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Multiple accounts

Wed, Sep 1 2021 3:00 AM (58 replies)
  • gwrit59
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    Sat, Mar 5 2011 5:53 PM

    I agree, but there are things they can do.  These people are taking advantage of the system to basically take credits out of the pockets of other Legitimate players. All they have to do is go through every single tourney on they site, check every division. It doesn't happen as much when someone gets to tour master or legend, but when U have a hack on his very first day shoot a -10 in a tourney that is ridiculous. The reason some give for playing so well so fast is there vast experience in other online or game system golf games. I too have played many hours on many different golf games and in no way could even come close to shooting rounds of this type during my first few MONTHS let alone weeks. Another way to tell is to look for their blitz of ctth tourneys. Anyone to have the ball control these people do within a week so they can shoot below 100 is always suspect. Also beware of them in your CC's

  • Noobingalltheway
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 4:50 AM

    Agree and disagree with some points.

    Firstly, people rejoining a hack account when they already have an account is mixed feelings for me....if doing it to cheat people out of credits, its wrong. If doing it to reset their stats, with no intention of playing for credits, then its not hurting anyone, just fabricating their stats.

    Secondly, completely disagree with monitoring peoples pc's if more than one account is registered with it. That's like saying "you can play but your brother/sister/father/mother/kids can't". It doesn't affect me as my gf doesn't play and my kids are too young, but I've played other games in the past that my gf did play, and I got kicked from one because of the two accounts at one house....

    I openly have another account here, and changed for legitimate reasons which I've already gone into once on the forums and don't fancy it again**. My other account hasn't played a game since I started this one, and won't play a game ever again, just sitting there waiting for WGT to remove it...


    **not stats fabricating if thats what people think :)

  • Soulcatcher
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 6:45 AM

    This game is billed as 'play from anywhere, anytime'.  I play this game at home, at work, at my parents house, at the cottage, at my brothers house 500 kms north.

    My point is, just because the same IP address may have multiple people playing from it means nothing.

    Would my work IP be banned because 4 of us play at the same time on lunch?

    Multi accounting is a problem but not as simple to fix as most people think.

    They do verify tournament scores before handing out prizes, the weekly and monthly anyway. RG's happen too often to police I would think.


    Happy hitting.

  • x1524807
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 7:32 AM

    This game is billed as 'play from anywhere, anytime'.  I play this game at home, at work, at my parents house, at the cottage, at my brothers house 500 kms north.

    totally agree, BUT, when you report a player with a am status, winning 90% of his match play games, beating pro and legends,  you would think that something should be done

  • uoducks63
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 8:16 AM

    I was made a legend when they first came out with these new tiers and point system, i play every day and am only at level 83, still havent unlocked all the equipment.  So i guess my biggest question is, if someone starts a new account, they cant gift themselves equipment until their new account has enough points for that equipment.  So is they start over as a hack and start shooting low scores without the really good equipment, shouldnt they be bumped up in tiers so they cant continue shooting 29's with inferior equipment.  It really bothers me that i play this game alot, I was made a legend (even though i dont think i should have been), and yet i cant even unlock all the equipment yet, it takes atleast a week to advance levels once you get to the 80's.  But these multi accounters dont have to worry about because until they are advanced in tiers and moved back on the tee box, they can continue to score low with inferior equipment.  WGT do the right thing and fix the problem of having a 62 average hack, you made me a legend with that average, now i am a 73 average beacuse of one bad week when i first became legend and when i shoot -5 my average only goes down .10. So how can you let a hack have a sub 62 average?


  • jbenny11
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 8:19 AM

    Moot point on multiple account holders, unless these guys do "something" over the top foolish they will not be punished. I see one of our notorious offenders is back playing as we speak, so....... Hopefully this time he will play with some class and be a tad bit humble. JB

  • lilophy
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 12:56 PM

    I so agree with u on that 1... not fair 4 da pros & legends but then again shouldn't da am status b raised up 2 1 of da pros & legends???  seriously!!!

  • SweetiePie
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    Sun, Mar 6 2011 1:18 PM

    It is my belief that the majority of re-ups do so to be able to recapture the fun they once had just playing the game with the option for the pleasure of perhaps shooting the lower numbers they will never see in real life. I can't imagine someone doing so only to gain a few meaningless awards & paltry credits.

  • AnnieOaklys
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    Sat, Feb 27 2016 3:24 AM

    yes dont play hacks

  • pipala
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    Sat, Feb 27 2016 10:02 AM

    They will alaways exist here it's one of those things we have to accept.

    I guess in any arena where there is the prospect of winning something with a perceived value you will generally find those that don't play straight. It exists and sadly there will never be anything done about it as it generates more revenue for wgt.

    These days I don't play anything for credits unless it is within my country club where these people don't exist. I play the odd  50cr ready go to help my concentration and focus but outside of that forget it.

    Just enjoy the game with fellow club members and people you know or trust, the large majority of us are here for the enjoyment