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The Family Club.

Tue, Sep 5 2017 9:13 PM (42 replies)
  • bubbsboy
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    Mon, May 8 2017 3:42 PM

    Below is just a part of a post i have just made in announcements section on our proboards website, it shows the roles that members carry out within our club. If you want to join a very active club where all your WGT needs are catered for, then you will be hard pushed to find a better club than Southern England Links. Come join the family, pros and above accepted. 

    Just register with proboards and request to join, or contact me for further info....


    The role here isnt easy, and no way could anyone do this alone. I always had the idea to spread the workload and admin felt the same. So to enable me to do this i would like the below to be the go to people if you need advice on the listed roles.

    Nicozandberg (Director) : The big jobs of our Challonge cups and Rankings. Inter cc assistance , Captain of World Cup team, awards ceremony and helps me discussing non actives in club. 

    Ranger (Director) : Inter CC (temp), in control of the way we mentor new recruits, monthly pairs , constant sponsorship, and like Nico he helps me with advice

    PTrenter (Director) : The large jobs of League and Double Eliminator.

    Pipala (Director) : Inter CC. Large role this as we are a top Inter CC club, he will assist Topper until he can finish his arduous sponsored event.

    Tdotdoba ( Director) : Mag 7 and Endurance tables, Inter cc assistance, Sunday Coffee Cup. Paul i called Ambassador recently, hes gifted clubs/balls and basically, along with a lot of other great members, lifted the forum with his wit and charm and i felt Director Tab was befitting.

    Lutjanid (New Director) : Helping me with recruitment and mentoring plus in charge of our sponsorships and donations.

    Me : Adding weelky club comps, schedule, LMS, Honours Boards, Recruiment, SELEX cup and basic updates for events above. And dealing with a lot of WGT messages ;-)

    Now others whose help we see as invaluable, these may not have "Director Tab", but its because we can only have 6. Apologies for anyone missing, but dont fear i appreciate everything that folk do.

    Geraldroos : CTTH tables and updates and Order of Merit tables and updates..... Large job this, Gerald likes and is very good with the IT needed for these roles and we thank him for it.
    Bluey : Captain of a World Cup team and Premium League
    Phippo : WGT weekly and monthly reports. Andy took role over from Brian and its much much appreciated.
    Danny : Monthly Aces, brackets and RGs report and unlimited lies tournament. Plus Captain of a World Cup team.
    Terry : Clash organiser and Cullompton Cup.
    Graemelee : Matchplay League
    Stobsbee : Pauls Music Thread
    Lutjanid : the "SEL Facebook page", Hes my alt partner and in truth i look back to day he joined club and think......yessssss ive got my forum king ;-)
    Binkybaxter : Binkys Races and keeping us men in check..........great forum contributor.
    Doubleeaglerob : Club course records. Big job 
    Finny : Did his handicap but world cup is a vast comp to run and he needs a lot of time for that.
    Pizzadood (Gene) : Birthday folder
    Dougal7 : Tier up Folder.
    Sponsors : Every single one of you who have appeared on donations sheet, or helped in any other way, list is too numerous to mention.
    Mkrizan : Getting you levelled up as fast as f... ;-)

    I could go on (please dont you say), as all of you reading this are contributing by using the forum. I appreciate every single one of you who post on threads. Some of you contribute a hell of a lot and its great to see. I have had others offer assistance, my memory is good (what did i say) so i appreciate it and there will be roles to help with when your lifestyles allow.

    Top players in this club are always appearing on WGT leaderboards which is fantastic to spread the word of this club, they play all if not most events and they also take time out to help folk with advice. They are also the reliables in our quest to win Finnys World Cup. They create epic battles in club comps and this place would be stale without those great battles. So you top champs.......keep slugging.

  • mkrizan86
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    Tue, May 9 2017 5:37 AM

    I've been in a great club for 3 years, but needed a change to rejuvenate my WGT experience. And SEL was the only club I wanted to check out, ever since we had a match against them. I've been a member for 5 months now and I must say I've been blown away by the level of activity and involvement of the staff and members. And how welcome they made me (and every new member) feel, despite being a larger CC.

    The Proboards CC forum is more vibrant and has more activity than these main WGT forums. I used to post here a lot, but do it very rarely lately, I spent most of my typing on the CC one. The only downside is, that I can't call anyone an idiot on our CC forum. Cause we don't have any :-(  Thank god I still have WGT forums, for when the urge comes ;-)

  • SlicedPepper
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    Tue, May 9 2017 1:16 PM

    Have you found yourself sighing, saying, " Well, I guess I should go ahead and play my CDP round for the day." ? 

    Did the last score you shot really mean something, or were you just killing time?

    That doesn't happen at SEL.

    The only question you'll be asking yourself is, " What have they cooked up now ? "

    The time and effort put in by our owner, directors and some regular members is second to none.

    There are comps for every level of play, but make no mistake, you will be challenged.

    The thought of joining a CC like SEL give you the willies?

    Not to worry. There is a mentoring program for new players to help them wade through the CC site and the tournies. And yes, it is taken seriously. You won't be left to muddle through.

    If not for SEL I would have given up on WGT. So if you're looking to renew your interest in the game, or looking for a challenge, SEL is the place.



