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Country Club Clash #9 10/9-10/10

Fri, Jul 30 2021 3:37 AM (47 replies)
  • PTrenter
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    Sat, Oct 10 2015 9:43 AM


    You can see 3 passes gifted this month ... Well ...  Of two things one : either it's misery in the WGt's finances or some accountants would be better housed in federal jails.

    I believe that passes gifted board just shows those gifted within your own CC.  Ours is empty.

  • alberich35
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    Sat, Oct 10 2015 10:13 AM


    I believe that passes gifted board just shows those gifted within your own CC.  Ours is empty.

    Youre right.

  • ClericTaven
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    Sat, Oct 10 2015 1:09 PM

    Not to be so naive.  Participted in prior challenges with my CC, but clueless, following links how exactly to start a challenge. Event button link!?!

    Or for those that do, Baracudda CC is up for the try.


  • JimbeauC
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    Sun, Oct 11 2015 12:09 AM

    And it's over. Didn't even last through a US weekend. 

    Heh. I really would've liked those stein tee markers. Oh well. The ball flags never worked, and I don't remember seeing stein flags on any course. Just more broken WGT stuff. 

  • RAFBlackace
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    Sun, Oct 11 2015 6:46 AM



    It would be a better tournament if wgt split the clubs into divisions based on membership size.

    That way they could award a prize to the winner of each division, the smaller clubs would then feel more like entering, as it stands now the more members you have the better your chances.

    Not everybody wants to be in a c.c. with 250 members, but as far as wgt are concerned they don't seem bothered about the smaller clubs.

    Then they wonder why people don't play this. 



    I agree about the poor format of the games, not much point knocking off round after round ad nausea. Would be far better if the games were skill based like as has been suggested, make the games Alt-Shot or Matchplay.

    But you don't need 250 members to do well. We have only 38 members and with only 25 participating in the last clash we finished third. Check us out.

    Lions Heart CC - WGT Top 3 CC :)

    But we have decided not to participate in this one simply because its just a money making exercise for WGT and it is far too soon after the last one.

    As a one off every now and then it can be fun, but every month? Gimme a break.


  • MadMark48
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    Thu, Jul 29 2021 8:33 AM

    I just left the Telegarm club because of too much infighting and drama. I'm interested in joining a winning club if you will have me.


    1,251 Posts
    Fri, Jul 30 2021 3:37 AM

    I've sent you a friend request and club invite to English Golf Club mate.

    Hope to speak to you soon

  • WillieSinkit
    1,578 Posts
    Fri, Jul 30 2021 6:34 AM

    Hi MadMark48,

    Please consider joining us at Ravenswood Hollow - small, but fun and invite sent.

    You'll be just in time for our "Battle of the Legends".

    Best regards,