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A simple guide how to be good at putting

Sat, Nov 7 2020 8:53 AM (49 replies)
  • fatdan
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    Wed, Mar 1 2017 10:05 AM

    Tried it albeit briefly, but more than 1 hole MM LOL

    I intentionally used it on putts with BIG breaks mainly...

    It works to a point, as do several other methods, but like "all" the others it requires you to make adjustments according to the situation you have ...

    Like the others it is a guideline, a starting point, not an exact science...if you can't putt well you will see a vast improvement because most putts on WGT are within the parameters of this method...if your already a good putter you won't.

    I was looking for something that would be more exact on long or shortish putts with breaks bigger than a full grid box...of course the best solution is hit the approach shot stiff and on the correct side of the pin LOL

    What I found was on most putts the aiming point is almost identical on all 3 methods I tried for comparison on almost all of the of those happens to be 10 times faster than this one.....

    Also it seems to work better on faster greens, not so much on slower greens which would be expected, I only tried it twice on fast greens and that of course would be one of the adjustments I mentioned...

    Like josh said, when you get used to it it doesn't take as long, much like g0lds method which is similar, but still a lot of all the others, on it's own, it will make you a good putter, but not a great one.

  • Joshnosh
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    Wed, Mar 1 2017 10:43 AM

    i think young is the best putter ive ever seen, the big differnce between the best of the best and the above average is nearly all there puts are within 10 feet, sadley mine are not i hit allot of shots close but then have a few 20 footers.

    if this post helps one person then good. i was inspired by walk of lifes punch chart which is amazing

  • alanti
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    Wed, Mar 1 2017 6:25 PM

    Whilst Josh and I have had some disagreements over the years, kudos for posting this.

    I took interest in Gold's method of putting and this is one of those variations to the theme,

    They do work to a degree and like all WGT play, is work in progress and you learn to adapt for those real breakers.

    Personally I play for fun, so it is by feel like real golf......

    I am sure if I adopted using something like this, I would score better, but at the cost of not enjoying the game as much. I do not use a calculator playing real I am sure as hell not going to playing WGT,

    Good work Josh though and I am sure this will help quite a few.

  • PhilEStein
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    Thu, Mar 2 2017 12:52 AM

    Someone should come up with a Simple Guide to Putting for Thickos starting at the bar.

  • Tigerpaw509
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    Sat, Mar 4 2017 6:25 AM

    Then there are those that can take 2 seconds and anywhere on the green the putt gets sucked into the cup like a black hole.My putts on the other hand are pushed away from the cup sorrta like the +/- on a magnet


  • Bluesteelie
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    Sun, Mar 5 2017 3:40 AM

    A simple guide how to be good at putting



  • kavvz
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    Sun, Mar 5 2017 11:33 AM

    i put 7 in my calculator, then i look at one of the faster dots and i count how o long it takes to move across 1 grid.  6 seconds = 1 , 9 seconds = 0.75, 12 seconds 0.5 , 18 seconds 0.33.

    What is the factor for 7, 8, 10, 11, 13-17, 18+ seconds?

    Either I'm doing something wrong, or this doesn't work and/or is suseptible to other things.

    Perhaps the ruler I found isn't quite right?  How do you know what 1mm is in relation to your screen resolution and/or whether you play the game just maximsed in the brower or you actually hit the full screen button in game.

    There were quite a few times where I lined up my putt without doing this math & remembered that aim point.  I ignored that and opted for the math, but as it turned out the original line would have been much closer or even in.

    The arbitrary if its < -4 to double the final result seems iffy.  I had one that was a -6,and the length it told me to aim was longer than the ruler...

    However, there have also been putts where the math worked out and the putt went in the centre of the cup.

    So...I dunno.  



  • Joshnosh
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    Mon, Mar 6 2017 2:09 AM

    with the regards to the ruler i got an acrtual real ruler and put it on the screen againt the computer ruler to see :) 

    the other factors its pretty much changes by 0.8 per second


    with the under 4 double it, if its a super slow putt you dont have to but if its a longish putt with allot of break double it. just go test it out on the putting greens to you get a feel for it

  • mnshiner
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    Mon, Mar 6 2017 10:42 AM

    If you watch this video and listen to what Young46 has to say then you will see why some of your putts will sink and others will not.

    JC Putting Method Explained

  • bg444out
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    Mon, Mar 6 2017 11:37 AM

    Hey Joshnosh, ever take out your calculator in a real game and let your buddys stand around, while you figure out your putt? Same with WGT i would think? Try a few putts by feel and enjoy the results. bg444out (Bill)