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Scott's tips

Tue, Oct 19 2021 10:51 AM (524 replies)
  • Essisdaddy
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    Fri, Nov 25 2016 3:33 AM

    Cheers, Scott

    Here it is without my doing anything in the edit box; I would ordinarily change the width to 480 in order not to lose any of the image - but I would like, if possible, to have it without the white space - a la your lovely lady. Hope I'm elucidating sufficiently :D





  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Nov 25 2016 5:11 AM

    That's perfectly clear Phil, thank you.

    The post with the lady in is quite old now and I have learned a little more since then, so these instructions may contain differences in the HTML.

    If you examine the HTML for your butterfly picture you will see this...

    <img src="" border="0" style="max-width:550px;" />
    What I have highlighted in red is required for the image to appear, the rest is optional.

    The 'src', 'border' and 'style' are all attributes of the image element, and what follows the '=' sign of each, is that attribute's value.

    the 'src' stands for source and the value for that is the picture's web address, so the browser knows where to find it.

    All the other attributes and their values are optional and can be removed. If you try that by editing your post above, you will see that your butterfly picture is much too big for the forum, that's because it is now at its original size of over 1500 pixels.

    To make it fit the forum's full width, you need to put back in some attributes. One way to do this is with the 'style' attribute. This is called
    'in-line' styling and is not the way web developers style their webpages because it is very inefficient, but that's for another discussion.

    The 'style' attribute for your picture needs two properties and their values. Those properties are a width of 530 pixels and, to make sure the picture goes left to remove the white space you mentioned, a negative left margin. The forum post body area has a left padding width of 35 pixels (the grey area in the picture below), and the forum post content text area has a left padding width of 8 pixels (the green area in the picture below), so if you specify a left margin with a value of -43 pixels for the image, it will effectively overcome that and remove the white space.

    So, the style attribute with those properties and values looks like this...


    ...if you add that to the image element you get this. It does not matter if you put the complete style attribute in front of, or behind the 'src' attribute.

    <img style="width:530px;margin-left:-43px;" src="" />
    Hope that makes some kind of sense and good luck.

  • Essisdaddy
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    Fri, Nov 25 2016 7:54 AM

    Sitting here like the nodding dog on the back of me uncle's old  Austin Cambridge feeling like a bit of a wally for not working it out for myself

    - eternally grateful, as always, for the help, Scott.




  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Nov 25 2016 8:14 AM

    Nice work Phil, well done. I may have put more information in than you needed, but it will hopefully make sense to anyone interested in HTML. Thank you.  : )

  • craigswan
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    Fri, Nov 25 2016 11:42 AM

  • PaulTon
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    Sun, Nov 27 2016 5:02 AM

    Just practicing...


  • ScottHope
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    Sun, Nov 27 2016 5:18 AM

    Forum Font Size Widget

    Interested in having a font size option for the forum?

    Then try my latest widget.


    1. Tampermonkey
    2. Font Size Script


    Install the Tampermonkey extension into your browser if you don't already have it.

    Then click the Font Size Script link to install the font size adjuster script into Tampermonkey.

    When you click the script link, Tampermonkey's script install page will open, from there you can click the install button and also view the script if you wish to see what it contains.


    Once installed you should see four A's at the right hand end of WGT's page section header (refresh your browser page if they're not visible).

    The smallest 'A' is the default font size. Clicking on any of the others will highlight it and the page font size will increase. The font size will be maintained when you navigate to other pages. 

    Not everything on the page gets larger as I made this mainly for forum post readability. Also, choosing the largest font size may cause page layout issues in some circumstances.

    This feature can be turned off by clicking on the Tampermonkey icon on your browsers toolbar  and clicking on the slide switch for the font size script, to turn it off.

  • oneeyedjohn
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    Sun, Nov 27 2016 5:36 AM

    One of the best threads on the forum, u just get better and better Scott.

    I had to totally rebuild my PC last month and lost all  my bookmarks so to see this thread come back to life is just great.

    I stuck 8GB of Ram in my PC, but quite frankly it is no better than before, it wasn't bad then , but I am hugely disappointed at the lack of improvement. I have a lot of shite in my Task Manager that I don't understand or recognise, so I think my Thai guy has preloaded a bunch of crap.

  • ScottHope
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    Sun, Nov 27 2016 5:49 AM

    One of the best threads on the forum, u just get better and better Scott.

    Thanks John, appreciate that.

    I agree with your comments about the task manager, it's difficult to know what's needed and what isn't from what's in there. Have you removed all the programs you don't want via the control panel's
    Programs and Features ?

    Also, if your PC only has a 32bit operating system, I don't think it can utilise more than 3-4 GB of RAM.
  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Dec 9 2016 3:16 AM

    Forum Tip Of The Day
    To start a new line with no blank line in between, SHIFT + ENTER,
    good for lists etc.