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Thu, Aug 27 2009 9:58 AM (11 replies)
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  • gaoerfuqiu1
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    Wed, Aug 26 2009 2:35 AM

    Welcome to the first Community Calendar presented by gaoerfuqiu1. I created this because it is obvious that there are too many tournaments in the Community-Organized Tournaments forum to keep track of. This is meant to be used for you the WGT player to find tournaments that they’d like to sign up for. I have lots of great ideas for this, as well as for tournaments of my own, and I put a lot of time and effort into this, so please enjoy and use accordingly!

    ---*** The below tournaments have no affiliation with World Golf Tour or its trademarks.***---


    2009 WGA Tour:


    Ø  a 19-week series of 27-hole tournaments ending with the WGA Cup for players ranked 10-50 and the WGA Grand Slam for players ranked 1-10, finally culminating with a head-to-head match between the WGA Cup champion and the WGA Grand Slam champion

    Ø  currently playing The Wyndham Championship (August 20-23, played on Kiawah Island Front 9 and Back 9)

    Ø  one tournament has been completed, The PGA Championship (August 13-16) – JALAII (-8), champion, CoolSwing (-7), runner-up, PigKiller (-5), third place

    current status: sign-ups are closed for the 2009 WGA Tour season, The Wyndham Championship in progress (current leader: no one)

    organizer: RyanSelwyn

    link: 2009 WGA Tour



    Single Elimination Bracket:


    Ø  a single-elimination draw of 24 people, pros and masters alike, playing in match-play format over 18-hole rounds on Bethpage Black

    current status: sign-ups have closed, the draw has not yet been created

    organizer: EllisSpice, formerly ARod007

    link: Single Elimination Bracket



    2009 New York Invitational:


    Ø  a single-elimination draw of 6 pros and 6 masters playing in separate draws, with a Pro Tier winner and a Master Tier winner, playing 18-hole rounds on Bethpage Black

    current status: the tournament has been officially completed, congratulations to TW1432, Pro Tier winner, and ChrisCrosby, Master Tier winner, as well as nh1977, Pro Tier runner-up, and lvetri, Master Tier runner-up

    organizer: TW1432

    link: 2009 New York Invitational



    The People’s Open


    Ø  a stroke play tournament consisting of three 9-hole rounds and then one 18-hole round on Bethpage Black with a cut after two rounds for those not within ten strokes of the leader

    Ø  current leaderboard in the middle of the fourth round: 1. jakestanfill7 (-6), 2. ChrisCrosby (-5), 3. cobra4 (+1) 3. JtXpress (+1), 5. PigKiller (+2), 6.nh1977 (+4), 6. lvetri (+4), 8. Jiggs445 (+5), 9. jasondement (+6), 10.MyNadsItch (+8)

    current status: the fourth round is currently being played, withjakestanfill7 looking to hold off ChrisCrosby for The People’s Open title

    organizer: scummings

    link: The People’s Open



    The 2009 Moosehead Beer Team Challenge


    Ø  a team challenge in which two players are randomly paired as a team to play other teams in a single-elimination draw of 32 teams (16 for Master Tier and 16 separate ones for Pro Tier); the combined scores of one team on 18 holes of Kiawah Island are compared to the combined scores of another team to decide the winner

    current status: sign-ups are still open, with six Master Tier spots and nine Pro Tier spots still available

    organizer: mfandrews

    link: The 2009 Moosehead Beer Team Challenge



    Slor Mini-Tour Tournament No. 4: Kiawah Island 54-Hole Strokeplay


    Ø  the Slor Mini-Tour is a series of tournaments that runs throughout the whole summer

    Ø  Tournament No. 4 is a 54-hole tournament that takes place over three rounds at Kiawah Island in multiplayer mode, with threesomes playing for the first two rounds and twosomes for the final round (no cut line)

    current status: sign-ups have closed, pairings have been made for the first two rounds, the first two rounds must be completed by Aug. 31

    organizer: slor

    link: slor minitour tournament no 4: Kiawah Island, 54 hole strokeplay



    2009 TaylorMade Open


    Ø  a stroke-play tournament consisting of four 9-hole rounds on the Back 9 of Kiawah Island, with eight masters and eight pros competing in separate sections, with twosomes being paired by the applicants themselves, and a cut taking place after two rounds

    current status: sign-ups have closed, first two rounds being played

    organizer: kyan

    link: 2009 taylormade open



    The 2009 Nike Player’s Championship


    Ø  a head-to-head tournament with two sections, a 16-player Master Tier and a 16-player Pro Tier, playing 18 holes on Kiawah Island; the draw is made by having players starting with high letters (A, B, C, etc.) playing those with low letters (Z, Y, X, etc.)

