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Mon, Aug 28 2017 3:18 AM (10 replies)
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  • pdb1
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    Sun, Aug 27 2017 6:12 AM

      A wonderful sweet lady I have known for several years . Our prayers and condolences for her and her family . From myself and my wife and VOTSCC .


    Melissa N Johnson


    My name is Dylan and I am Melissa's son. It is with great sadness and regret to inform all of you that you have lost a member. After trying over and over to get her pw for this site, I must now inform all of you that while back in Puerto Rico on family business, my Mom was killed in a car accident last week. I know she loved all of her friends on here, and I will have her account open so I can inform others who do not know. I messaged PDB1 earlier and told him. So it is with tears in my eyes that I bid you all a fond farewell from my Mom, and just know that she will be with all of you in spirit.


    Sincerely and Sadly, 

    Dylan Johnson



    subject title MELISSA LOVED WGT

  • pdb1
    24,758 Posts
    Sun, Aug 27 2017 12:01 PM

      As this is a new , sad , and hard experience for me . I want to be sure and reach out to Melissa's friends in the proper and respectful manner . As Melissa's family entrusts me to do . 

      Here is a memory of some of her friends and time here on WGT . 

    subject title MELISSA LOVED WGT

  • phred952
    2,714 Posts
    Sun, Aug 27 2017 12:06 PM


    My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.  R I P Melissa.


  • derjohvan
    1,077 Posts
    Sun, Aug 27 2017 12:48 PM

       This is sad news. I remember a few years ago helping them and playing with both Dylan and Melissa at WGTLS. My condolences go out to her family and friends, You will be missed.    


  • fadduh
    4,036 Posts
    Sun, Aug 27 2017 12:51 PM


      Thoughts and prayers to Melissa's family.


  • f1dget
    4,074 Posts
    Sun, Aug 27 2017 11:25 PM

    Very sad to hear about your loss. I recently lost my best friend, we have been online golfing together for years so i know how you are feeling. My condelences to you and the family.


  • ScottHope
    9,251 Posts
    Mon, Aug 28 2017 1:03 AM

    Losing a loved one so suddenly is very hard to bear.

    My sincerest condolences to Melissa's friends and family.

  • shovlovin
    2,112 Posts
    Mon, Aug 28 2017 2:02 AM

    My thoughts ,prayers and hearfelt condolences to all the family in this tragic time.

    A very emotional and very thoughtful Tribute to Melissa from PBD1; HATS OFF TO YOU SIR; you have done our small community very proud.

  • Borat74
    2,774 Posts
    Mon, Aug 28 2017 2:23 AM

    Very sad news ,played against and partnered Melissa over on wgtls,My thoughts and prayers for her family at this time .


  • alanti
    10,563 Posts
    Mon, Aug 28 2017 2:46 AM

    Sad news indeed and sincere condolences to her family and friends and to her club mates at the Valley of Sun.


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