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Mon, Apr 10 2023 2:00 AM (47 replies)
  • thebigeasy707
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    Tue, Mar 15 2011 7:30 PM


    What a crying whining sore loser!!!  Somebody pass him a Tampax!

    wrong hole.


    as much as I envy folks hitting low can be done and is done without cheating.

    i play round regularly with 2 legends...and they hit good shots...and i've seen them both hit 26's on a 9 me that constitutes a really low score.

    i've also seen them hit howlers of mistakes.

    difference to them an me is they have easily 800 more rounds under their belt than me.

    all i'm saying is that experience counts.....just like in the real game when a good professional will walk a course 4 or 5 times before even striking a ball on see the pin positions...state of the greens...fairways etc.

    maybe in another couple of hundred rounds I'll hit a 55 or 56.....who knows.....uptil now i've been close but it's went the other way and i've scraped a 61.....but there was around 2 slight misses for eagles and 4 birdies that missed by 2 or 3 inches.....else folks would be calling me a cheat.

    i just put it down to experience and learn the greens for the next game.



  • Steelers75
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    Tue, Mar 15 2011 7:37 PM



    What a crying whining sore loser!!!  Somebody pass him a Tampax!

    wrong hole.






  • Longwedge
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    Tue, Mar 15 2011 11:19 PM


    Cheat using Auto Clicker

    This is a simple program that has a delay between automatic mouse clicks.. while this could be handy, the eraticness of the meter makes this almost impossible to use with any accuracy... and then you would still have to know how to judge distance and elevation.. So good luck with that one.

    Mouse Recorder

    Same as Auto Clicker with same results...


    Basically what I'm saying is.. without knowing how to read your lie and judge distance of shot vs. distance of club and how wind and elevation change that distance.. any auto clicking program will not work and vise versa... 

    The only way any of this would help is if you combined the two softwares and THEN had a perfect identical meter every single shot.. which we know in 100% of cases.. is not happening.. So any other myths you want debunked?


    Couldn't have said it better myself.  My company uses an Auto Click system to test new software, and I can honestly say it will not work.  A mouse recording system (aka auto click), records the movement of a mouse as performed by a human, and then imitates that movement exactly...and uses timing to do so.  So lets say I do record a perfect "ding" shot with a driver, the slight meter stutter will throw off the auto clicker on subsequent swings because the meter will not arrive at the "ding" at the precise time as the recorded one did. The auto clicker doesn't have the human element of common sense.  It doesn't tell it self, "The meter stuttered, don't swing at this one".  It's going to swing, and miss badly I might add.  A human will be a lot more accurate at this game, than an auto click / mouse recorder could ever be.

    Also, don't forget, different clubs have different swing meter speeds.  Odds are your driver is different from your irons, which is different than your wedges, which is different than your putter.  The different meters moving at different speeds would kill an auto clicker.

    Finally, the swing meters for the different clubs is different lengths.  Go ahead and measure them.  Your putter has a much shorter swing meter than your driver, and wedges fall somewhere in between the two.

    Truth is that the great players on this game are just really damn good.  They have simply seen every possible scenario that can arise in the game, and know how to counter it.  My suggestion is this: Instead of worrying about cheaters, grab a cheap ball, go into practice mode, and see exactly what all your clubs can do.  I promise you that after a few thousand rounds and lots of too will be shooting between 58-62 on a regular basis.

    Good Luck and Good Golfing


  • Bristoluk
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    Wed, Mar 16 2011 5:57 AM


    I've been playing this game for 6 months now and my best round is 60. I know it's not a 58 or 59 but it sure was close, but for a couple of putts just lipping out.

    I thought in the beginning when i started this great game that scores of 59 were impossible and i'd never get that low. But now after a round of 60 i know that the magic number is surely just around the corner.

    I certainly don't cheat at the game. Just practice most days and always learning something new about the courses. Most of the guys and gals who shoot these low scores have been here for 2 years or more and if they put in the same hours that i do then the scores are gonna be low.

    Cheers Dazza

    i agree with dazza here shot 61 on beth yet missed 4 - 4 ft putts for birdes to, so it can be done, and the consitant low scores are done by players who have been on here a long time, who know there game and the courses inside out, good luck to them for there deadacation,i cant spell, must get boring for them though and they need new challenges by now i wd think

     cheers Tom

  • JCOlson
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    Sun, Mar 20 2011 2:29 PM

    thanks for the comic relief. i love posts like this. do you b*tch about everything else in your life too? if you don't like the game, or think it is full of cheats move on. either that, or sack up and become a better player. just stop whining already!

  • ascoile
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    Mon, Apr 4 2011 6:34 AM

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about practice but I disagree with your last sentence.

    Look at the Amateur leader boards and you will see that the majority at the top have all joined in the last month, sometimes even in the last few days.

    I have played rounds with people who openly admit that they have mutliple accounts so they can play with the experinece of  Master or Legend while playing from easier tees and slower greens.

    Until WGT do a scan of their membership deleting all multiple account holders, identified by ISP, then cheating will abound.

  • izydornowak
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    Sat, May 28 2011 5:03 AM


    Just to tell u some truth about all cheating innovations mentioned in here.

    There's not a single good cheating soft or app that can improve your score!!! It can be helpful for beginners who want to move up quicker but not for people with thousands rounds behind.
    I've tested most of the cheating apps just to find out how they work and after 2 days of testing I'm 100% sure that the ONLY way to score 60 and below in PRACTICE !!! without any cheating apps. If you play the same course 100 time you'll know exactly what is it like - if not - grab a piece of paper and make notes.

    There'll be no perfect cheating app for this game because there are too many random variables and the overall conditions apply only to one particular stroke.
    Anyway - what would be the sense playing this game knowing that there is a soft that cn play for you?
    I have a dozen of pages with courses scenarios and game plans and I can assure all of you - there's no better fun than playing this game a a real person !!!

  • giantfan5611
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    Tue, May 31 2011 8:25 AM

    Hey..... we all know that sites for getting wtg cheats exist....and we all know that they aren't there for no reason, and that some people are using them..... but you can't prove who's using them and they sure as heck will never admit it, so i just concentrate on doing the best I can with my own game.

    I actually have more of a gripe about never getting the damned credits owed to me. Do I need a signed government affidavit with a notary public to get my damned credits for craps sake???

  • FunAndGames
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    Thu, Jun 2 2011 1:45 PM

    They've been hackin for years...I mean they been playin for years. That's why they can shoot such supernatural scores.

  • lbcgolf
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    Thu, Jun 2 2011 6:03 PM

    Pardon my ignorance and my apologies if this has been answered before but I've never used auto-clicker or seen it in action.

    Even if there wasn't the occasional stutter or meter lag...... We frequently have to take less than a 100% shot.  Wouldn't the timing of the auto clicker affect the shorter swing as well and ding it late?

    Just wondering