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Friend list messed up....can't send message

Sun, Feb 12 2017 11:20 PM (13 replies)
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  • Romax
    1,876 Posts
    Wed, Jan 18 2017 11:23 AM

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but the last week or so if I click on a friends page to try and send a message, there was no box to click to do so. The only box shown was " add friend", which isn't what I was wanting to do, since they were already friends.

    I had exactly 250 "friends" and I was trying to dump some that never play or have been gone for along time.There was no option to do it.....just "add friend " was all and they were already on my friend list.  Weird..???

    Anyway...I picked one friend who was long gone and blocked them They were removed and everything is back to normal now



  • alosso
    19,865 Posts
    Wed, Jan 18 2017 10:37 PM

    Quite a few flaws have been reported in this field, including invisible friends and someone being on his own friends list.

    A systematic error and communication breakdown appears with 255+ friends - I'm guessing that there's a "2 to the 8" index limit involved.

    Whatever happened to you, you obviously fixed it with one of the "life-saving" user's workarounds:

    I picked one friend who was long gone and blocked them They were removed and everything is back to normal now

  • Romax
    1,876 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2017 8:19 PM

    Well...I thought I had a workaround aced...but it's back to the same. I click on a friends profile to send a message and the only boxes are "invite to play" ( if they are green) or "add friend."  I tried to delete some again...but it's the same scenario....add friend is the only box.

    Then I tried blocking some to see how that went and reduced friends list by about 20...(which I never would have done if not for this glitch). I have deleted people that have been friends for years by blocking them and it's still the same fkd up mess as it was.!

    And.....This is weird. 2 friends that I tried to block during this misadventure ..WGT cannot locate..wtff?.says check spelling. Sigh.I dunno what else to do, but its frustrating to not be able to send messages. I never contacted WeGotTrouble to get the normal lame reply, since I already tried another browser..cleared cache.. ate cookies..and had a beer. Anyone know a fix for this fkd up BS ?    Thx.

  • alosso
    19,865 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2017 8:55 PM


    Do you release those players from your "Blocked" list after de-friending them?
    As a wild guess, there might be a number limit, too...(?)

  • Romax
    1,876 Posts
    Tue, Feb 7 2017 9:35 PM

    I didn't release them or any others.....but I am going to release every blocked player and see what happens, Worst case scenario is running into one of them and have to block them again.No big deal Thx for the suggestion.    R

  • JimbeauC
    5,790 Posts
    Sat, Feb 11 2017 9:01 AM

    just "add friend " was all and they were already on my friend list.

    I have this also. It seems that for the friend to be completely gone, they need to log in to WGT as some sort of confirmation. Friends I've dropped who have left WGT altogether remain on my list regardless. 

  • ScottHope
    6,808 Posts
    Sat, Feb 11 2017 10:34 AM

    I have an idea that I would like to try out for this 'Friend but no Send Message button' issue. If you have this problem and wouldn't mind helping me out then that would be great.  : )

  • gonfission
    1,574 Posts
    Sat, Feb 11 2017 11:14 AM


    Have you any fixes for a person in your friends "picture " list, however he does not show on the "player" list.

    The owner of my CC has this situation. I booted him 3 times over the last year, to try to fix it., to no avail.

    Now he has a complex. He has been deleting old non existent friends, as well. He complains that it can only be done, 1 at a time.

    So that's a two-fer, if interested.

    He would work with you, if you need him.


    Creeping Leaves

  • ScottHope
    6,808 Posts
    Sat, Feb 11 2017 12:12 PM

    If I understand you correctly gf, the generally accepted workaround for a stuck 'friend' is to block them.

    If your CC owner would like to attend here then I will gladly accept him as my guinea pig.  : )

    EDIT : Decided to make a video instead, thought that might be easier to follow. Not saying this idea will work, but it's something to try. If it does work I might put together some Javascript which would probably be quicker to use.  : )

    To achieve the same thing with a little Javascript, copy the code in blue below, open the developer tools while on your friends profile page, and paste it into the Console at the prompt, then hit enter and the Send Message button should appear. I don't know if the button will work when you click on it, but it would be nice if someone could try this and report back, thanks.



  • gonfission
    1,574 Posts
    Sat, Feb 11 2017 6:23 PM

    That's very good Scott. I think that should help Romax, up top. He was missing the friends button.

    Desotojo, my CC owner is still rubbing sticks together to start a fire, soooo, we may be a little out of his league here.

    I will try again with Desotojo's problem.

    On the left of everyone's page EXCEPT yours, LOL, your friends that are playing or busy are highlighted if they're on the game. Most of the time.

    He has my picture of the clown mushroom cloud, in the friends picture thing, on the profile page, however, on the left side, of any page most are on, is that list of people that are, red, green, or blue. Stating their status for game play.

    That is the list he does not show my name on. He has spoken to WGT about it, to no avail apparently. He is convinced that WGT is keeping us apart. He cracks me up.

    This is different than the fix you so eloquently put together for Romax.

    No biggie Scott. If you think you know of something, let me know.

    Thank you


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