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Sun, Jul 31 2016 1:13 PM (6 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sun, Jul 31 2016 9:06 AM

        This option has been mentioned and carried out successfully before . The option to consider merging with another CC . If you are a CC that for whatever reason is not going as planned . Like the owner finding that no matter what he tries . There isn't anyway to persuade , or suggest , or hint , or lead by example . that is having any impact on the members . Therefore constantly remaining in a position of limbo . But it feels like mutiny . Said owner is likely agitated to say the least . Probably frustrated and his goose egg on his fore head is getting bigger and looks like shyt  On account of all  the brick walls he keeps running in to . Might even be considering throwing in the towel . 

      Or I know there are many many CC's that find themselves in some kind of black hole . Resulting from the abandonment of the the inconsiderate owner . Leaving all the members without guidance , or leadership , advice or information , No permissions for any admin , no knowledge or answers on how to be some sort of a group . Likely stuck with recruit ranking for the las 19 months . This is not fair and should not be allowed or acceptable . and this owner needs to be contacted and given at least a good talking to and a stern slap on he wrists . And not allowed to run another CC in WGT . 

      There are many other reasons that a CC would be in a position that would make a merger be the ultimate and welcome desire . 

      The good thing is that there are many good CC that would gladly accept amerger with a struggling CC . Or one that it just sounds like a damn good idea . And would gladly jump on it like flies on shyt .

      Then the question becomes . Which CC to merger with . Do some research on it . There are as many different agendas and protocols as there is CC's . 

      I do not know about other CC's . I do know about " Valley of the SUN Casual Club Country Club " Home of the " VOTSCC KICK ASS TOURS " A series of awesome events and formats . 

      Also a phenomenal group of GR8 of player / members / directors , officers and tourney makers , and event managers . 

      Where everyone is absolutely equal . With no regards of tier , age , length of membership , gender , ethnicity , religion or looks .

      Your opinions and suggestions are taken seriously and treated with same respect across the board . 

      More cool events than you could enter at the same time .

      A website that is a bonus . Place filled with information , tutorials , how to's . dozens of forums and hundreds of sub forums and topics . about everything under the sun . and then some 

      I use the website for the storing of files , info , stats , wins , scores , records , scorecards , trophies , etc . 

      There is a lot of different fun formats to be enjoyed here . If you are thinking about joining or changing to something different . That would be us . Come give us a try . or message me with any questions .

        We are still looking for players . Right now with 28 members . 28 very good members . We still need more members of different interests to continue with some of our formats . 

      Good members do not have all the same interests . They do not have to like or even participate in every thing we present . 

      For instance . We have 13 on Team VOTSCC INTERPLAY . That is fine . But the recommended default amount is 16 . 

      Current event :LIVE AND LET GOLF IN THE VOTS

      We have 6 players playing our Daily BLITZ . Which takes us through the 25 courses 1 a day M - F for 5 weeks per season . We are in our 13th season . 65 consecutive weeks . 


      We also have a VOTSCC SKILLS CTTH challenge . These are not daily but run 72 hours . There are 35 CTTH courses . 


      We have 4 in CC Match play and Stroke play challenges . Members challenge the title holder . The winner is the champ and sports the title on their wall until they are challenged and beat . 

      We also have embedded live Brackets from Challonge in our website . That play live with a chat box right below the bracket so you don't have to go anywhere else except to WGT to invite and play your round .

      We also have very cool CC tourneys and brackets . And many more . Obviously some will be drawn to different events . We just need more players til fill these GR8 events and keep them alive . Nothing is mandatory or required . But silence is not acceptable .

      There has been a little excitement ( and I do mean a little ) over the last 6 weeks . On account of our fortunate good standings in the last 3 CLASHES . We have been in the top 25 several times before . But not 3 times in a row in the top 15 . 

    Congratulations! Your club finished 15 in the CC EVENT #26 that ended on 26 Jun.

    You've received the following for playing:

    Flags: Dice, TeeMarkers: Dice

    4 WGT Country Club Passes


    Congratulations! Your club finished 15 in the CC EVENT #27 that ended on 09 Jul.
    You've received the following for playing:
    TeeMarkers: TRex, Flags: TRex
    4 WGT Country Club Passes

    Congratulations! Your club finished 11 in the CC EVENT #28 that ended on 24 Jul.

    You've received the following for playing:

    Flags: Flamingo, TeeMarkers: Flamingo

    4 WGT Country Club Passes


      Thanx for looking


      The possibilities are endless . Everyone is equal in our CC . Input and ideas are encouraged and any opinion on anything in any direction is heard and respected .  

      A few more here and a few more there is all we are looking for . There is quite a lot to keep ones interest . 

      So please consider my offer we have plenty of experience and everything one needs to hone your skills , lower your average , move up in tiers . All amongst the gr8est CC members that are the same as team mates . That support you and back you up , encourage and help and assist . With just enough competitiveness to keep it challenging and fun . 

      Thank you very much 



      This is our WGT CC homepage .
      This is our free and open to all website / forum .
      Please look around . I think you will enjoy what you see .

      Our CC Corner thread

     VALLEY of the SUN C C invites




  • CEverett12
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    Sun, Jul 31 2016 9:41 AM

    Great Idea , Good Luck ...

  • ct690911
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    Sun, Jul 31 2016 12:02 PM

    x2...Paul certainly puts the effort into recruiting for his CC, and thinking of ways to make it better. His post is proof of that.


  • pdb1
    24,709 Posts
    Sun, Jul 31 2016 12:17 PM

      Thank you Colin . I put a lot of effort into anything I believe in . Don't know any other way . 

  • CEverett12
    14,177 Posts
    Sun, Jul 31 2016 12:21 PM

    I have a club for you that is a good match ,, send me a pm ...

    153 members need a home .

  • pdb1
    24,709 Posts
    Sun, Jul 31 2016 1:00 PM


    I have a club for you that is a good match ,, send me a pm ...

    153 members need a home .

        Thank you very much . Got it . Am on it . Am very excited . Wish me luck . 

       Lol . Damn I was already in the middle of 4 things . Now I have to trim 4 friends off my list to enable a PM with you . 

      I will have to get to it after a bit . Or you can sign into my website and PM me there . No worries there are lots of members from other CC's in my website . It is open to all to utilize in any way you can .

      Thank you again . Gotta go . 

  • CEverett12
    14,177 Posts
    Sun, Jul 31 2016 1:13 PM

    Good Luck ! some of those guys know me , Tell them I sent ya ..