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mini world cup 2016

Tue, Jul 11 2017 11:08 AM (1,381 replies)
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    Thu, Feb 4 2016 1:54 PM

    yo paul

    can you put tiers next to your players please

    thx paul

  • PaulTon
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    Thu, Feb 4 2016 2:13 PM


  • SashaTheSkirt
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    Thu, Feb 4 2016 5:49 PM

    Hey Paul you can still look up my skirt when i pull the ball out of the cup like you usually do

    The Skirt 

  • tubbytubb
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    Thu, Feb 4 2016 7:02 PM

    Thanks for letting us in Paul, and thanks for letting me know about it Nico.  Looks like a fun comp.  only hope we can give yall a run for you money.


  • Nicozandberg
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    Fri, Feb 5 2016 12:26 AM

    Hi all Team Captains and players

    We at Southern England Links have competed in numerous of Paulfinn's excellent tournaments. Again we are very excited to participate. I however messaged Paul yesterday with a small suggestion, which I think would improve the competition slightly. He asked me to post it on here, and if I get enough support the rules will be amended . So please if you agree with the following pls reply to this message on this thread.

    Normally Paul asks for the teams in chronological order ito averages and tiers, and thus matchups are done on this basis eg the player from club 1 with the highest tier and lowest average will play the player with the same attributes in the encounter.

    My suggestion was to give teams through to Paul in any order the team captains feel like. The reasons for this being:

    1. In some cases, a player with a very low average is not necessarily a better Matchplay player. Players lower their averages using different methods (I will not give my opinion on this, but it is a fact). Average and to a lesser extent Tier has nothing to do with  players ability to be a good matchplay player. Players handle the pressure of live matches differently, and as CC's with inhouse matchplay tournaments would know, it is not always the highest tiered player  that who wins these tournaments.

    2. Players lose form and, we all know that WGT's handicap / calculation of average is flawed.

    3. I think that giving this option to captains will enhance the management aspect of the tournament without giving any team a unfair advantage. Even if you play your statistically best player at 8th spot, players 1-7 will move up in the order and will probably have a more difficult game, thus eradicating the advantage of the player moved down.

    4. In previous competitions, if a player had a low average and same as here (see teams announced above), your squad  does not have many TLs and Champs, it may happen that your low average Legends keep playing Champs and TLs of other clubs. I just found that this was very demoralizing for some players in the Xmas Challenge. Giving such a player an "easier" game now and again, will lift his/her spirits, and also keep interest in a long competition.

    5. Lastly and to summarize, I feel that team captains would know best who their best players are regardless of average and tier, and should be giving the opportunity to use this inside knowledge of their squads.

    Sorry guys for rambling a bit, but I would like this changed. Please support me (well if you agree lol!) to enhance an already brilliant competition.

    Nico Zandberg

    Southern England Links

  • bubbsboy
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    Fri, Feb 5 2016 12:56 AM

    I agree. Just like the Ryde Cup . I know they go out in order but still I think this way would bring a little excitement to match ups. The other way you tend to know who you will be getting.

    Bit of fun and after all it would be good for lower averages to play a top champ now and then.luck of the match ups and same for all


  • pipala
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    Fri, Feb 5 2016 1:36 AM

    Good post Nico, you make some very valid points there and I think this is a great idea.

    In my opinion nobody knows his team players better than the team captain and the option of mixing the teams up and adding that bit of flexibility would make the competition a lot more interesting.

    I think point 4 is the most valid and I say this from past experience. In the xmas inter I found myself in a team comprised entirely of legends and below. As the lowest average legend in the team I found myself matched up with champs in almost every game despite how I was playing. It was a little demoralising and at times there were players in the squad that I felt were better placed to compete against these opponents. As the order of play wasn't open to change I ended up dropping myself two thirds of the way through the comp. My game picked up and I came back in for the last 2 matches and did manage my first win against a champ.

    I think a little bit of flexibility can only be a good thing.

    Thank you Paul for your hard work in bringing these fine tournaments together

    Pip (SEL)


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    Sat, Feb 6 2016 2:35 AM

    hello all

     nosorrys united  im afraid have disbanded but rich has informed me that 

    they have made a new club and have made a new team for the comp.

    they are a great bunch of players and im glad are still in,

    the new club name

    big bats happy house

     a typical golf country club name lol


  • amateur4sure
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    Sat, Feb 6 2016 11:03 AM

    Hi Nico..

    I think Legends of the World are with you on this...

    Brilliant competition Paul, Well done sir, Will get my team over to you in next few days!!

    Great work!


  • amateur4sure
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    Sat, Feb 6 2016 1:47 PM

    Brilliant Pic Paul, As usual, You are the man!!!