:24 PM

    Hello all,

    I have been experiencing a lot of lag though I have a high speed connection. Any thoughts comments or suggestions.



  • Joeyola
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    Thu, Sep 17 2009 4:58 PM

    I have noticed a huge hesitation when the weather gets warm.  I suspect my older computer is the problem, along with my internet connection.  I have used a different browser with some success.  But getting back to my computer, the second the CPU fan goes on high speed, the game is almost impossible to play.  I suspect, as with other web based applications, we play the game that our computer and internet connection lets us play...which puts many at a disadvantage.  At least, with the virtual equipment, we can simply buy a different if not easier game to improve or if we suck (smile).  When everyone has the best equipment, the winners will still be the ones that put in the most stick time.



  • drivnchaos
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    Thu, Sep 17 2009 5:17 PM

    Checkout this software.

    This is a free program to shut off unneeded programs while playing a game. It has helped my meter issues. I used to get very bad choppy or stuttering meter movement. I'm not saying it's perfect now, but I can tell a huge difference without it. I've also noticed a large difference in CPU usage with this program running.

    Hope this helps

  • edchavez
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    Thu, Sep 17 2009 7:26 PM

    You can have a very fast computer and connection, it wont matter. I have a very fast computer, i have lags as well

  • rnegv
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    Fri, Sep 18 2009 4:11 AM

    how fast is fast? be careful what you turn off manually with game booster. i checked everything on the list manually then got blue screened twice. i don't need game booster on this rig but i've heard good things about it on marginal computers.

  • molideha
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    Fri, Sep 18 2009 6:10 AM

    there have been many threads about "lag" and "meter stutter"...some are convinced the problem is with WGT servers, others feel just as strongly the problem is on the players PC.

    the one underlying consistency is that no one has yet articulated any proof, just speculation...many of the players voicing their concern often add "it seems better today", or "it seems worse lately"...there is a theme of random chaoticness.

    the one element i've yet to see discussed is the likely affect of internet hacking....i trust you all are running a firewall...a firewall will block on average 10-15 hack attempts per MINUTE....i use zone alarm pro...if you do as well, just look at your daily log file in windows/internet logs and to your likely surprise you will see the astonishing frequency of uninvited attempts to "raid" your system via your internet connection....internet hacks could easily be the answer to the "random chaoticness" experienced by many...some hack attempts are more malicious than others, and different firewalls handle these hacks in their own alarm pro will write to the log file for each attempt....there is no way for you to say "hey all you hacks, back off while i hit this shot".

    advice: turn off all firewall event logging...DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR FIREWALL.

    other advice: turn off as many automatic update processes as you can, including windows updates...i run windows updates manually every 2 weeks or so, then turn it back off....browsers like firefox install with defaults to check for updates INCLUDING updates for has an auto update scheduler it runs, etc.

    in short, if your computer decides it needs to do something in the middle of your shot, thats life...the best you can do is disable as much as you can to increase the probability of an uninterupted shot.