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Thu, Sep 10 2009 9:15 PM (201 replies)
  • coolswing
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 9:46 AM

    Getting cheeky there Mr. Cobra4 !!

  • cobra4
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 10:19 AM to spice it up Mr Coolswing !!

  • Zippy-Pivot
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 1:52 PM

    Sorry Cool, had no idea that that little Jamaican Momma had so much power in her black sand conconction!!. Check out that sand in your shorts............if its black your in trouble! Legend has it that overexposure with the Black Sand(Mixture of Kiawah and Bethpage sand) has the ability to create whats called "The Black Banana". Problem is you dont know you have this disease until "it " falls off!! Dont worry about the little Jamaican Momma hangin around your tee boxes, as she is in love with Salami. The last time I seen her, she was cleanin her teeth with thistle (Salami's thistle hut). Take care Cool, hope the bunkers stop attractin your balls!!    Zippy!!

  • nivlac
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    Mon, Aug 31 2009 11:39 PM

    Bollox and I played our match and it was quite a close one.

    It started with a Bollox birdie barrage on the opening three holes of the Ocean Course.  I was only able to match his birdie on hole #2, so I quickly found myself down 2 strokes standing on the 4th tee.  The 4th and 5th holes proved uneventful as both players played fairways and greens and were left with long-ish birdie putts that would not find the bottom of the cup.  Fortunately, I was able to catch a hot streak with my approaches on #6, #7 & #8 and converted birdies on all 3 to swing the match in my favor by a stroke.  Matching up and downs for par on #9 and we moved on to Bethpage with me still ahead by a narrow margin.

    After we both laid up our second shots, Bollox was first to fire his third into the 10th green.  It jerked a little left on him and it landed just a little outside of the starter putter's comfort zone and he was forced to take a bogey after a good effort barely lipped out.  I was able to secure the par and a two shot advantage as we played on.  Shot for shot was matched on the next two holes with pars on #11 and birdies on #12   We were both poised to strike at the flag from about 43yds on #13, but this time it was my approach that went slightly awry.  A good approach and putt by Bollox and a single stroke separated us once again. 

    After a couple of wayward approaches and near misses we traded pars on the par 3 14th and it was on to the decisive 15th. We were promptly slapped in the head.  A bad decision on the approach left me staring down a 7 foot slider for bogey that I could not convert.  Bollox was on the back shelf of the green in two, but the hill proved to be a bit tricky to navigate and he had to take an unfortunate bogey.  However, this meant the match was now all square through 15.

    The pressure set in and the final 3-hole shootout was on with both players finding the fairway off the tee.  I hit my approach first and was able to find the green with a 3-wood leaving myself ~25 feet from the hole.  Bollox was unable to hit the green as his 3-wood ended up slightly right and a little short of the target.  He made a great up and down from the front right rough, but I was able to regain a one stroke advantage by converting the long birdie putt.  The final two holes were somewhat uneventful as we matched pars on the 17th and 18th holes and the match was concluded.

    Final Scores:

    Bollox - 33 35 - 68

    nivlac - 32 35  - 67


    I'd like to congratulate Bollox on a match well played.  It was back and forth the entire time and he definitely proved himself to be a very worthy opponent.  A couple of putts with different outcomes and the match could've easily gone the other way.  I enjoyed this match thoroughly. =)

  • BolloxInBruges
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 12:54 AM

    Great summary niv.

    My expectations were very low for moving on once I saw that I'd drawn you, so it was fun for me just to have a chance coming down the stretch.  Surely had you been on your A game tonight you would have slaughtered me. 

    Good luck the rest of the way niv.  And thanks Coolswing for organizing the tourney, it was a good idea, and well set up.

  • coolswing
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:37 AM

    Thanks nivlac for an absorbing match summary and congrats to you on a good win.  Well played too BolloxInBruges, the match could have gone either way so perhaps you're missing a little luck that can turn the match.  Thanks for your participation, I hope you enjoyed the games you played in the tournament and looking forward to see you in my next tourney.

  • EllisSpice
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 11:10 AM

    EllisSpice gets his butt kicked by BigJeff65, 72 to 82.

