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2009 LA Open

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Wed, Sep 9 2009 3:58 PM (175 replies)
  • Serj
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    Tue, Aug 25 2009 10:11 AM

    Serj- 35

    iowankid- 40

    It was a tough round for both of us but I was able to have a little more luck on my hand and pulled it out. Good round iowankid. Nice meeting you.

  • azshawn71
    189 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 12:50 PM

    Having a hard time connecting with my 2nd round player scummings. I can never catch him online. I'm not sure if we are on opposite coasts. I know he is working on a big tournament project so that nay be an issue too. Don't know what else to do.

  • nh1977
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    Wed, Aug 26 2009 4:48 PM

    From what I have read , Scummings has a family emergency to attend to ( see his post and cancelation/postpoment  of the World Golf Leauge.) So It is unlikley that this match will be occuring anytime soon . I have been waiting like 7 days for this match up to take place, as I play the winner. Perhaps and not to sound selfish , Azshawn71 should be moved into next bracket, to keep tourney going .

    Its Ed's call on how this should be handled.


  • edchavez
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    Wed, Aug 26 2009 5:46 PM

    I believe what nh said. I hereby advance azshawn to the semi-finals. Scummings too busy with his own "big" tourney. So apparently he doesnt want to play what he signed up for.


  • gaoerfuqiu
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    Wed, Aug 26 2009 6:49 PM

    edchavez, that was a completely inconsiderate comment you just made:

    "Scummings too busy with his own 'big' tourney. So apparently he doesn't want to play what he signed up for."

    nh1977 said,

    "Scummings has a family emergency to attend to."

    That was very mean - he has a family issue and you say that he's too busy with his own tournament. I'm not sure if I'm going to sign up for any more of your tournaments.

  • edchavez
    488 Posts
    Wed, Aug 26 2009 7:27 PM

    He's also had time before that. He's had almost 2 weeks though to complete a round of nine holes. And its taking too long. I want to move on, and so does nh1977 and the rest of us. So sorry for getting all worked up, bro.!:)

  • scummings
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 6:11 AM

    All I have to say is this is a joke. Ed, yes I have had plenty of time to play, and I have tried. Azshawn is on like an hour a day. I have invited him 3 times when he was on, and rejected the invite each time. Yesterday afternoon we finally started a round, and 2 holes in he had to leave. Azshawn posted he never sees me on, I was on all the time up until this week, check into both sides before making a ruling.

    I have had a lot going on, dealing with some family stuff, like I posted in my tournaments. I do not have time to commit to them like I should, hence why I put them on hold. I am on some to still play however, and have tried to. The fact that you moved azshawn on after I have tried repeatedly is a joke. but whatever, its just a game, have fun

  • azshawn71
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 2:36 PM big deal here. I am not on during the day due to work. I live on the west coast so if there is an east coast player, there is a 3hr time difference. I am usually on at night but not until around 7pm my time which is 10pm back east. Unfortunatley, scummings and i have just had a hard time with our schedules. I did get I believe an invite or two at the most but was not going to be a jerk and drop out the match I was in. I was on yesterday mid day checking a forum and by chance, scummings was on but I couldn't get the match in at work. If we can play...great, if's your decision Ed.

  • edchavez
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 2:48 PM

    If guys can get it in by or before Sunday, then i'll count it. this means that you are still in scummings, but you have til Sunday to get it in. So, now, azshawn is now playing against scummings. The game scores are due before Sunday or by Sunday. I'll fix the brackets again

  • nh1977
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    Thu, Aug 27 2009 2:54 PM

    Oh heck Ill wait 16 days to play my next round.