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Putting, its killing me (slowly)

Tue, Dec 4 2018 2:12 PM (44 replies)
  • kavvz
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 9:48 AM

    I give.

    I can't figure out putting in this game.  I've watched all available videos and methods -- even Young's aiming points method.  

    Week 11 18 hole single.. shoot 66 should have been 60 b/c of the screwy putting.  I know others don't have a problem but I do, so pls save the 'its you routine' .  I know its me.

    5 footer with a little break L to R.  I play off the cup to the left a bit, the thing goes dead straight.

    Next time, same putt I give less break, I miss below the hole.  

    Literally, it seems like I'm giving up 4/5 strokes per round  just missing seemiingly easy putts. I'm going bonkers. 

    I think I've learned since starting to play to generally give less break than I see with my eyes, but today was ridiculous.  Just missed everything.  

    Does this afflict others, and if so what do you do about it?  Is it as simple as knowing the spots that break and those that don't -- even though the dots tell you otherwise.

    Any tips / tricks anyone would care to share would be great.  


  • kavvz
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 11:54 AM

    Interestingly enough, right after writing original post, I played a CC tourney at Beth B9 and carded a 26 albeit not from the back tees, but still had to make them.  So, went from missing everything to making everything.

    Colour me confused.   I didn't do anything different routine wise from round to round.

    The only thing I did do before playing again is clear all browser and flash cache.

    Could clearing things have had that effect on putting?  I've read before to clear cache before trying new clubs/balls, but on the greens too... ?




  • LuckySkreet
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 12:12 PM

    Don't give up on it.    Many people focus on the putting line, others focus on putting speed. It takes time to really get the "feel" between both.   Keep practicing and playing, it's always a work in progress.....              

  • lonniescott711
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 12:48 PM

    Hey Kavvz the secret to putting is there is no secret . Now I`m a miss ding putter for the most part but one of the things that I have learned by putting this way is to always check my line . The default line of my putt is never straight at the center of the cup . For breaks I move my line in the direction of the break . Then I putt missing the ding either early for (L-R) or late for (R-L) . Also even though I use the putter pal I also use avatar movements to help me putt .

    If you watch your avatar it will move as you add power to your putter when putting . You can use this method to better gauge your power when putting . Play stroke play practice rounds use the rock and go play on Bethpage use hole #2 and practice using the avatar to help you adjust how hard to hit your putts .

    Use the mulligan and putt using your green speed . With your putter your avatar movement should be one movent should equal around 7ft. and thats with the 15ft. increment . Start from there and then increase the putters increments . Once you learn to adjust to this method of putting your putts will become more consistant .

    Its going to take practicing and a little time but its well worth the effort . Missing putts is part of the game . You get false reads when putting just like on the real course so all reads arent true . Trial and error this is why learning ball placement is a must . Once you learn how and where to attack the green then you will know where to put the ball for easier putts .

    So practice learning how to use your avatar movements for putting and  ball placement as well . You get those down and the game will play easier for you . Good luck and hope this helps you aswell . 

  • alanti
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 12:57 PM

    Good advice from Lucky and Lonnie.

    I have found I have stretches where my putting is great, to where I could not hit an elephant from 10 feet.......recently it has been the latter.

    Like real golf, I think confidence has a lot to do with it, having the conviction to drill in that down hill putt rather than tapping it and picking the exact line..

    For some reason it comes or goes, just like real golf....just enjoy it and learn from it. Thus taking notes can help......personally I am too lazy and rely on the unreliable grey matter......

  • CEverett12
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 3:22 PM

    Distance is math , Aiming is feel .. 

  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 3:59 PM


    Distance is math , Aiming is feel .. 

    1000% agree. Get the speed right and you dramatically get away with less than perfect aim. Know what speed you're going to hit, visualize the putt arc and execute. :-)


    p.s., Something I've been observing for quite a while that seems to have some consistency. My thought is-on long winding putts-the default aim is the line, the challenge is to get the speed right. Without touching the default aim, ding the correct speed and there's a remarkably high degree of success. A 2 putt is a gimme, even with a ding miss, just get the speed right. This primarily works with lines that have multiple breaks or conflicting front to rear views.  

  • garypinhunter
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 4:37 PM

    Not sure, but this LINK my or may not help you.    Gary

  • Robert1893
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    Tue, Mar 14 2017 7:20 PM

    Distance is math , Aiming is feel .. 


    And I constantly have to remind myself of this. I usually do some of my best putting when I first calculate the distance and commit to the appropriate speed to hit it. Once I do that, then I pick the line and tell myself "stick with the distance you calculated."

  • Titulescu
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    Wed, Mar 15 2017 1:28 AM

    A lot of new players don't differentiate between uphill and downhill putts, and think they will break the same," they don't" uphill putts break pretty much as you see it, where as downhill putts require a wider arc depending on the green speed.

    discovering that helped me a lot.