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Question re : Default Tee box during Club Tournament

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Mon, May 29 2023 3:19 PM (20 replies)
  • tuxedo2
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    Sat, Nov 29 2014 6:06 PM

    This may seem to be a stupid question but oh well...

    I have been under the impression that if I set a club tournament to the default tee box all member play from the appropriate tee box based on tier level.

    Is this true?

  • CanineSupervisor
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    Sat, Nov 29 2014 7:11 PM

    That is correct, sir.

  • CanineSupervisor
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    Sat, Nov 29 2014 9:08 PM


    And if it is set to CC then all play at same tee ?

    You can set any CC event for a specific tee box, sir, by selecting advanced options (under ROUND) and selecting the tee box that you want for the tournament,wind and pin locations(if the specific course lets you choose pins). 

    You can create (let's say for example) 4 tournaments with various tees based upon tier, so that all tiers play the same course but from their own tee box and restrict it to Hack -Amateur; Pro-Tour Pro; Master-Tour Master; and Legend-Tour Legend. Then only those selected tiers will be able to enter that tourney.

  • alosso
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    Sun, Nov 30 2014 12:17 AM

    Hardest: Legends and TLs

    Hard: Masters and TMs

    Medium: Pros and TPs

    Easy: Hacks and Amateurs.

    The point of the CC settings is, you may set up tourneys with easy tees (or any other) for all tiers which you select - always an extra advantage for the higher tiers, and often a chance for easy advancement in the average for them.

  • CanineSupervisor
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    Sun, Nov 30 2014 11:59 AM

    Masters play at fast greens right ?

    Very Fast, Paul.

    Pros and TP's play Fast Greens.

    Question is , is that fair to the lower tiers ?

    If you're looking to hone player skill sets, let them play their own tees and speeds until they feel confident, then throw in a faster green speed for them - but still keep it tier based. Putting on greens faster than you are used to can be very demoralizing to lower tier players, IMO.

    Remember too, that some of the lower tiers have crap equipment and balls, so some courses like OCC, Pinecones and Merion will be difficult for them, esp. with the long holes. Imagine being an Amatuer with starter clubs and stones or low level balls that hit and roll-out on OCC #1 leaving you a 60 foot putt or not being able to putt on a speed you don't know.

    Put yourself in their golf shoes, Paul..If you see TM's, Legends and TL's playing the same tournament you are, what is the point when you know you have no way of placing high, let's say.

    Make your Legends and TL's play their own conditions.

    Create a tournament with easy conditions on slow greens with starter equipment and stones if you really want to level the playing field..LOL

    I just created a 3-click meter tourney, with tier based tees, and had members posting pics of people pulling their hair and teeth out in our forum..lmao

    I have owned 2 CC's and been a member of a few larger ones as well, so the above is just my personal opinion.