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Where's your local course?

Wed, Oct 5 2011 6:43 AM (40 replies)
  • piztaker
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    Sun, Feb 6 2011 1:10 PM
  • AukMarauder
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    Sun, Feb 6 2011 1:50 PM

    I'll have to admit that last hole looks like a fun par 5. Mine is about 15 minutes from me, I certainly like the front 9 better than the back 9, the executive 9 (short course) is a fun little course. Overall its a very decent golf course

  • MioKontic
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    Sun, Feb 6 2011 3:59 PM

    That looks awsome, my kind of course.

    This is mine:

  • YankeeJim
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    Thu, Feb 10 2011 10:26 AM

    Heh-Would show you one of mine but they're all under a foot of snow and we don't get rain to wash it away like yours does, Piz.. LOL-that just provides a nice layer of ice over the snow if it happens. Maybe by the end of March.........    :-)

  • nickuk
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    Thu, Feb 10 2011 2:02 PM

    here`s the closest to me.....bout a 5 min walk...

    incidentally...its on sunningdale road or close!

  • craigswan
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    Thu, Feb 10 2011 2:35 PM

    I have a 6 hole par 3 pitch and putt course 500 yards from home .Difficult as hell .If you miss you end up in a tattie field or on a main road .And the cows make moo all day long .

  • appy2
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    Thu, Feb 10 2011 7:31 PM

    Craig, your course sounds fun and close to your house is even better. I have one that is 25 miles away I play quite often during Summer. It is located in Oakland California. It is Lake Chabot Golf Course. Has 2 great holes, #9 Par 3 151 Yards from White Tees and around a 100 Foot Drop straight down. Also #18 656 Yards Par 6 all down hill. It is a great fun Hole. Longest drive that they have had is 427 yards.

  • SGTBilko
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    Sat, Feb 12 2011 5:04 AM
  • Soulcatcher
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    Sat, Feb 12 2011 5:49 AM

    Here is mine. I usually play the 'Legends' course, but both are brutal and fun. Bring a sling because your a$$ will need it by the 18th........




    LINK to flyover of 1st hole. (It's quicktime so I can't embed it.......)

    I've played Brooklea and it is a nice course........ the price is right too.