    The first 9 holes looked pretty easy for both players, and was much closer than it looked. Both players had some very unlucky putts, and in the end this cost EllisSpice, as he went 36-39 down after 9 holes.

    The following day, the second 9 holes started, and not well for EllisSpice, extending the gap to 5 shots by the end of the first hole after a horrible 3-putt, the third from within half a foot. His luck continued like this, and over the following 8 holes lost another 5 shots to BigJeff65, who only lost one hole in the whole match.

    Good luck to BigJeff65 in the Pro semi-finals, and I hope that EllisSpice can stop speaking about himself in the 3rd person very soon!

  • Jiggs445
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:35 PM

    In what was easily one of the greatest matches I've been apart of

    Jiggs 445 - 66


    Lilmike24 - 67

    Both golfers came in throwing darts at the pins and were deadlocked at -5 after 11 holes.  Key shots Jiggs put his tee shot 2 on 8 feet to tap in for bird, while LilMike sank a 10 footer to keep pace.  LilMike evened things up on 10 after he belted a 200 Yd 3W to 8 inches for a birdie tap.  From here the putters cooled off and we both made par on 12-17... here is where the match gets unfortunate.

    It was unfortunate that there had to be a loser period, but when Mike missed a 2.5 footer on 18 in what appeared to be a meter skip... well, that was just sad.

    Well played round in terms of play and pace, look forward to getting back at it with LilMike as im sure he's looking for revenge.

  • coolswing
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 2:48 PM

                                                          Monday  1st of September

    KNOCKOUT PHASE -  Let's recap the result of the matches completed to date

                      nivlac  d  BolloxInBruges  67-68

                      DanManCan  d  Kaslo  72-80

                      Zant  d  WVMountaineer  70-70 * won at the 16th Hole of sudden death

                      AvatarLee  d  Paulmcm  62-75

                     Badaboom  d  Coolswing  71-72

    There was some cracking matches there including what must be a record for the most number of sudden death holes played in a match, in the game between Zant and WVMountaineer.  Congrats to both players for a well played match that provided plenty of excitement and drama to this tournament.

    The Pro Tournament -  Here are the result of the games completed  to date

                      Cobra4  d  Scoreby  70-72

                      Bigjeff65  d  EllisSpice  72-82

    DEADLINE REMINDER -  Players who have not complete their games please do your best to play your match within the next 24 hours, best of luck to you.

  • DivotDave
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    Tue, Sep 1 2009 7:48 PM

    DivotDave 34 - 36 (70)


    DarkoPancev 37 - 34 (71)

    Front 9 at Kiawah - I par 1 - 5, while Darko stumbles on 2 with a bogey, but fires back with a nice birdie on 3.  He then pars 4 - 8 and is even.  My approach shots come through on 6 & 7 for short birdie putts and then I par 8 & 9 for -2.  Darko bogeys 9 for +1 and 3 shots down.

    Back 9 at BPB - We both par 10 - 12 and both birdie 13.  Darko comes through with a nice shot into the par 3 14th for a short birdie putt. I miss my birdie putt and make par, now only 2 shots up.  On the 15th after 2 drives on the fairway, I decide to lay-up, while Darko goes for it and comes up just short of the green and in the rough.  My third shot I hit it short and land close to Darkos ball.  Darko chips onto the green but a little short, I pitch on to just over 4' away.  Darko misses his par putt and bogeys, while I miss my short bogey putt and double bogey - YUMMY!  Darko is now just 1 shot down, with 3 to go.  On 16 I leave my approach shot 10yrds short in the rough, Darko lands on the green. I miss hit a pitch shot and somehow the ball goes in for birdie.  Darko pars the hole, back to a 2 shot lead.  We both par 17.  On 18 Darko finishes with a nice par, while I miss a short par putt and bogey to take the match by 1 shot.

    Some bad shots, more good shots, but it really came down to putting.  Darko lipped many birdie putts, I made some crucial par putts and missed some short putts.  This could have gone either way.  A fun, well paced, well played match.

    Thank you Darko for a great match.