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Tier progression

Sat, Jul 31 2021 2:01 PM (148 replies)
  • K7JBQ
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    Wed, Jul 12 2017 6:20 PM

    After a certain number of match play wins against a higher-tiered player, the "bonus" goes away. As you have 25 wins against Legends, it looks like you've worn out the "back door."


    Hello alosso,

    You posted when beating a Legend in Matchplay should reduce the average about -0,7.

    My tier is TM and Istarted with 64,00 I shoot a 31 in a 9 hole scored game in St. Andrew.

    The result was -0,04 to 63,96. This is a long long way doen to 60,99.

    Now I beat a Legend with result -0,2 63,76. In the next matchplay vs Legend i come down

    -0.28 to 63,48 to my actual average.

    But now when I make the next victory vs a Legend nothing happens, no more reduce.

    What is the reason can you explain me?

    best wishes tokoloshe


  • madline
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    Wed, Aug 16 2017 4:48 AM

    i advanced to Tour master, at 63 average.. then my average went to 76.?  how is this possible.

  • Robert1893
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    Wed, Aug 16 2017 7:25 AM

    i advanced to Tour master, at 63 average.. then my average went to 76.?  how is this possible.

    When you advance a tier, your average resets. Your average is based on scores from your current tier only. 

  • alosso
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    Wed, Aug 16 2017 8:30 AM


    First TM score was that 38 obviously. Times two for a full round score results in a 76 average.

    Second score 31, x2 = 62.   (76+62) / 2 = 69, your current average.

  • RobC
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    Tue, Mar 13 2018 9:42 PM


    i advanced to Tour master, at 63 average.. then my average went to 76.?  how is this possible.

    Your average score starts again


  • JLSims10
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    Tue, Oct 23 2018 12:59 PM

    I don’t know if any of the above is correct. I don’t remember when I got moved up to Tour Master but my average has kept going down all along and currently at 82. Never been lower. JLSims10 player name. 

  • alosso
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    Tue, Oct 23 2018 1:32 PM

    It's certainly correct - for those who play enough ranked strokeplay to improve average and eventually tier up.

    For the following, take my words solely as a factual description, it's free of judgement.

    For you, WGT has a different path.

    You played just a few (three) ranked rounds in 6+ months. I assume that you concentrate on mobile games(?) They will promote you by level, though I don't know the details.

    But, all is fine, as long as you have fun in the game!

    Happy hitting!

  • Luckystar5
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    Tue, Oct 23 2018 4:41 PM
    It's been said that the world's best kept secret is the "Green Hilton Agreement", if that's true, then the "Mysteries of the Mobile Platform" is a very strong second. There are so many things unknown, as to the why's, and what nots, to the mobile side of this game. Achieving a higher tier by levels, can be argued by simply looking up some of the Tour pro players, that are level 95 and higher. I know of one personally, who is a level 103. As stated above, not only he, but all of us have no idea, of the details wgt uses in the mobile side of the game. Just chalk it up to the Mysteries of the Mobile Platform!
  • alosso
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    Wed, Oct 24 2018 12:03 AM


    Another good indicator is average itself. Any Amateur+ showing 150, the initial average, has achieved their promotions by other means, not playing any ranked strokeplay, which of course are perfectly legal.

  • JLSims10
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    Sat, Jul 20 2019 9:10 AM

    THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS NOT CORRECT AS I AM CURRENTLY A LEGEND AND JUST RECENTLY WITHIN LAST MONTH OR SO BROKE INTO HIGH 60’s. I JUST RECENTLY FIGURED OUT how/where TO PLAY MORE RANKED ROUNDS. Previously and currently before now I only played in the 180 coin games. The main reason why is there are players out there that know how to quit a game when losing and both players LOSE.