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Color Blindness

Mon, Jul 20 2020 12:22 AM (41 replies)
  • weetabix7
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    Sun, May 7 2017 9:06 AM

    my youtube never looked so good :)

  • ScottHope
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    Mon, May 8 2017 1:01 AM

    Cool!  I have a YouTube one installed too. So nice to get rid of that retina searing white for nighttime viewing.

    Be back later with some instructions.....

  • ScottHope
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    Mon, May 8 2017 2:54 AM

    Okay, let's do this...

    1.)  The first thing to do is to go to WGT, which of course you've done because you're reading this, hehe. You can fire up the game client as well if you like.

    2.)  Next, click on your Stylish extension toolbar button and click on the Create New Style button at the bottom of the pop-up window. I have to scroll down a little with my mouse wheel to see the Create New Style button but that's probably because I use a larger than standard font size .

    3.)  In the Add Style pane on the left of the custom style window, enter a name for your new style.

    4.)  Then, in the Code 1 box in the Sections area, type the following...

    #gameclient {
    filter : hue-rotate(200deg);

    5.)  Next, in the Applies to section below the code box, click the drop down arrow in the URL's on the domain box, and select URL's starting with.

    6.)  In the box next to that, which should have in it, Change it to

    7.)  In the left pane, click the Save button.

    8.)  That's it, finished.

    If you now look at the game client, it should be a funny colour. I don't know what colour setting will suit you Shaun, but what you will need to do is to change the hue-rotate degree value to find what works best for you. As this is effectively a colour wheel, the value can be anything from 0-360deg. You can go over 360deg, but as there are 360 degrees in a circle you'll just be going back to the start again. Don't forget to click the save button in the left pane after each change to apply that change.

    The only downside is that you'll have to have a WGT webpage open as well as the game client when playing. This will give you access to the Stylish button on the browser toolbar to be able to switch the effect on and off with the Activate/Deactivate button.

    Hope that works for you Shaun and good luck, and if you've got any questions, you know where to find me.  ; )


  • weetabix7
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    Mon, May 8 2017 4:55 AM

    Thank you for the very clear instruction Scott and for all your time and hard work.It works like a dream. Just playing around with it now just to find the best setting for me.


  • ScottHope
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    Mon, May 8 2017 9:33 AM

    That's great to hear, thank you Shaun. I'm working on trying to get a button up on the game client so you can switch it on and off with that, then you won't need to have any other windows open. I'll let you know how that goes.  : )

    Thanks again.

  • ScottHope
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    Tue, May 9 2017 1:59 PM

    I've got a button on the game client now Shaun (bottom right) to switch the colour filter on and off. It means installing another extension, but it allows you to close all other browser windows.

    Let me know if you're interested.


  • weetabix7
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    Tue, May 9 2017 2:23 PM

    I would love to give it ago Scott

  • ScottHope
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    Wed, May 10 2017 2:28 AM

    Okay, cool. Just a heads up before we start. My PC made a strange noise last night, so I turned it off and left it 'til this morning. It seems to be okay at the moment, but if I suddenly stop responding, you'll know why. : (

    Right, first off, the extension. This time it's Tampermonkey. Look for the Chrome install on their homepage and click on that. It's been a while since I installed it but I think it'll take you to the Chrome web store for the install.

    Once installed, click the Tampermonkey toolbar icon on your browser then click the Dashboard button... the Dashboard, click the create New userscript button... the New userscript code window, select all the pre-installed code, and delete it...

    Copy the script below, and paste it into the (now empty) New userscript code window...

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Filter
    // @namespace
    // @version 0.1
    // @description try to take over the world!
    // @author You
    // @match*
    // @grant none
    // ==/UserScript==

    (function() {
    'use strict';

    var game1 = document.getElementById("game");
    var game2 = document.getElementById("gameclient");
    var newbtn = document.createElement("button");
    newbtn.innerHTML = "Filter";
    function change(){game2.classList.toggle("colOn");newbtn.classList.toggle("colOn");}

    ...then click the Save button... you can close the Tampermonkey browser tab.

    Next, you'll need to add a bit more CSS to the Stylish browser extension.

    Click on the Stylish toolbar icon on your browser and click the edit button...

    I'm sure you've got a value sorted now for the hue-rotate filter, so make a mental note of it because you'll be replacing all the code in that window.

    Replace the code with this...

    #gameclient.colOn {

    #colbtn {
    font-family:square721 bt, tahoma, arial;

    #colbtn.colOn {
    box-shadow:0 0 1px 2px cyan;
    } can replace the 200 value in the hue-rotate filter for what you had previously, then click Save in the left hand pane.

    If you now fire up the game client, hopefully the button will be there, but it may not be in an ideal position for your set-up Shaun, so if you have a look at the CSS code you just pasted in, under the #colbtn text, you will see a bottom and a right property. These can be changed to top and left depending on where you want the button positioned within the game client window. The pixel values for these properties can also be changed depending on how far you want the button from the edge of the window. Don't forget to click Save to apply any changes.

    My only concern with this is whether or not it will have any effect on the meter. If it does then you will want to remove it. Clicking the Tampermonkey icon on your browser toolbar and then clicking on the Filter button on the dropdown menu will turn it off.

    Phew! That was a long post, hope it works after all that! Good luck.


  • phred952
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    Wed, May 10 2017 6:41 AM

    Awesome bit of work Scott., way beyond what anyone could expect.  A big tip of the cap to you for doing this.  Hopefully the noise was just your computer digitally clearing its throat.


  • ScottHope
    7,596 Posts
    Wed, May 10 2017 8:44 AM

    Thank you Jeff. It's nice if my learning can help someone out.

    My PC seems to be behaving itself at the moment. It probably was overdue for a throat clear as it had its 11th birthday recently. Or maybe it was a bug riding around on the fan for a bit of excitement, lol.  : )