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My experience in this game

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Sun, Jun 21 2009 11:07 AM (0 replies)
  • L0GAN
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    Sun, Jun 21 2009 11:07 AM

    Hi all.

    Just thought i would let people know how i'm finding this game up to now.

    I think this game is certainly one of the better games that i have played on-line.

    It has very good graphics the usability of the game controls are good also.

    Here are what i see as the faults.

    The game physics are not exactly right all the time..meaning when the wind is blowing say east to west and you set your direction of shot to the east to compensate for the wind will still seem to make the ball go either ,way to the east or the complete opposite way to the west.i thought maybe its just me getting this problem but a lot of my friends also have this problem.

    My main problem that i have come across and i believe this may lead people away from the when i play the game with the starter clubs..they are so weak that i can not even reach the fairway on my tee off in a lot of the holes in the tourney coarse.

    This gets me annoyed  knowing that i already with out making a mistake am at a disadvantage ,knowing that i'm going to either be in the rough or the bunker,even though my shot is perfect.I don't know if its me doing something wrong or whether this is how its supposed to be..


    I hope that the faults i am having can be resolved or explained if its me doing something wrong.


    I do think this game is good and hope that if things improve then i may spend some cash getting right into this game.