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Scott's tips

Sun, Oct 8 2023 12:55 PM (737 replies)
  • hpurey
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    Mon, Oct 14 2019 2:56 PM



    Something to play when WGT is down, (For Chrome browser only).


    a link doesn't seem to work so you'll just have to type or copy & paste it.


    Press the up arrow key or spacebar to start and jump.

    Press the down arrow key to duck.

    Also works with no internet connection.

    Enjoy.  ; )

    Kick Ass !!!


    Man do i miss the days of games like that.




    man,  after playing that for a few minutes,   my screen was moving after words LOL.

    good stuff!

  • ScottHope
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    Tue, Oct 15 2019 12:02 AM

    Maybe not so good for our older eyes, but a bit of fun nonetheless.

    Thanks hp. ; )

  • triple000
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    Thu, Nov 7 2019 4:13 PM


    An older version of this can be found HERE.

    Play One Hole
    with wind and tee options

    Hello all. I've been tweaking the 'practise one hole' feature of WGT to make it a bit easier to customize. The only downside is it means using Javascript again, but the usual rules apply for this.

    Copy all the blue text in the box below, then right click on THIS webpage and select Inspect or Inspect Element from the menu to open up the developer tools. In the developer tools, click the Console tab and, at the text cursor, paste in the copied text, then hit your enter [Return] key, (CTRL + enter for IE). Now you can close the developer tools [X].

    The four selection groups contain radio buttons for choosing your Course, Hole, Tee and Wind strength. (Not all the courses experience 20-30mph winds. So if you make that selection for one of those courses, you will experience winds in the high teens instead.). Once you have made your selections, hit the GO! button to launch the game client. The picture behind the selection boxes shows the view of your selected hole from the front tee.


    // *** PRACTISE ONE HOLE v04.10.2018.1 ***

    29th Sept 2018 : Oakmont has been disabled by WGT now, not playable at all.

    Play One Hole
    with wind and tee options

    I have made a much more user friendly version of this now. No Javascript that you have to mess about with, just make your selections and play.

    Play One Hole







    Thx for this short cut Scott..............Is there anyway 2 change green speed or are we stuck with 7.9 ?



  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Nov 8 2019 12:59 AM

    Thank you John, but we're stuck with 7.9 I'm afraid.

  • MGB01
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    Sat, Nov 9 2019 4:28 AM

    hey scott i actually got my taskbar on screen with the new version thx to your guide....i managed to do something right for i have my on screen calculator.......your a superstar scotty

  • ScottHope
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    Sat, Nov 9 2019 4:47 AM

    Thank you Mickey. I bet you get most things right first time.  ; )

  • MGB01
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    Sat, Nov 9 2019 4:55 AM

    your kidding....took 2 weeks to get the new version lol......1 more thing it possible to get meter lag with this and which is best resolution to use thx buddy

  • ScottHope
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    Sat, Nov 9 2019 5:07 AM

    Yeah, but I think we can put that 2 week delay on WGTs doormat, it was nothing to do with you. : )

    I guess any meter problems, like with our flash game, is down to (in my opinion) CPU loading. Make sure you don't have too many other things running whilst playing.

    Resolution does not matter if playing in (my) fullscreen. If you are playing in windowed mode, then it's up to you what size you want, not that we appear to have that many options anymore.


  • MGB01
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    Sat, Nov 9 2019 5:09 AM

    understood......thx pal

  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Nov 29 2019 1:45 PM

    Maximize the Unity Game
    includes Always On Top by AutoHotkey

    Here's another little script that some of you might find useful.

    Running the script gives you three shortcuts.

    Windows key + m
    This is a toggle, puts the Unity game in and out of fullscreen. (Maximize & restore down).

    Windows key + t
    This is a toggle, sets or unsets a window to stay always on top.

    Windows key + x
    Exit script. Shortcut keys will no longer function.

    The always on top shortcut will make the currently active window stay always on top, and it may add the word 'Top' to the window title. If you apply the shortcut again to the same window, it will remove the always on top and the word 'Top', if there, from the title bar. If the word 'Top' does not show in the window title bar, then it should appear in a tooltip when hovering over that window's taskbar icon...

    The always on top is not permanent. When you close any application that you have applied the always on top to, the feature will be removed from that application.

    You can apply always on top to as many windows as you like, but don't go mad. If every window has always on top, then they will behave like no window has always on top. That might sound crackers, but just think about it.

    The script is written so that you cannot apply the always on top to the Unity game window.

    The maximize/restore down shortcut only works on the Unity game and does what the maximize/restore down button would do on most windows. Although that button is disabled in the Unity game...

    ...this shortcut gives you back that functionality. (Note : this does not re-enable the disabled game window button).

    As similar as this shortcut may appear to be as my other fullscreen script, it does differ.

    My other fullscreen script looks at your set up and resizes the game window to fullscreen without covering up your taskbar.

    This shortcut, although it maximizes the game window and the taskbar is not visible, it still allows you to alt + tab through your other open programs without removing the game screen from view and therefore is not as hostile as the Unity game's own fullscreen option. Used in conjunction with the always on top shortcut, you can keep whatever windows you want, visible on top of the game screen at all times.

    If you already have AutoHotkey installed, then you only need to download and run this ⇩ script to get the always on top and maximize/restore down shortcuts

    Always on top and maximize-restore down script for use with AHK

    If you dont have AutoHotkey installed and you don't want it, then you can get the shortcuts by installing and running the program below ⇩.

    Always on top and maximize-restore down script for use without AHK

    If you don't have AutoHotkey but would like it, there are instructions on where to find it and how to install it, HERE.
    AutoHotkey is a very versatile Windows scripting program and the script I have described above is just a tiny example of the kind of thing it can do.

    If you wish to view the contents of the script, that can be seen HERE.