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Equipment changes 2017

Fri, Jan 20 2017 8:00 PM (49 replies)
  • DrussTheLegend
    1,043 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 5:09 PM

    if he wants to suggest going to work at WGT for answers.....I wouldn't say that chit to anybody for's just stupid.

    Oh my.......

    (Gently removes tinfoil from quoted posters head, makes sure all straps and buckles are still secure on his S-jacket)

    Just please, please - quote us the bit where Alosso suggests that anybody should go and work at WGT ?


    Perhaps you may want to type the word "apply definition" ever so carefully into your Google search box before answering this......

  • mkg335
    5,485 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 6:24 PM



    There's only one duck I'd like to delete. Maybe 789 of them to be precise.

    Good luck with that, you hateful forum troll.

    Ducky, you take "hateful forum troll" to a whole 'nother level.  Now bugger off, there's a good lad.

  • phred952
    2,708 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 9:59 PM




    Bullshite.....he's posted so much, he doesn't even know what he's saying don't tell somebody to go apply for a job at WGT if they want to know more about any topic....that's truth and their isn't any excuse for it.


    None so blind dumb as those who will not see get off of their high horse which they are fully prepared to ride until it dies under them.......

    yep and 16,000 is a high horse that won't die soon enough if he wants to suggest going to work at WGT for answers.....I wouldn't say that chit to anybody for's just stupid.

    To MTBR:

    Dude, you are the most humorless person on the planet.  The bit about going to WGT's offices was a joke.  alosso already explained that, but you are apparently too dense to understand.   It wasn't aimed at you, and the OP hasn't complained about it, so let it go already.  

    Now go crawl back under your bridge and wait for a billy goat.

  • dedBuNNy
    1,725 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 11:15 PM


  • skccvb
    778 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 5:14 PM


    you need to consider retiring from the forum after 16,000 posts...seriously. It is you that have become the troll in this forum. That's what trolls do, they troll the forum going back and forth, back and forth've become the WGT forum troll with 16,000 posts.

    Not until he overtakes YankeeJim   :)

  • ct690911
    6,274 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 7:36 PM



    16,000 posts.....not only do you know the address but you don't even work for them and still pretend to be a forum expert...The OP just stated his opinion and  people like you have to chime in and tell them to apply for a job if they want to know more....I say just ask the expert Alotta losses O...


    If you want to know about their advertising contracts, apply in person at 160 Pine Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94111.

    The OP did not offer his opinion. Firstly he made a statement followed by a question. You are wrong.

    WGT's address is common knowledge and needing to work for a company in order to know it's address is an infantile statement to make but I suspect that might be your forté.

    Alosso gave the address so that the OP might find more information. Nothing was mentioned about a job. That is you, expanding the truth to suit your childish mind.

    The OP's question was answered in great detail and then a funny was thrown in as a kind of extra. Obviously your personality bypass and low mentality meant it was way over your head or else your skewed mind went to work again.

    Why be a complete arschloch and launch an unwarranted personal attack on someone who, as far as I am aware, has not wronged you in any way?

    Considering the thousands that have benefitted from alosso's freely given time and advice I would suggest 'forum expert' is an apt description even if it is not sought by alosso himself. I might ask which one or two people have benefitted from the forum advice you may have given, considering your mighty 2 posts a month? Do I detect the green-eyed monster surfacing? Are you, for some strange reason, jealous of alosso's post count?

    How close is MTBR to mean My Tongue's Bitter Rhetoric? Just a thought.

    The facts will eventually surface, no matter how opaque the antagonist tries to make them. Usually, all it takes is a closer read of the original Phil has demonstrated ^^.


  • ct690911
    6,274 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 7:49 PM

    Public Service Announcement (PSA)

    Be careful; this is exactly what got me moderated. I was supposed to ignore the barbs, but after continual unproven accusations and creative license with the facts, I had to defend myself...and voila. Here I sit.

    The mods have PM'd me about this. One message was repeated a few times. They don't care who started it. Retaliating is equally frowned upon, if not more so.


    To wit: As alosso so eloquently states it...please dont feed the trolls.

  • drmoose
    3,449 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 8:09 PM

     Concerning  MTBR

    Ah, once again we have "Forum Gold " ! Witless posters who try to to defy logic with unsubstanciated BS.. Perfect, Dude, you might wanna check your shoes, Ya just done stepped in the deep stuff. The people you are attackting are the "good guys". Anyone can ask them for help, and they are there. Ya post BS an' you will be discredited'.Your choice, don't say ya weren't warned

    Doc :(

  • pdb1
    20,681 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 8:48 PM

    It doesn't matter which logo is presented on our screen pixels - equipment and balls are all from the same software, albeit with different software parameters to define their characteristics.

    with different software parameters to define their characteristics

      Hence . The reason why it matters what logo is presented .

      We see more Nike pixels . We buy more Nikes . WGT makes more Nike profit . 

    Name brand will have no effect on the clubs

      The bigger the contract . The more the name brand has an effect on the clubs . 

      I used to think all the 287 yd. drivers were cut from the same mold . ( same software parameters )  Now I'm not so sure . 

      Even with a .5 difference on paper . There seems to be more difference than that . 

      What is agreed to in the board room and in the fine print . Is probably very different than the statistics ( for the equipment ) we see on paper . 

      It's all about results . With good results . Comes good profits . 

      Personal favorites aside . The more expensive driver with the better stats will probably perform the best . Probably because it is in the contract . 

  • alosso
    19,879 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 10:29 PM

    Not until he overtakes YankeeJim   :)
    Nobody intends to overtake YJ!