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Fri, Sep 4 2009 3:35 PM (43 replies)
  • marioh
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 8:52 AM


    why. ever heard of tiger woods pga golf.  just like this. and i played with her  she is an amazing putter. there have been people with better rounds in there first games.


    Listen, I'm not saying the person is not a good player.

    I'm saying that with those initial scores, the person has played this game before, and certainly more than 5 rounds at that.

    I welcome you to ask any veteran of this game if someone can join up and start shooting under par at BPB with the default clubs.    Most, if not all of them, will say the same basic thing I've been saying.   And that is the person has played this game much more than the posted scores indicate (or is using a cheating tool).



  • seanna
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 9:25 AM


  • marioh
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 10:02 AM

    And there we have it, number 2 and 4 on my list.

    I think if your BF had just stated that in the first place, quite a bit of the BS could've been avoided.   :)


    Cheers and enjoy the game.

  • cobra4
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 10:02 AM

  • Snaike
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:31 AM

    Congratulations logicus, you have gotten over on WGT, I am saddened to say.

    It is completely obvious to anyone with even the slightest skill at deductive reasoning that you have multiple accounts.  I am assuming you found some poor individual to allow you to use her identification to foward to WGT.  The lengths one will go to, after being caught, are sometimes incredible.

    logicus and Seanna write in exactly the same style (I have emails to prove it)

    Iogicus and Seanna are not (as of this writing) on the other's friends list

    logicus says Seanna plays on his computer, 'she' says she plays at work.

    Seanna has never 3-putted.. not once.

    Seanna's stats are, as they say, too good to be true.

    etc etc etc etc...  I'm not buying it, even though apparently WGT is.


    Whatever...  I am a bit irritated, but I'll get over it.  I just hope for your sake that if "Seanna" wins any tournaments and WGT finds out you've not been completely honest (allegedly), that WGT doesn't bring their laywer staff down on you.

    Have a nice life.

  • cobra4
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:36 AM

    So to sum this up is Logicus the same person as Seanna ?

  • EllisSpice
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:47 AM

    I think that RAE89 may also be Logicus. After a bit of research into the matter (and a hell of a lot of pictures of big boobs), I found that Rae89's status says, and I quote, 'cleaning logicus's balls.' Wow, to have Seanna saying that 'she' is his girlfriend and yet there is someone else with a status like that...

    Of course, if we take it that EVERY player on WGT that has a profile picture with big breasts is Logicus (most likely isn't, but what the hell), then we can add (at least) RealTease and TTyler1 to the list. 

    It's amazing what you can find out after 30 minutes of private eye work on this website!

  • SweetiePie
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:48 AM

    Logicus, Sir: The honor of being the hero of a public panegyric is  what you could hardly have aspired to, either from your talents or from your good qualities. The partiality of your friends has never given you credit for more than mediocrity in the former, and experience has proved that you are indebted for all your consequence to the reverse of the latter.

  • EllisSpice
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:52 AM

    Sorry, could you repeat that again, but this time for idiots like me to understand?

  • Snaike
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    Wed, Sep 2 2009 11:56 AM

    SweetiePie... I love you.  Will you marry me??  I'm sure my wife will understand..

    /infatuated!     Winking Emoticon