  • bubbsboy
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    Thu, May 11 2017 1:56 PM

    Just a few posts from members on our proboards forum, for which i thank them for...


    "Thanks for that info Bubbs. Really puts in perspective how much goes on behind the scenes at SEL to make it the truly great club it is today.
    Massive thanks to all the team for their tireless efforts. Bravo"


    "Thanks so much guys for the awesome job that you all do.
    Your hard work in making this club something special is truly appreciated".


    "So thank you very much to all of you from the start you guys made me feel at home 

    Thank you "


    "Massive thanks to all the admin team for their great efforts.Your work make SEL to one of the greatest CC on WGT.
    I'm proud to be a member of this fantastic CC with great admins and great members.
    cheers Klaus"


    "Just like to add my opinion guys, ive been here 3 years very soon and played quite a few members from other clubs around the world and i can honestly say that when i tell them what our club do for its members, and I mean games, leagues, advice and the fun, without doubt this is the best club on WGT. So thanks to all the great people who put a lot of time and effort into making this club what it is."


    "thanks to all you guys for making this game worth playing, if I was in any other CC I reckon I would have packed up and gone a long time ago but its the SEL and its quality comps and members that keeps me playing."


    "echo andys comments...i reckon if SEL goes under....then a few of us would be lost"


    "I'd agree with the sentiments above. It's only the comps at SEL that keep me on WGT. Fantastically organised club."


    "I like bein a member of SEL very very much..and to all the above names tyvm much for all the time you put in"


    "Thanks guys much appreciated for all the hard work that goes on in this great club."


    "Fantastic all the hard work that is put into running this show. No wonder it is the best show in the game.
    A huge thank you to all you guys mentioned on the list!!"


    "goes to show how much is done by some to keep this great CC ticking over"


    "Your tremendous amount of work to run this club so efficiently is really appreciated.
    Cheers mike"


    "Thanks for posting the list of "go too" members for the various competitions Bubbs, (and for the mention). And thank you to all those members listed for what they do to help run this club."


    "Outstanding you lot are Guys...!
    Just top notch..!!"


    "congrats go out to all who organise stuff throuought CC .its a journey im glad to be involved in."

    Interested in joining the family ?

  • Lutjanid
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    Thu, May 11 2017 7:06 PM

    Quality bunch of human beings. Decent and with wonderfully twisted senses of humor. It's the only place to be if you want to expand your horizons and see just how much this game can give you back.

  • TdotDoba
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    Thu, May 11 2017 9:58 PM

    This club has given me back my love of this game. So when the chance came up to give something back there was no hesitation, I said absolutely.

    It's my honour to serve this club, Top Blokes/Blokettes each and every one of you, it's your character, honesty, humour and tenacity that makes this club great.


  • Indianator
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    Sat, May 13 2017 8:21 AM

    sending friend & request cc join 



    editing, ok ty Bubbs, have little problem signing in  to site for SEL,looked email no link, sent message through both mails


    ok, link take to cc homepage in email, not able to verify human to start thread, or password box prompt. is it me ?


  • bubbsboy
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    Sat, May 13 2017 2:57 PM

    Not sure if this was posted before our conversation mate.

    Just PM me if still stuck.


    Top right and register with WGT username and set your own password.

    If asks verify if human then answer whats asked, unusual for that to be honest.

    Message me if still stuck as website important to see all what goes on.......and to join in ;-)

    EDIT.....That was our shoutbox you were signing up for, which is great as thats normally the thing folk register for later ;-)

  • Jimbog1964
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    Sat, May 13 2017 3:38 PM

    Certainly doing things very right over there and a great bunch, IMO...............Even Bubbs:)

  • bubbsboy
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    Sun, May 14 2017 8:19 AM

    Below is a list of what goes on in our club. We dont use easy tees. Other clubs may have comps like "lower your average"and "Easy tee XP builder" etc etc but we do not. We do not see the point of being able to obtain better equipment to still just play from the "baby tees" on almost every tournament.

    Strokeplay League : 5 divisions with 21 fixtures over 3 week period.

    Order of Merit : 3 month Tours with various events to earn OOM points

    SELEX Cup : Series of 21 events culminating in finals month in December.

    Stroke/CTTH Cups : These double up with our league games, using challonge site.

    CTTH league : Running alongside our 3 month tours.

    Inter CC team : Over 50 members and we have 3 teams in Paulfinns World Cup.

    Double Elimination Matchplay : Head to head knockout cup.

    Matchplay League : 5 divisions, with promotions/relegations.

    Pairs Comp : Strokeplay where partners scores are collated, again league created.

    Last Member Standing : Using WGT weeklies...worst score goes out each week.

    Numerous other comps ran by members.

    The most important thing is having fun, nobody has to play everything, in fact it would be a struggle to do so.

    Our proboards forum is always buzzing. We have sections put aside for shot replays (good or bad), help for new members (tips and guides), sponsorships and donations (hundereds of sleeves have been given away) and basic general discussions.

    If you wish to join then simply apply and i will send you some assistance to get you started.

    Or click our proboards site and register with WGT username and invite will follow


    Proboards forum