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Jeff's New WGT CC vs CC Interplay format

Thu, Dec 21 2017 9:21 AM (65 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sat, Aug 5 2017 3:07 PM

      Now that there are scores . Is the procedure different for replacing a player . 

      We have a player no longer even in WGT .

      I have a replacement . 

      Please message me . I will make the corrections per your instructions . 

      Thank you 


      These moderations are taking way too long . I have already edited and replaced the player and responded here 12 hours ago . 

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Aug 5 2017 5:44 PM

      The change has been made . All is good . 


  • pdb1
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    Tue, Aug 8 2017 3:35 PM

      In the scoring . I do not see the input for forfeits . Our team had at least 2 forfeits in July . I want to be sure the scorecard reflects that . 

      Can someone message me how to input that . So I can be sure and do so . 

  • mngoose33
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    Tue, Aug 8 2017 5:29 PM


    Good question.  Each week, teams must police themselves and each other in order to assess forfeits, because it's difficult to determine whose "fault" it was that a match wasn't played.  If Team A was making a good-faith effort to set up a match and was unable to reach Team B, then Team A should be awarded the win.  However, if both teams made a good-faith effort and the timing just didn't work (or if neither team attempted to set up the match), then both teams will be awarded a loss and earn 0 points for the forfeited match.

    At present, any match that wasn't played in July has been scored as a loss for both teams involved (in other words, your club was awarded 0 points for the two matches you didn't play).  Think of this outcome (both teams get 0 points) as the default outcome for an unplayed match.  In the event that a match went unplayed because one team was trying hard to make it happen and couldn't get a response from the other team, let me know and I will manually adjust the standings page to account for the change. 

    Does that work for you?



  • pdb1
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    Tue, Aug 8 2017 6:24 PM

    Does that work for you?

      Completely . 

      Now comes the hard part

    to determine whose "fault" it was that a match wasn't played.

    Match Play

    dschom5  vs  olduffer  

    Have not heard from olduffer yet.

    Alt Shot

    SChoitz              vs          guidonikita2       I believe that Guido and i made plenty of efforts.

    pdb1                       vs 1313putter              However I was absent most of the 29th & 30th

                                                                           Prior birthday engaements

    Alt Shot                                                      

    jcm51                Chris1973M               Even though this round was played . Carla chose a                                                                 partner not on the team . 

    crazycarla9 vs Crd056398

      Based on that view point . ( mine ) . And barring any conflicting opinions . You are welcome to score these in anyway that is fair for the tournament . 

  • mngoose33
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    Wed, Aug 9 2017 9:54 AM

    Thanks, Paul.  So let me summarize the proposal from Valley of the Sun re: unplayed matches in July:

    • Match Play:  Valley of the Sun player reached out to Live and Let Golf player, but received no response.

    • Alt Shot 1:  Both teams made good-faith efforts to set up the match, but were unable to find a time that worked for everyone.

    • Alt Shot 2: Match was played, but Valley of the Sun used a substitute player that was not originally signed up for the tournament.  

    If the above is accurate, I would argue the outcomes should be as follows:

    • Match Play: Valley of the Sun wins, Live and Let Golf loses (i.e., 3 points to VotS)
    • Alt Shot 1: Both teams take the loss (i.e., no points awarded)
    • Alt Shot 2: Whoever won the match should receive the win and 4 points.

    If a representative from Live and Let Golf wants to weigh in, that would be helpful.  Otherwise, pending Mark's agreement, I would propose we update the scores based on the suggestion above.  

    Also, just so I'm clear about everything, has the outcome of the Alt Shot 2 match (the one with CrazyCarla9) already been entered into the spreadsheet?  I can't recall.





  • pdb1
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    Wed, Aug 9 2017 11:08 AM

    I am in complete agreement with your assessment. Perfectly fine with me .  I think that the alt shot match was counted as a loss for VOTSCC which it should have been.



  • DufferJohn7
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    Wed, Aug 9 2017 2:12 PM

    DufferJohn7 (VOTSCC) vs amoffsky (Upton Manor) St andrews Back 9 match play.

    DufferJohn7 1 up

    Great back and forth match coming down to the last putt.  Great fun1

    Have fun and hit 'em straight,


  • pdb1
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    Wed, Aug 30 2017 5:26 PM

     Was able to play my match play round with quakerdarlo . He smoked me 5 up . 

  • pdb1
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    Wed, Aug 30 2017 6:16 PM


      I tried to contact my other match ups . RyjaTybas and I had several conversations . Discussing the availability of him and his partner micktheswing and me and my partner SChoitz . I have not heard anything from micktheswing . 

      Dschom5 vs RyjaTybas, DufferJohn7 vs amoffsky and Next260 vs len23 . All were able to play their match play rounds . 

      No one has been able to arrange to play any other matches . There is one more day left to play in August .

      VOTSCC is confident that we have been making all reasonable efforts to contact arrange and play our matches .

      In the first month we played another CC with experience  in CC vs CC Interplay events . LALG  . We were able to play many more of our matches .

      I do not know how much experience the other CC's have in these events .

      If experience was not part of the criteria to play in this advanced format . 

      If they do not have any experience . Is someone explaining the protocols and processes involved and required to play these events successfully ? To each participant in each CC that has entered ?

      We are not born with this knowledge .

      Once a player has a good idea of what is involved . Playing in an event with 1 or 2 rounds of 1 format vs the same opponent   . Is what a CC vs CC event usually entails .

      Doing that is sometimes even too hard for some . And could take several of that type of event . With breaks in between events . For a whole team to get it right .

      I personally love the concept of this event . And would so hope it works well and runs smoothly . It is beginning  to look like it may be tough going .