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Scott's tips

Fri, Apr 12 2024 12:26 PM (748 replies)
  • theshark500
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    Sat, Jun 27 2015 6:06 PM

    Vic, after you click PLAY NOW, there is a "menu" button in the upper left hand corner underneath your name. Click menu, and then settings. Then turn off "show WGT lessons". It worked for me.

  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Jul 10 2015 7:00 AM
    Tips for Posting Pictures
    Since WGT's April 2020 update, when posting an image, any values typed into the Insert Media dialogue box's height or width inputs, have no effect on the size of the posted image. So if the default size of your image makes it far too big for where you are posting it, then I suggest you try the following.

    Use the insert media procedure for entering your image into the message editor as you would normally. It doesn't matter what values are in the width and height inputs as these no longer work.

    When your image is in the message editor, click on it to select it, then click the edit image button on the toolbar. This button will not be clickable unless the image is selected.

    In the edit image dialogue box there are two input boxes for dimensions, in the first one type in 100%, don't leave out the % symbol. The second dimensions box should remain empty. Click the update button at the bottom of the edit image dialogue box, then post your message as normal.

    You can vary the 100% value entered into the edit image dialogue box if you wish. 100% makes the image as wide as where you post it, 50% will make it half as wide as where you post it.
    Here's some geeky picture posting tips.

    The width/height values you enter in the
    Insert Media
    dialogue box, will be the
    size of your image and it is not necessary to enter a height and a width value, either one will do and the browser will calculate what the other value needs to be to maintain the image size automatically. If your picture is larger than any dimension value you enter, the mage will be reduced to this value, if the image is smaller than any value you enter, then it will be posted at its original size, it will
    be enlarged.

    Once your picture is in the post box (but before you actually click the post button) you can adjust the size by highlighting the image (clicking on it once) and clicking the
    Edit Image
    icon. The desired width/height value can then be entered into the dimension boxes but, by entering only the width
    the height value, the picture's aspect ratio will remain the same as the original image.

    By resizing the image this way you can adjust it
    up to
    the value that was entered initially in the
    Insert Media
    dialogue box, you can't make it larger than that value unless you edit the HTML code or repost the image with a larger size value in the
    Insert Media
    dialogue box.

    One advantage of this method is that you can vastly increase the size of small images that would otherwise remain small, irrespective of the value typed into the insert media dialogue box.
  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Jul 10 2015 8:42 AM
    Cheers Tekoma, thanks for your tips too.
    Nice pin by the way, (never thought I'd hear myself say "Nice pin", lol).
  • Fencer100
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    Wed, Jul 15 2015 2:15 AM

    Great tips Scott !

    Thanks very much for your hard work in making these easily understandable to us who are not so computer savvy people. 


  • Jimbog1964
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    Wed, Jul 15 2015 2:20 AM


    WGT !

    Could you please pin Scott's tips.... and Scott, thank you very much  for everything you do to help us improve.

    Indeed +1

  • alcaucin
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    Wed, Jul 15 2015 2:42 AM

    x9...shows how to do it for computer idiots....of which I'm one.

    Easy enough telling someone what to do but.......

    Scotts u tube vids are for the uninitiated...self explanatory and easy to digest...