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Our Amazing Precision

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Sun, Feb 7 2016 7:23 PM (0 replies)
  • SweetiePie
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    Sun, Feb 7 2016 7:23 PM

    When it comes to wedges I am over-kill. A sucker for them in truth. I have all the top rated ones and a couple I use only for one course. I recently discovered some prowess in a couple I was too lazy to be aware of. The Bandon CTTH has been beyound good to me. Winning many monthlies there, and always finishing in the top ten. When it is played in ready-go I always cash a check. It helps to be using one club for 7 of my 9 swings and once in a while 8 swings. All was well there, then suddenly all was not well. I couldn't figure it out...I have the place wired. The club I use so much is the Max L-91,.50 yrds full, 41yrds punch with spin at 3.5. About a month ago I purchased th ATV L-89. It has almost identical specs except the spin is at 4...I didn't need it, just wanted to buy something. I also didnt notice I replaced the Max with the ATV and by accident, I switched them back and immediately  cured my illness. I never realized how much difference .5 spin can make. Happy at Bandon again

    ~ SP ~