    current status: sign-ups have closed, have completed 2 ½ rounds in the Master Tier section and 1 ¾ rounds in the Pro Tier section

    organizer: mfandrews

    link: The 2009 Nike Player’s Championship



    2009 Jose Cuervo Open


    Ø  a 32-player head-to-head tournament, with 16 pros and 16 masters in separate tournaments (culminating in a championship between the two sections’ winners and a third-place game between the sections’ runners-up) playing two 9-hole rounds on Bethpage Black Front 9

    current status: the tournament has been nearly completed, congratulations to (8) southsideduc, overall and Pro Tier champion, and(13) lvetri, Master Tier champion; the third-place match has yet to be completed


    link: 2009 Jose Cuervo Open at Bethpage (bracket style tourney)



    Titleist ProV1 Players Championship


    Ø  a 16-player match play tournament randomly mixing in pros and masters, in which players play each other on the front 9 of Kiawah Island

    current status: sign-ups have closed, the first round has yet to be completed with three matches still pending

    organizer: WhiteTee

    link: Titleist ProV1 Players Championship



    2009 World Golf Team Best Ball Championship


    Ø  a head-to-head tournament between 32 teams of two players in which both players post a score but the team uses only the lowest score and compares that against the other team

    current status: sign-ups have closed, the draw has been made, nobody has begun their first round matches

    organizer: ARod007

    link: 2009 World Golf Team Best Ball Championship



    The Starters Invitational Tournament


    Ø  similar to soccer, players are split into eight groups of four and play a round-robin format, one round on Bethpage Black Front 9 and one round on Kiawah Island Back 9 (under specific conditions), against every other player – winning a match earns 3 points, tieing earns 1 point, and a loss earn nothing - with the top two players in each group advancing to the single-elimination stage, a 16-player tournament played with the same conditions until there is one champion in both the Master Tier section and the Pro Tier section

    Ø  the catch for this tournament is that all players must use starter clubs as well as a standard white ball

    current status: sign-ups have closed, the groups have been made, group matches have begun

    organizer: coolswing




    World Golf League


    Ø  a series of ten full tournaments and ten quick events culminating in a playoff similar to the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup

    Ø  full tournaments will be four rounds of 18 holes with a cut after two rounds for those not within 7 strokes of the leader or 10 strokes for tournaments with more than 40 players

    Ø  quick tournaments will be one 18-hole round with varying conditions

    Ø  the first tournament will be the Slazenger Open, played with the same conditions as a full tournament shown above

    Ø  the first quick tournament will be the Diablo Shootout, played with the same conditions as a quick tournament shown above

    current status: sign-ups have just opened for the Slazenger Open and the Diablo Shootout, closing on August 23 at midnight

    organizer: scummings

    link: World Golf League



    Grey Goose Match Play


    Ø  a head-to-head tournament with eight masters and eight pros

    current status: sign-ups are still open

    organizer: ARod007

    link: Another Tournament from ARod007 “Grey Goose” Match Play Invitional



    North American Challenge – The Playoffs


    Ø players in North America are separated into different regions and play rounds in stroke-play tournaments on World Golf Tour – teams’ collective scores are compared and each week a different region is eliminated from the playoffs until one region is crowned the best region in North America

    current status: Playoff Meet #2 is underway

    organizer: nivlac

    link: North American Challenge – The Playoffs



    WGT Champions League


    Ø  players choose a real football (American soccer) team from the UEFA Champions League and play as that team, playing matches head-to-head to earn points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss) and advance to the single elimination stage

    current status: one quarterfinal match and one semifinal match needs to be completed

    organizer: EllisSpice

    link: WGT Champions League



    American Tourney (Southern States)


    Ø  formerly a team event between southern states, the American Tourney will be a stroke play head-to-head tournament with eight players played on the Front 9 of Bethpage Black

    current status: sign-ups have closed, the draw has been set, the first round must be completed by August 24

    organizer: b9898bob

    link: American Tourney (Southern States)



    ---***All other tournaments have not had activity for at least two days.***---


    NOTES: I would like to add a feature for the next update: reviews and ratings. From now on, please post a comment with reviews for tournaments YOU HAVE PLAYED IN. This means something like, “I give _________ four out of five stars because __________ and I really enjoyed it. I recommend playing in his/her tournaments.” Or something to a negative but constructive effect.



