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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Sat, Jul 30 2022 12:58 PM (495 replies)
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    Mon, Jun 6 2022 1:31 AM

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    Mon, Jun 6 2022 4:19 AM

    awesome facts  paul

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    Thu, Jun 9 2022 7:24 AM

    Look on this page to see you can search for CC's in your Country .

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    Mon, Jun 13 2022 6:34 PM
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    Sun, Jun 19 2022 10:57 AM


    They just quit , just like that . I can't believe how quick fingered some are . In May I had players forfeit 28 times . In June so far there have been 24 .


    It is just plain sad that people got the idea that forfeiting in coin rooms was acceptable . It is not acceptable in sports or in life in general . It is not sporting , not polite , and in many cases not justified . As one may still have a chance to win . There is a lot to be said for the honor in doing ones best to complete any round . And in coin rooms , completing a 3 hole round is not too much to ask .

    The selfish arguement to justify saving time to get more sponsor time for yourself . Is not practical in 3 hole play . One can usually comfortably get 3 complete matches in .

    Sponsor rounds only cost 10 credits to 72 credits anyway .

    If the opponent ends the match by closing out the program and not returning . The remaining player does not get the sponsor apparel rewards .

    Nor does the winner get the win . And as I found out in April . All of the forfeits by the opponent all added 1 more L to my Loss column . APRIL SC's 2022 .

    Or what about the thrill of trying to hit 3 eagles ? Or 2 eagles and a bird ? Or 1 eagle and 2 birds ? Or just 3 birds ?

    Not going to happen with these forfeiters .

    Come on man . Let's play 3 full holes .

    I recently accidentally click on a 9 hole Beverly Hills round . At first i freaked out . Thinking oh no I will only get 1 sponeor round . Then thinking why would I want to play a whole 9 holes that weren't even ranked ? I seriously considered forfeiting . But I could not . Playing a very good Tour Master ( claiming he has the # 1 spot in the Diamond 1 League with 200,000 at that time ).

    It was a very good friendly and competitive round . At the end he won by 1

    We both thoroughly enjoyed the round .


    In another round recently . He was a guy from Phx . Originally from Maine . Things were going GR8 . We were tied going into the 3rd hole . His approach was out on the fringe . Mine wasn't GR8 at 5 yds from the hole . But he immediately forfeited . WHAT ? He could have made his chip shot or gotten close . I could have missed my 5 yard putt ( good bet I would have missed ) . And at the very least tied . But we will never know . And the friendly guy from my hometown . Wasn't so friendly after all .

    IDK what the answrs are ? These rounds aren't supposed to be about the W's or L's . Some fight for placing in the Diamond leagues . Some just want to play as fast as they can . If you use more than 20 seconds on the 45 second clock . They tell you they don't have all day . Lol .

    I play to play . That's all . To play the courses , the holes , the very competitive players in the Coin Rooms . To meet new players from around the world . I play to learn . I play to finish the round . Mostly 3 holes . I expect the same from my opponent . Yes I expect that .

    Since technically they are not really " speed rounds " . I think they could find a way to make them count . As ranked rounds . If only in the 9 holers .

    9 holes is a lot of time and effort to not count for anything . But I am sure that would gain a lot of interest .

    It would no doubt be difficult to incorporate in the format as it is . But they could be a new kind of Coin Room .

    Actual ranked Coin Play . 9 or 18 holes ( 9 holes counting double to equal an 18 hole round of course as it already is .now in ranked rounds .

    No special algorythm . Just the regular algorythm  And just the stats . Lowering ones average with better lower scores . Moving up in tier by saturating and improving from there . Doing so enabling access to better equipment . DUH .

    Such a popular lacking format . It should be a crime . And you're busted WGT . Put in the work . And we'll consider probation . I'm not even laughing right now .

    For me , it can and often is enjoyable to play a match where I lose . Like the one below . And many others .

    But I also win many . Barely . But I win a hellalot more than I lose . But it doen't matter . 3 holes are a fun but unsatisfying way to keep playing the game .

    If 9 holes were ranked . That would be a different story

    Win or lose . Matches should be played to completion . Especially 3 hole rounds . IMSO


  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jul 1 2022 2:19 PM

    Since sometime after Mon, Sep 30 2019 . I have been playing coin rounds .

    Since basically Jan 1 2021 I stopped playing Ranked Rounds .

    Playing exclusively coin games since . Admittedly most of that decision was based on the fact that I could not get a game going in CREATE A GAME or JOIN A GAME . On account of my very poor internet .

    For a couple months now I have again enjoyed high speed internet .

    Now I can get a game in any mode . Easily .

    I have played a few coin games . Upwards toward 5000 of them .

    Starting today July 1 2022 . I am going to stop playing coin games . It is not because I don't enjoy them . I really do . But I feel like there is no real gain . Just coins . I keep gaining in coins . That's it just coins . 

    With good internet . I can play Ranked Rounds again . Where there is a lot to be gained . Lower average , higher tiers , various statistics , bettering my game , etc .

    We'll see how that goes . .




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    Fri, Jul 1 2022 2:32 PM

    For about the umteenth time in 10 years I have surpassed 100 CDP . Lol . A couple times to 120 CDP . and once to 140 something .


    Each time it is only a matter of a few hours up to nearly 24 hours that stopped the streak .

    Back about 4 or 5 years ago when they figured out they could restore a players CDP's . I had them do it a couple few times . But I haven't asked the last 10 times or so it has happened . Not a thing for me .

    So I say " cheers " each time I pass 100 CDP's .

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    Sun, Jul 3 2022 12:47 PM

    Lol . Clearly this was my last coin match . Period .

    Yet I just looked on the game client . And it shows this :

    Lol . What the hell are they talking about ?


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    Sun, Jul 3 2022 2:00 PM

    I was always suspicious of their W & L count anyway . So in April when I saw a huge discrepancy in what I had counted as wins & losses .

    I decided to keep track .

    What I came up with is shocking . I screen shot all of my rounds . The beginning match up photo . And the Score card . And usually the forfeit screen as well .

    I label all with a W or an L .

    Now I already knew that they don't count the forfeits . But what I found out was that no matter if I forfeited ( which I never do ) or the other player forfeits ( which I have all the screen shots for ) . The forfeited round always goes in my loss column .

    That is how I came up with these numbers .

    WGT's count for April is :


    My count is

    125 - W  77 - L

    The only way I can see that happening is to take all the rounds that the opponent forfeited and not only not give me the win . But put that round in my loss column .

    Even if I am not able to count the extra wins . How do they justify the extra losses ?

    I have all of the rounds

    APRIL SC's 2022


    When I contacted member services they said they would look into it . I have asked for follow ups . I've not heard anything .