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Tracking down disconnects/crashes

Sun, Sep 10 2023 6:38 PM (475 replies)
  • drcliveoak
    27 Posts
    Sun, Aug 3 2014 2:23 PM

    Hey WGT how about if we send the info to u that we got a disconnect, how about adding some shots to the life of the ball?   Five holes 15 after nine holes 30, 14 holes 45 and near end of game or in OT 60.  Any chance that it could be done?

  • rogergjones
    7 Posts
    Sun, Aug 3 2014 4:01 PM

    That sounds awesome to me.  Heck its almost impossible to even find a good email address to send info to and what good is a picture that just shows the other 3 players have disconnected.   I have not gotten through a complete 9 hole round of Blitz except when I play it by myself. Wakeup WGT.... We are sick of this crap.....

  • Firenzo
    545 Posts
    Tue, Aug 12 2014 9:27 AM

    I don't know how to do any of that stuff you suggest I do re: screenshots. It keeps kicking me out of the game when I putt. 3 tried and I'm gone. P.S. Do you now lie about the wind? How can a 135 club go 150 yds into a 20MPH wind and then go 120 with 20MPH behind.??????????????????????

  • spaceghost88
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    Thu, Aug 14 2014 10:15 AM

    Is there any way to insert a report problem button on the disconnect notice or load mangr error notice?


  • chesterjazzman
    38 Posts
    Sun, Aug 17 2014 1:51 PM

    hello wgt

    played 9 hole skins challenge best ofh 3 players after 3rd hole game crashed tried to rejoin but kept getting wgt servers error after 5 mins got back to lobby but could not continue message read match over players cant continue needless to say lost my 300 creds this not the 1st time I have now lost 1450 creds PLEASE wgt can u respond and let me know if this happens often I am sick of losing creds I pay for in good faith

  • jaycen129
    193 Posts
    Sun, Aug 17 2014 5:18 PM

    I am currently playing the 18 hole Congressional rg and am getting game error on hole #18 while I am putting from 3.4 feet. I have closed browser 5 times and have received the same results each time. I have submitted the problem but did not take any screen shots. Please fix this problem ASAP.



  • roaddawgstyle
    305 Posts
    Sun, Aug 17 2014 5:34 PM

    From main page I click play now and nothing happens the game window does not open but if i use the wgtls game client the problem goes away game window opens, hmmmm if that is not proof that it is wgt's problem i dont know what it would take to prove it to you


  • spaceghost88
    1,620 Posts
    Thu, Aug 21 2014 1:49 PM


    If you click and report the issue, that info is sent to us.



    I just wonder because i don't have prob much myself but members in my cc do very often whom i am playing or trying to play with, how do they right click screen to report issue when they are bumped from game ?


  • Romansoleil
    1,046 Posts
    Fri, Aug 22 2014 7:23 PM

    Hi, i'm very disappointed, had two major problem's in a game of random stroke with 2 other players, my first game after 8pm eastern time, to keep the streak going, i use a pass, we are playing front 9 of St-Andrew's.

    At 6th hole after birdieing the first 5, on tee off with a wind 17-19 right to left, so i'm aiming  right over fescue  and hit ding, the ball flight only goes approx 50 yards and put's my second shot on tour-master tee off with a driver (I'm a Legend) i manage to save par, but that should of been a bird, not that important, just no fun...

    On 9th and last hole after the other 2 have finished there game, I have an easy 5 foot putt for bird, no break, hit solid 6 feet a hair off ding and it freezes showing the green line a hair from ding, time expires, so i close the game and pc to come back quickly before i get booted (by the way, i got my super pc built to play wgt, i get meter skip only 2-3 times a year, and my pc turns back on in approx. 15sec.) so when i come back it shows game over and say's i played 29, when i played 30, unless it counted 6th hole as a bird? so I refresh my profile and the game doesn't show up in history, want to go to bed, got to go play again to keep streak going,  oh yea, what about my pass that i lost, tyvm for your attention,           Peace, Roman


  • LGreen5
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    Sun, Aug 24 2014 10:56 AM

    This seems to be a recurring problem for me, it has cost me several matches. It is very frustrating especially if you're leading in a game and it suddenly disconnects. By the time you get back to the match it states you did not return in time so you have lost the match...ugh!



    Played several games this morning with no problem then "BAM"  all of a sudden I get a WGT message about a server issue, this is second game this has happened  on this afternoon I don't know if the WGT server is acting up or what.

    They claim their working on the problem, but who knows when it will take place.

    I hate leaving a game this way, I hope WGT can get this fixed sometime soon.