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Tue, Mar 23 2021 5:31 AM (13 replies)
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  • YankeeJim
    25,827 Posts
    Wed, Jul 8 2020 11:41 AM


    I think it would be a good idea if players could bet against each other. All players agree to a set amount of credits at the beginning of the game. Winner takes all.

    Nobody mentioned Skins or MPC! MPC (Match Play Challenge) is one on one for an agreed upon amount. Skins is 2, 3 or 4 players in a stroke game where each hole has an agreed upon credit value. Skins not won are split evenly to the group.

    Both formats are in the Game Client and of course, WGT gets a 10% vig.  ;-)

  • SimonKelly92
    9 Posts
    Fri, Jul 31 2020 10:25 AM

    Actually it would be a very nice concept for our game, so i would actually agreet o admit it. Regarding skins i don't know, if we would include skins into this game i gues it will turn into some kind of a game with different kind of lootboxes and all that kind of things, just like in cs:go per example. While the bets are an actually great idea from my point of view, i know that someone can consider it gambling, yet it s not really like that, it is pretty similar to poker, but here the money are not the purpose but the reward. In case the developers would like to do it, than they can look at or many other gambling sites, in order to understand how does it work the script for placing bets.

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