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Consecutive day bonus points

Fri, Jul 9 2021 11:21 AM (17 replies)
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  • ernestious
    300 Posts
    Fri, Jun 25 2021 7:43 PM

    Just had my 2000 cdp you are spot on.

  • GBP1705
    2,607 Posts
    Sat, Jun 26 2021 3:57 AM
    Tomorrow will be my 1737 consecutive day and my reward will be 6091 XP points
  • richard03804
    22 Posts
    Fri, Jul 2 2021 6:54 AM

    when is a bonus day?

  • SamSpayed
    4,254 Posts
    Fri, Jul 2 2021 12:51 PM

    when is a bonus day?

    Go back and read Page 1 of this thread.

  • pdb1
    23,503 Posts
    Sat, Jul 3 2021 3:56 PM


    when is a bonus day?

     Not the GR8est 1st post . If you look on page 1 . You will see BONUS DAYS on days 10 , 20 , 50 , 75 , 100 , etc .

      But at least you came here to look and find info .

      Welcome to the Forums .

      I can see you play plenty . So .


  • pdb1
    23,503 Posts
    Sat, Jul 3 2021 4:23 PM

    As for this on the 1st page .


     Is there any formula or table that I might be able to use as a rough guideline to figure how many bonus points I would receive on day 127 for instance?


    Yes there is and members have done all the work to formulate a table. It is posted in the forum. Had you used the search over there ------>>>

    you would have found it.

    nothing like a smartazz answer.  It's not as simple as just looking over there.  If you don't have a constructive answer, you need to keep the trap shut.

       Mr . "LibTuhrdsSuk" . There was nothing smart ass about that answer . He was correct on all points . It is that simple . You might actually have to dig a little . Search a few pages . Bring it here and copy and paste it . Like myself or anyone else  and does the work again for you .

      Not likely one would have that formula or table , right off the top of their head .

    Why resurrect a 3 year old thread basically just to put someone down??

      Because BTB . As Zio points out . The work has been done for us . And it is not considered resurrecting a 3 year old thread . I see nothing condescending in his response .

      To direct someone to the resource and information thread of  of a particular topic .

      Nor would it hurt or do any harm to suggest they use the SEARCH feature . Likely to find more interesting and helpful and valuable info .

      Might even end up resurrecting a 10 year old thread . Originally posted with the intent of providing said info for years and decades to come .

  • pdb1
    23,503 Posts
    Fri, Jul 9 2021 11:21 AM


    Cheers mate!


      CHEERS to you too .

      Even though it took you 7 years to come greet us in the Forums . We're glad you finally made it .

      Welcome to the Forums .

      CONGRATS .


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