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Club V Club Wins/Loses

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Sat, Mar 25 2017 2:02 PM (5 replies)
  • brianpil
    273 Posts
    Thu, Dec 29 2016 12:02 PM

    Can someone enlighten me as to this problem....

    My club is at level 5 we scored 1235 points

    Opponents club level 14 scored 1147 points

    My maths is fairly good and I think we won this match by 87 points so why did our opponents get the win and the 600 point bonus? Am I missing something?

    It also happened to us in the previous club v club a few weeks ago against a much higher level club, Your help would be much appreciated because at the moment I think we where robbed blind.

  • AussieMick11
    1,174 Posts
    Thu, Dec 29 2016 12:34 PM

    No robbery, although it is common.

    100 points is awarded to the club with the highest scoring player of the particular clash, and this amount is added on to the total before the clash scores are compared. Your opponents club must've had the highest scoring player, they got 100 extra points, bringing their total to 1247 which trumps your 1235, so they get the 500 point win bonus.

  • brianpil
    273 Posts
    Thu, Dec 29 2016 12:49 PM

    Thanks very much for the answer AussieMick11, very helpful and has helped me blow off my head of steam.

    Many Thanks

  • brianpil
    273 Posts
    Thu, Dec 29 2016 2:05 PM

    Thanks very much for the answer, if they are the rules we are a bit wiser for next time.

    Thanks for taking the time to inform us.

  • AussieMick11
    1,174 Posts
    Fri, Dec 30 2016 5:16 AM

    No worries mate, have fun.

  • PastorJon
    252 Posts
    Sat, Mar 25 2017 2:02 PM

    Had that happen with my being the beneficiary, and that's how it works.

    I had the high score of 229 and was the only player from my CC.  The other club had a score of 327 with 5 people playing, but their high scorer was only in the 170's.

    We got the 100 points for having the high scorer and ended up winning the match 329 to 327, and then got the extra 500 points for winning the match.

    I hadn't know the process either until this last clash, as prior ones were usually never close.