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Simplest Course

Tue, Jan 4 2022 2:58 PM (34 replies)
  • MainzMan
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    Fri, Dec 2 2016 11:25 AM


    "Nail on the head" Mainz


    Shame my other posts in this thread were such drunken rants  : (

    Dr. Jekyll is here today though : )

  • MrFunnyWobbl
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    Sat, Dec 3 2016 4:34 PM

    I agree with everyone else 

  • PaulTon
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    Sun, Dec 4 2016 2:59 AM

    I agree with everyone apart from the sober version of Mainzman, he's clearly mental.

  • lonniescott711
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    Sun, Dec 4 2016 9:40 AM

    Once you learn your clubs you will then need to learn the following :

    Shot Selection - Which type of shot to hit from tee to green as it wont always be grip it and rip it golf and its also important for your short game . Punch pitch flop shots are all key for a strong game .

    Course Management - How to attack the hole from fairway to green each shot has a purpose . You beat a course one hole at a time and one shot at a time .

    Ball Placement- Knowing where to hit the ball for the best position to attack the pin . This is also key for good approach shots . Knowing where to place the ball on the green makes for easier putts .

    Distance Windage Elevation - The 3 most important components of the game . This is why learning your clubs is so important . 

    Putting - Reading the greens and recognizing the breaks and green speeds .

    This is why you play all of the courses because each course is a learning session . They all play differently but the lessons you learn will allow you play them all and post goos scores . So dont be afraid  to learn and always be ready to try . If you want to be a good player all around then you have to learn all of the above . Once you do that then all of the courses will be easy and simple to play . 

  • K7JBQ
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    Sun, Dec 4 2016 10:10 AM

    Good stuff Lonnie. I can only add learning which elevation changes affect the shot as they should and which ones, for whatever programming reasons, don't. A certain par 5 at Pebble Beach comes immediately to mind.

  • Robert1893
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    Sun, Dec 4 2016 11:05 AM

    A certain par 5 at Pebble Beach comes immediately to mind.


    After a couple of shots ended in the rough at the back of the green on that par 5, I learned my lesson: elevation changes are not created equal.  

  • Premed
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    Sun, Dec 4 2016 1:22 PM

    Amazingly, once again, when a player asks a question he gets a load of people (who should know better) dumping all over him, giving him all types of advice that he didn't ask for or probably even want.

    His reasons to progress in his chosen fashion are acceptable within the rules of the game so let him be.

    @ frisco8834 - People have different preferences for different courses. I always found St Andys a pain to be honest, I found Kiawah relatively easy but a bit of care with driving is required.

    If all you want is low scores to improve your average then what I see many players do is set really easy CC tourneys with easy green, tee & wind settings. Bethpage offers low scores in this fashion when you get used to it.

    However if your goal is to lower your average then it would be best to pick maybe 2 or three courses to grind on to help learn a wider variety of shot types.

  • DonB5750
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    Fri, Feb 14 2020 10:42 AM

    I tend to agree with you, however, why does so many on here who answer, have to have such an abusive, hateful tone to their replies ?  That doesn't seem to make your answer worth reading. Talk sensible and much like an adult, not a grumpy school child. 

  • hpurey
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    Fri, Feb 14 2020 12:17 PM

    Talk sensible

    In my most sensible voice, I say this.....look at the date of the last post..   I'll leave it there. ;-)

  • drmoose
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    Fri, Feb 14 2020 12:41 PM

    Ahhhh, the  good ol' days :)

    Doc :)