    Also, I’m hoping that from now on, new tournaments will first send me a message or post on my wall before posting it in this forum. I’m sure this calendar will get a lot of publicity, so for those tournaments that would like more than just a few people, come to me first and I can spread the word and get more sign-ups for you. So thank you very much and stay tuned for the next update.


    gaoerfuqiu1 – Calendar Commish

    NOTE: THIS POST HAS BEEN COPIED AND PASTED BY "gaoerfuqiu" he has also copied my whole profile and is now trying to claim my hard work.

  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 4:46 AM

    Yeah, okay, because you've had an account for all of one day and I've been a member for two months. I'm asking WGT to close your account, you're the second crackpot in two days to take separate credit for my community calendar, and I think you're the same person. If you are, STOP.

  • Faterson
    2,902 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 7:52 AM

    ... and when folks suggested that this forum urgently needs moderators, the thread (initially) got deleted... That was back in the days when we did not have regular cyberwars waged in the forums.   

  • sabbath270
    231 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 10:42 AM


    Well since the other thread got deleted, and I spent a bit of time making this:

    ... and when folks suggested that this forum urgently needs moderators, the thread (initially) got deleted... That was back in the days when we did not have regular cyberwars waged in the forums.   


  • EllisSpice
    871 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 11:25 AM

    I was actually going to ask you to put that on here, but you did  it anyway.

    Wonder why they deleted the other threads?

  • gaoerfuqiu
    443 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 6:00 PM

    ROFL! Thank you for lightening up the mood sabbath! At least SOMEBODY spelled my name right!

  • tibbets
    1,043 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 6:55 PM

    Damn, that is good.

  • Faterson
    2,902 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 6:58 PM

    Wonder why they deleted the other threads?

    The answer to many problems related to this forum is: Because there are no forum moderators. It's also the answer to your question. Because there are no forum moderators, and there only seems to be some anonymous, and rather humorless, admin in the background, operating only in utter emergencies, whose job description probably doesn't even include "forum moderation" – well, then it's not surprising we often see legitimate threads & posts deleted without warning or justification. Any forum for a mass of users that believes it can survive without moderators is bound to be submerged in recurrent chaos. It's sad to see that WGT apparently does not mind this, or otherwise they would have made a reply to that persuasive, long thread calling for forum moderators to be installed.  

    Now that I have expressed this criticism, I don't expect this thread to survive much longer. Gonna get deleted within the next 24 hours, very likely. (I've just made an offsite backup of it to preserve Sabbath's screenshot.) It's so much easier to delete anyone pointing out a problem than actually resolve that problem!

  • sabbath270
    231 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 7:21 PM

    That's fine, I have it in my photobucket and local folder of course.

    But could you quit getting my funnys deleted? :] That's like three times now.

    Maybe they just can't afford to hire someone for moderation...but please, could we drop it here...

  • Faterson
    2,902 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 7:57 PM

    Maybe they just can't afford to hire someone for moderation...

    I believe so. That's just the absurd thing about it, though. Nivlac, the ideal person to perform the job, has repeatedly offered his services for free, but there has never been any reply to that, as far as I'm aware. It may be that this forum software, which looks like an in-house product (and it's of high quality, despite its current flaws), does not yet provide all moderating tools that might be needed? But if it doesn't, the question remains as to why would anyone develop one's own in-house forum software if there aren't sufficient resources to ensure its standard functionality... WGT might have employed one of the existing customary forum software solutions, such as the free phpBB, and all the forum functionality would have been available for free, and bug-free, from the get-go. Volunteer moderators could begin their standard work right away.   

    Now, there being no moderators, I agree the least thing they could do is to stop deleting users' legitimate threads & posts at the whim of a second. Especially posts that evidently took some time for a forum user to create. If WGT finds a thread or post useless, let them lock it, not delete it. Or they might talk to the person to remind them what they did wrong. Let them ban offending users from the forum for a few days or weeks. Just deleting other people's work without a comment is no good because it discourages users from participating in this forum.

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